Try our search!' 6372 NW 25th Wy - $296500 - RX-10287567','',''; ' 7481 Edisto Dr - $243000 - RX-10288150','',''; ' 4989 Corsica Sq - $240000 - RX-10288134','',''; ' 4010 Garden Av # A - $199000 - RX-10172159','',''; ' 6082 Wildcat Run - $8500 - RX-10287516','',''; ' 5187 NW 26th Cir - $3500 - RX-10287602','',''; ' 301 Norwood Terr # N230 - $1750 - RX-10222768','',''; 'Prattsville, NY (12468)','12468?&cm_cat=&locid=12468&par=LWO_',''; 'Trump And His Supporters Challenge Recount Efforts In 3 States','',''; 'Trump Won 3,084 of 3,141 Counties, Clinton Won 57','',''; 'Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump Wearing Transparent Shirts','',''; 'Trump Camp Sues to Block Battleground State Vote Recounts','',''; ''Army-Style Muslim Migrants' Marching to Fight in Germany?','',''; 'House Science Committee’s Twitter Promotes Article Mocking Climate 'Alarmists'','',''; 'Did Senate Dems Vote En Masse to Cut Veterans' Pensions?','',''; 'FDA Approves Final Trials of MDMA as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment','',''; 'CVS Concludes Investigation Into Facebook Post','',''; 'Trump to Ban All Television Shows That Promote 'Gay Activity'','',''; 'TWC9: Visual Studio 2017 Powers Up Your Productivity, Holoportation, Slack on the C64 and more... | This Week On Channel 9','',''; 'Christian-Owned Airlines Change Wing Light Colors to Celebrate Christmas?','',''; 'Azure DocumentDB Elastic Scale - Partitioning | Azure Friday','',''; 'Ohio State University Staffer Asked for Sympathy for Campus Attacker','',''; 'Episode 26: Klei Entertainment with Jamie Cheng | Level Up','',''; 'Giant Squid Found in New Zealand?','',''; 'This Week On Windows: Photos App Update, Minecraft Cartoon Texture packs, and more! | This Week On Windows','',''; 'Have Standing Rock Protesters Been Sprayed with Chemicals From Crop Duster Planes?','',''; 'The Xamarin Show 11: Xamarin Profiler with Nina Vyedin | The Xamarin Show','',''; 'Levi Strauss Banned Guns From Stores?','',''; 'Introducing the Database Experimentation Assistant | Data Exposed','',''; 'Trump Staffer Convicted of Felony Election Fraud','',''; 'Tools for Apache Cordova Updates in Visual Studio | Visual Studio Toolbox','',''; 'Breitbart Calls for Kellogg's Boycott over Ad Pull','',''; 'Vintage Pyrex Contains Unsafe Levels of Lead?','',''; 'Enough to Keep You Busy During the Holidays?','',''; 'Thomas Edison’s Mom Lied about a Letter Expelling Her Son from School','',''; 'Dolly Parton Establishes Fund for Gatlinburg Locals After Fire','',''; 'New Features in C# 7.0 | Connect(); // 2016','',''; 'Trump Can Send Texts to All Americans','',''; 'Ace Hardware Stands Against Standing Rock?','',''; 'Justin Trudeau Is Fidel Castro’s Love Child','',''; 'Federal Court Strikes Down North Carolina 'Racial Gerrymander'','',''; 'Jeff Sessions Slammed Protections for Disabled Students?','',''; 'Man Spotted Outside a Mosque in Texas with Sign Identifies Self','',''; 'Union Home Mortgage Corp. Wins Weatherhead 100','',''; 'Announcing the Winners of The Scientist’s Top 10 Innovations of 2016','',''; 'The NEUROSCIENCE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE Is On The Move -','',''; '360 Wealth Management LLC of Dallas is proud to announce the...','',''; 'Globalsat Group obtains license for all Inmarsat services through its...','',''; 'Benjamin Watson to Naval Academy Christian Athletes: the Cure for Racism Is Jesus Christ','',''; 'Belatrix is Recognized as the 4th Best Place to Work in Argentina','',''; 'Chip and Joanna Gaines' Pastor Is 'Grateful' for BuzzFeed's 'Hit Piece'','',''; 'Home Cleaning Marketplace All Set Appoints Purvi Harley as its Vice...','',''; 'Hillsong's Concert Film Rated 'A' on Cinemascore to Be Released on DVD','',''; 'Members of the American Society of Interior Designers Can Now Look to...','',''; 'What Will Retirement Look Like Under a Trump Presidency? Income for...','',''; 'Gatlinburg Wildfires: 4 Things You Should Know About Worst Tennessee Fire in 100 Years','',''; 'RealtyTech Provides Premium Realtor Products for Miami Association of...','',''; 'Pastor John Hagee: Evangelicals Flooded to Vote for Donald Trump Because He Supports Israel (Watch)','',''; 'Universal Background Screening Named #1 Background Screening Provider...','',''; 'LinkNow Media Expands Office Space','',''; 'Nitara Marketing Helps Small Businesses Tell Their Story','',''; 'Swap Motors, The Online Marketplace for Selling Cars, Launches Service...','',''; ''The Shack' Trailer: First Glimpse of Sam Worthington Meeting Iconoclastic God, Jesus, Spirit (Watch)','',''; 'Lutheran Pastor Inspired by 'Peanuts' Takes Spiritual Counsel to Streets of New York','',''; 'Married Couples Who Attend Church Services Together Are Less Likely to Divorce: Study','',''; 'Tullian Tchividjian Says His Family Is 'Fighting to Breathe'; Book Publisher Remains 'Committed'','',''; 'See Why Conservative Senator Mike Lee Praised Barack Obama','',''; 'NGA Human Resources Launches XtendHR','',''; 'Buzzfeed Defends Article Attacking 'Fixer Upper' Stars Chip and Joanna for Attending Church That Opposes Gay Marriage','',''; '3 Historical Facts You Should Know About the Advent Season','',''; 'Clutch Group Senior Director Aman Chee Speaks On Financial Crime Risks...','',''; 'American Atheists Use Trump Slogan: 'Make Christmas Great Again' in 'Skip Church!' Billboard Ads','',''; 'Have the Diversity Police Finally Gone Too Far in Attacking the 'Fixer Uppers'?','',''; 'Vetoquinol USA Launches Online Horse Health Community Through New Barn...','',''; 'US Abortion Rate Continues to Decline','',''; 'Brad Schmett Announces The 23rd Annual Holiday Parade Spotlights Palm...','',''; 'Choosing Appropriate List Price a Key Step to Successful Home Sale;...','',''; 'Mark Driscoll: 3 Types of People to Know to Survive Family Holidays','',''; 'Chip and Joanna Gaines' Pastor Jimmy Seibert Responds to Buzzfeed's 'Hit Piece'','',''; 'ISIS Sex Slave Survivor Told Jihadists Who Raped Her: 'No Religion Accepts What They Did'','',''; 'Clutch Group Sponsors Managing Risk and Litigation 2016 Organized by...','',''; 'ISIS, Radical Jihadist Groups Plotting Car Bombs, Kidnappings in Europe, Europol Warns','',''; 'Realtor Matt Thomas Reaches RE/MAX Hall of Fame','',''; 'Religious Freedom Law Doesn't Require Removing 'God' From Currency, Judge Rules','',''; 'Approyo Named Owler ‘HOT in 2016’ Winner in Palo Alto','',''; 'Woodcraft Opens Two New Retail Stores','',''; 'Growth Strategist Paul Crnkovich to Lead Kaufman Hall Healthcare...','',''; 'Renters Warehouse Atlanta Introduces New, No-Cost Service for...','',''; 'Bellwether Enterprise’s Charlotte Branch Office Licensed to Service...','',''; 'Redefy Real Estate to Change Fee for Home Sales','',''; 'DOSECC Expands Drilling Data Analysis Services','',''; 'Housing Hub, a Fast Growing Name in Property Management and Real...','',''; 'LogicGate Closes $1.9 Million Seed Round to Accelerate Growth of Its...','',''; 'Blue Prairie Group Expands into California by Adding Veteran...','',''; 'RevSpring’s Trends to Watch for 2017','',''; 'Alaska Galore Tours Alaska Whale Watching Cruises Take Visitors to the...','',''; 'Environmental Fashion Activist Isabel Varela Hosts Zero-Waste Fashion...','',''; 'Mary Tee from Sense of Taste Takes First Place in the Golden Girl...','',''; 'Large California Drug Rehab Center Unveils New Website, Brand Assets','',''; 'Local Gym Starts Unique Fitness Based Badge Reward System for Clients','',''; 'Dr. Thomas Kimball Awarded 2016 Recovery School Award','',''; 'Microscan Hosts 3-Day Advanced Machine Vision Training Course','',''; 'Penn Community Bank Hires K. Bernard Tynes as Retail Sales Manager','',''; 'Patti Engineering Named Approved Siemens Solution Partner for...','',''; 'NSF International Certifies First Water Filters That Reduce PFOA and...','',''; 'Mediaplanet and Activist Maria Shriver Team Up in the Fight Against...','',''; 'Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Co-Hosts Ribbon Cutting for The LASIK...','',''; 'myPharma Thinktank Announces Strategic Pricing Through December 2016','',''; 'Sexy Booty Bootcamp Releases New Digital Download Workout Videos','',''; 'Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center Streamlines Operations with...','',''; 'Coloradans Celebrate Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation in National and...','',''; 'Nationally Recognized Founder of Metabolic Code, James B. LaValle,...','',''; 'Inland Empire Health Plan Selects Mirixa for its Innovative Pharmacy...','',''; 'VBrick Named Leader in Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise...','',''; 'The Enemy Inside Me – Reflections of "Me" is an Insightful...','',''; 'Building Futures Fund Launches Crowdfunding Campaign Just In Time for...','',''; 'PlateSmart Names Anthony Valle Director of Global Sales Engineering','',''; 'Fort Lauderdale’s Top Sliding Glass Door Repair Service, Express...','',''; 'ValueSelling Associates Partners with Value Selling & Realization...','',''; 'West Palm Beach Glass Repair, WPBGR Glass Repair Announces Ten Blog...','',''; 'Weekly Roundup','',''; 'Bonds, Precious Metals End Week Higher','',''; 'Kroger Statement Bodes Well for United Natural Foods','',''; 'B&R Business Solutions, LLC announces a new strategic partnership...','',''; 'Starbucks Passes the Coffee Cup','',''; 'Trade Idea: Ecolab','',''; 'Dissecting the November Jobs Report','',''; 'AAO Snapshot','',''; 'Trimming Occidental, Buying More Adobe','',''; 'Ratings Changes Today','',''; 'Costco November Numbers Show Traffic Momentum','',''; 'Bearish Bets: A Maker of Anti-Aging Products, a Health Foods Provider and Other Stocks That Look Good Short','',''; 'Trump speaks with Taiwan's president, risking China tensions','',''; 'Comtrend Receives Silver Award for Best Product Line of the Year in...','',''; 'Wish List Reminder and Oil','',''; 'Chart of the Day: Deere','',''; 'Rivo Welcomes Tetra Tech as Strategic Partner','',''; 'Adding to Adobe and Arconic','',''; 'Bank Funds Pop, Chip Stocks Languish','',''; 'Allegro Wins Prestigious RiskTech100® Commodity Trading category...','',''; 'A Cabinet of generals? Trump's choices get mixed reviews','',''; 'Here's Our Shopping Wish List','',''; 'AAO Snapshot','',''; 'GOP chairman who targeted Clinton in no rush on Trump','',''; 'How the Surprising OPEC Oil-Cut News Affects the Portfolio','',''; 'Ratings Changes Today','',''; 'Job deals like Carrier's often fall short of political hype','',''; 'Trade Idea: Follow the Leader on XRT','',''; 'Gillian Wells shares ‘The Amazing Adventures of Bub and Tub’','',''; 'Botmetric Makes AWS Cloud Management Intelligent with 2.0 Release','',''; 'During first look at wildfire rubble, residents in a daze','',''; 'Costco November Sales Don't Disappoint','',''; 'Chart of the Day: Alaska Air','',''; 'New Marketing Campaign Launched For ‘Chubby Wubbles’','',''; 'Energy Stocks Up At Nasdaq 100's Expense','',''; 'Bodies of Brazil soccer team killed in plane crash head home','',''; 'Ask AAO: Helmerich & Payne Trade Pain','',''; 'Police: Marksman killed gunman after child ran to porch','',''; 'AAO Snapshot','',''; 'Chains and branded skin: California kidnap case baffles cops','',''; 'Ratings Changes Today','',''; 'Important Reminder from CDISC: FDA Binding Guidance Goes into Effect...','',''; 'Trade Idea: Close Out the Volatility Trade on the SP500','',''; '​Betting on addiction is a sure winner','',''; 'Women refugees take contraceptives in fear of rape','',''; 'Chart of the Week: SINA','',''; 'Tough times drive Black Friday','',''; 'Brazilian crash victims mourned','',''; 'New data on risk vs benefit for potent CAR-T cancer drugs','',''; 'Trump speaks with Taiwan's president, risking China tensions','',''; 'eMazzanti Spotlights Cloud-Based Network Security Service That...','',''; '​How to Zuma-proof the future','',''; 'Survey: Quarter of Europeans say rape can be justified','',''; 'A Cabinet of generals? Trump's choices get mixed reviews','',''; 'News Cancer patient denied rental car from Alamo','',''; 'Facebook admits rules for fake news needed','',''; 'EMC : HOPKINTON Former EMC building sells Future of office park unknown','',''; 'Environmentalists not discouraged by Trump','',''; 'The Latest: In wildfires, son says parents 'died happy'','',''; 'GeneNews : Announces Proposed Private Placement of Convertible Debentures','',''; 'Roof's former lawyers want back on case','',''; 'Police: Marksman killed gunman after child ran to porch','',''; 'Bodies of Brazil soccer team killed in plane crash head home','',''; 'NEOGEN CORPORATION (NASDAQ:NEOG) Files An 8-K Completion of Acquisition or Disposition of Assets','',''; 'Gatlinburg residents survey wildfire toll','',''; 'Chains and branded skin: California kidnap case baffles cops','',''; 'Media outlets release tax arrangements made by top players','',''; 'Watch: 'My heart is telling me to do this' - Rosberg','',''; 'HedgePath Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCMKTS:HPPI) Files An 8-K Departure of Directors or Certain Officers; Election of Directors; Appointment of Certain Officers; Compensatory Arrangements of Certain Officers','',''; 'Police hail parents who found, disarmed son at Utah school','',''; 'Libya's Tripoli sees worst militias clashes in 2 years','',''; 'Panel urges better cybersecurity to President-elect Trump','',''; 'Iran: Senate vote violates nuclear deal','',''; 'HEDGEPATH PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. : Change in Directors or Principal Officers, Other Events (form 8-K)','',''; 'Comp My Play Wins Platinum Award for “Best Social/Lifestyle App”','',''; 'Extraordinary Smokies wildfire moved fast on path to city','',''; 'Hamilton 'doesn't care' who replaces Rosberg','',''; 'Philippines President Duterte phones Trump','',''; 'Philippines' Duterte invited to meet Trump','',''; 'Our genetic malfunctions 03-Dec-16 44','',''; 'Ohio St. admin derided over call for compassion for attacker','',''; 'Adulation of Fidel Castro runs deepest in rural eastern Cuba','',''; 'Non-league Macclesfield earn Oxford replay','',''; 'Francois Hollande: A leader perhaps too 'normal' for France?','',''; 'Jury deadlocked in Walter Scott case','',''; 'Chef credited with inventing General Tso's chicken has died','',''; 'Famously cold N. Dakota winter menaces pipeline protest camp','',''; 'Obama blocks proposed takeover Germany's Aixtron','',''; 'Dustin Johnson, Hideki Matsuyama tied for lead in Bahamas','',''; 'In Macedonia's fake news hub, teen shows AP how it's done','',''; 'Trump voter lost home, blames incoming Treasury secretary','',''; 'Mall of America's Santa Claus makes history','',''; 'Russia emergency teams look for debris of crashed spacecraft','',''; 'Man killed in Hills farm accident','',''; 'Medicare recipients with cancer face financial','',''; '1st US offshore wind farm to begin production within days','',''; 'Tiger avoids mistakes and posts 65 in 2nd round back','',''; 'Third Darwin cabbie assaulted in a month','',''; 'Is your university degree actually useless?','',''; 'Trump to nominate retired Gen. James Mattis to lead Pentagon','',''; 'Indonesia blasphemy protest draws 200,000; ends peacefully','',''; 'Jellyfish theory in mysterious reef death','',''; 'Syrian rebels defend key Aleppo district','',''; 'Netball International Series: England beat Jamaica to level series','',''; 'Russia: Space ship malfunctions, breaks up over Siberia','',''; 'Trump, backers ask courts to halt or block 3 state recounts','',''; 'Cowboys' Rolando McClain suspended indefinitely by NFL','',''; 'NT cop charged with drink driving','',''; 'How a Trump administration could shape the internet','',''; 'The Kris Kringle gifts that lead straight to HR','',''; 'Shire Reports on Four Decades of Real-World Safety Experience With FEIBA® [Anti-Inhibitor Coagulant Complex]','',''; 'Would-be school shooter disarmed by parents','',''; 'Charged boss seeks Roar deal','',''; 'England have 'more potential' than 2003 World Cup winners - Dawson','',''; 'Nations OK European Space Agency's mission to Mars in 2020','',''; 'Brady on Gronk: 'We've still got a lot of good players'','',''; 'FCC: AT&T, Verizon shouldn't exempt own apps from data caps','',''; 'San Bernardino recalls terror attack with silence, speakers','',''; 'Patients told ‘penises would shrink’','',''; 'US health care tab hits $3.2T; fastest growth in 8 years','',''; 'Inside world of the Outback ‘killer’','',''; 'Trump transition balks at call for nominees' tax returns','',''; 'Buzz Aldrin recovers in New Zealand after polar evacuation','',''; 'Sheriff: McKnight shooting was 'road rage'; defends case','',''; 'How DirecTV Now compares to other online TV services','',''; 'In remarkable shift, peace marks S. Korean uprising _ so far','',''; 'Clubs and Societies 12022016','',''; 'Efforts underway to stop state recounts','',''; '‘White gold’ boom may be over','',''; 'Military muscle to the rescue of robbery victim','',''; 'Wine’s best cellars get tourism boost','',''; 'Study: Biggest tornado outbreaks are spawning more twisters','',''; 'Wheelchair Tennis Masters: Alfie Hewett misses out on semi-finals','',''; 'Job deals like Carrier's often fall short of political hype','',''; 'Streaming sports gets easier as NFL comes to CBS All Access','',''; '‘I didn’t get it’: Oncology nurse writes note to patients after own diagnosis','',''; 'Territory heroes recognised','',''; 'Efforts underway to stop 2 state recounts','',''; 'How to live large on average wage','',''; 'Get some puppy love this Christmas','',''; 'APNewsBreak: Union backed out of deal to add 26th player','',''; 'Thomas Edison's lab door key, lightbulbs up for auction','',''; 'Olympic hero Michael Phelps looks to dip his toes in tech','',''; 'exact algorithms','',''; 'Trump forms an advisory group of CEOs for input on jobs','',''; 'Fire risk prompts plea to farmers','',''; 'Would you pay more for this house?','',''; 'AP Source: NHLPA rejects offer to extend CBA for Olympics','',''; 'Outback horror: Man stabbed to death','',''; 'Treasury pick's bank foreclosed on many','',''; '‘Powerful’ twist in Schweini’s United future','',''; 'German Parliament chief to OK probe of WikiLeaks documents','',''; ''Magic mushroom' psychedelic may ease anxiety, depression','',''; 'Championship Weekend Preview: Playoff what ifs?','',''; 'Stolen car rips across Darwin','',''; '73 firearms in suburban arsenal','',''; 'How Lillee aided Cummins’ comeback','',''; 'Trump’s man: ‘It’s fun to shoot people’','',''; 'What happens to a vote-switching elector?','',''; 'aging population','',''; 'NASA spacecraft embarks on ring-skimming mission at Saturn','',''; 'Chapecoense: The day football wept','',''; 'Police make 5 arrests in 'unprecedented' cybercrime takedown','',''; 'Lunchtime drinking target of police operation','',''; 'UGLY bar staff pull off a beauty','',''; 'Charges in sheep abduction case stayed','',''; '‘I quit uni to work at McDonald’s’','',''; 'Weed business a fast-growing job generator','',''; 'Prosecutors: Dismissal deal done in Manziel's domestic case','',''; 'Ronaldo and Jose’s $230m tax evasion bombshell','',''; 'Nico Rosberg: Is it the right time for champion to retire?','',''; 'After new regulations, Oklahoma's shakes calm down a bit','',''; 'Nation's largest solar installer to open Florida facility','',''; 'Magpies dismiss Wells injury concerns','',''; 'Hunt continues for Conan Taylor','',''; 'Military muscle to the rescue of robbery victim','',''; 'Don’t get too used to cheap Uber fares','',''; 'U.S. unemployment at stunning new low','',''; 'When linemen go down, teams can quickly fall out of sync','',''; 'Windsor-Essex cancer patients in diluted chemo case to hold meeting','',''; 'Ex-Chelsea star: Blues paid me to keep silent','',''; 'The dirtiest players in NBA history','',''; 'NT models Max out at Monsoons','',''; 'UK Championship 2016: Ronnie O'Sullivan beats Mark Williams 6-2','',''; 'Trump taps Mattis as defense chief','',''; 'Messi, CR7’s new challenger for FIFA best player','',''; 'Could an aspirin a day hold the key to long life?','',''; 'Murray levels at 23-year high','',''; 'FA Cup: Macclesfield Town 0-0 Oxford United highlights','',''; 'Demons push through pain barrier','',''; 'The Aussie ODI players under the gun','',''; 'NBA Wrap: Clippers blow out Cavs','',''; 'Trump taps Mattis as defense chief','',''; 'Charges in sheep abduction case stayed','',''; 'Who could replace Rosberg at Mercedes','',''; 'Tiger Woods sizzles in comeback','',''; 'Worcester Wolves 88-56 Bristol Flyers: Five best shots as Wolves win','',''; 'Lyon won’t forget Daley’s tough love','',''; 'Schwab confirms Lions departure','',''; 'Basketball Australia names under-19 team','',''; 'Aussies lose Olympic final rematch in Dubai','',''; 'Trump backs completion of controversial pipeline','',''; 'Hamilton’s reaction to Rosberg’s shock exit','',''; 'Scott lurking with intent at Royal Pines','',''; 'Illinois Soybean Association : ISA Scholarship Applications Available to Crop Sciences Students','',''; 'Ultimate Guide to the Brisbane Global Tens','',''; 'Blues set sights on marquee star','',''; 'Big Show’s future under big cloud','',''; 'Bullets ready for Taipans to bite','',''; 'Aussie women into final at Dubai Sevens','',''; 'Chapecoense plane crash: Arsenal's Gabriel's heartfelt message after loss of friend','',''; 'Charges in sheep abduction case stayed','',''; 'Trump faces tough nuclear weapons questions','',''; 'Rosberg retires from Formula 1','',''; 'Varner III channels his inner LeBron','',''; 'Keogh becomes Glory’s all-time leading scorer','',''; 'Former star’s beautiful return to basketball','',''; 'Irra’s incredible journey from civil war to AFL','',''; 'Would Folau wear blue or red?','',''; 'Fire looking to break WNCL duck','',''; 'Live: Supercars Qualifying, Sydney 500','',''; 'Golfer turns to Ponting in bid to break duck','',''; 'UK Championship 2016: Mark Selby beats John Higgins to reach semi-final','',''; 'Trump's Carrier deal raises red flags','',''; 'Muscat defends bench strategy','',''; 'Perry says Breakers WNCL final underdogs','',''; 'Mills on track to join exclusive NBA club','',''; 'Cult favourite Hawk Spangher calls time','',''; 'Beware a wounded Whincup','',''; 'Did video game lead to crash?','',''; 'Tiger fires early, not so good late','',''; 'FA Cup Heroes: How Blyth Spartans' Jarrett Rivers tasted glory','',''; 'DNA editing advance partially restores vision in animal study of genetic blindness','',''; 'Unbelievable! Watch Victory’s goalscoring disaster','',''; 'Ella dragged into Cheika-Jones feud','',''; 'Trump speaks with Taiwan's president, risking China tensions','',''; 'Hocking ready to lead Panthers’ flag hunt','',''; 'How Blackwell learnt of NSW’s historic 21st final','',''; 'Exum set for more minutes with Utah Jazz','',''; 'Schwab set to leave Lions for AFL role','',''; 'The driving force behind Red Bull juggernaut','',''; 'The wild Wallaby to bring England down','',''; 'Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho praises Bastian Schweinsteiger','',''; 'Daily Mirror readers' gift for gran who was burgled days after being diagnosed with inoperable cancer','',''; 'Chris Christie reportedly angling for a new job','',''; 'The incredible curse Besart Berisha can’t shake','',''; 'Dodt ditches quest for perfection','',''; 'When it comes to working out, variety is key to success ','',''; 'Roos on the hunt for new coach','',''; 'SVG makes intentions clear, tops Practice 2','',''; 'Cadee’s King tide takes a turn','',''; 'Gaelic football introduces AFL-style mark','',''; 'What ODI series really means for Aussies','',''; 'Late Mail: The ‘mystery man’ Wenger must turn to','',''; ''We could still do some damage' - Shearer & Sutton on misfiring frontmen','',''; 'Jones opts for Hughes, Yarde for Wallabies Test','',''; 'Dominant Victory can’t find breakthrough','',''; 'What you didn’t know about Tiger','',''; 'Swans great’s advice for rookie-listed nephew','',''; 'Clear Cell : metabolism','',''; 'AccuWeather: Dry, Seasonably Cool Weekend ','',''; 'General Petraeus may need to chat with PO','',''; 'How Real can wrap up La Liga in December','',''; 'Why LeBron is Sportsperson of the Year','',''; 'Staying Sun: Talented midfielder re-signs','',''; 'New iconic date touted for Ashes Test','',''; 'New Zealand’s own Supercars team bows out','',''; 'England unbeatable & animal rescue - sport quiz of the week','',''; 'Phipps: I've learned my English lessons','',''; 'Bruno escapes sanction for FFA Cup f-bomb','',''; 'Tiger has 10 more years in him: Nicklaus','',''; 'Teams named for SANFL women’s league','',''; 'United star’s surprise shot at Klopp ‘disaster’','',''; 'Genetic Risk Factors for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus From Candidate Genes to Functional Variants','',''; 'San Bernardino, one year after the attack','',''; 'Woman who had been missing over week found dead in NJ','',''; 'NBA’s bizarre washout','',''; 'Surprise nominees for goal of the year','',''; 'McLaughlin sets the pace early in Sydney','',''; 'Boof delivers brutal truth to Maxwell','',''; 'Looking for an egg or sperm donor? Here’s what you need to know','',''; 'Revealed: How Barcelona botched Ronaldo deal','',''; 'Eddie Jones still baiting Cheika','',''; 'Hend’s road to Augusta starts at Royal Pines','',''; 'Lawro's Premier League predictions v comedian Tim Vine','',''; 'The transfer truth Popovic must face','',''; 'Ex-Cuban prisoner likens Trump to Castro','',''; 'Philadelphia to keep 'AMOR,' the bilingual 'LOVE' sculpture','',''; 'Whincup still eyeing the V8 crown','',''; 'Bouzanis relegates former Premier League star','',''; '15 PL stars in list of world’s 55 best players','',''; 'The real problem behind fake news','',''; 'Suspect sought after woman attacked, robbed in Northern Liberties ','',''; 'Wallabies adds extra ‘grunt’ for England','',''; 'Axe junk food price cuts to tackle Scottish obesity, say experts','',''; 'BBC Unsung Hero: Marcellus Baz's boxing school breaking 'vicious crime cycle'','',''; 'Adviser: Trump picking 'insiders' and 'disrupters'','',''; '‘Whinging like a baby’: JVS’ massive Aloisi rant','',''; 'Arsenal suffer major midfield injury blow','',''; 'Chief remembers fallen firefighter Ardythe Hope','',''; 'Brutal, old-school prep for English Test','',''; 'Cancer screening facility at KGH','',''; 'Franjic‘s pays tribute after career nearly ended','',''; 'Change in Texas abortion policy angers activists','',''; 'EPL star makes big call on future','',''; 'Please Consider Helping Out this Lakewood Family','',''; 'Man shot, critically wounded in North Philadelphia','',''; 'The reality Mourinho can no longer ignore','',''; 'New Jersey tree farm creates colored Christmas trees','',''; 'Grab Bag Of Goodies In 21st Century Cures Act','',''; 'Trump Cabinet picks share a familiar trait','',''; 'Rumour Mill: Jose braced for up to 10 January exits','',''; 'Pilot told controllers plane had run out of fuel','',''; 'Family of Finley, 10, hope to find what is behind mystery illness','',''; 'No Shave November','',''; 'Cole Swindell Wouldn’t Be Here Without ’90s Country','',''; 'Spread holiday cheer with the Kindness Advent Calendar','',''; 'Can Trump bring a divided nation together?','',''; 'Jing Wang','',''; 'Nashville: New Season Photo Gallery','',''; 'Tens of thousands forced to flee Aleppo','',''; 'DNA Diagnostics Center® Announces Acquisition of IDENTIGENE®, LLC','',''; ''There aren't going to be trade wars'','',''; 'Why Was Carrie Underwood’s Suitcase So Heavy?','',''; 'Seahawk Jarran Reed denies spitting in face of Tampa Bay center','',''; 'Gates gives Wistar $9 million for novel fight against Zika','',''; 'Alicia Keys and Maren Morris Share Mutual Love of Soul on CMT Crossroads','',''; 'AP Source: NHLPA rejects offer to extend CBA for Olympics','',''; 'Benefits of daily aspirin outweigh risks','',''; 'Nashville Sneak Peek Set for Dec. 15 on CMT','',''; 'Officials: Baltimore officer indicted for excessive force','',''; 'Charlie Daniels and Friends Get Down, Get Loud at Volunteer Jam','',''; '2 employees, 1 shopper killed when truck hit Wal-Mart store','',''; 'Counties in Washington that rely most on Obamacare voted for Trump','',''; 'Dolly Parton Supports Her Tennessee Mountain Home','',''; 'Features Artist creates henna crowns for cancer patients Artist creates henna crowns for cancer patients Henna is an ancient art form, but artist Sarah Walters is using it for a very modern purpose. She creates henna crowns for cancer patients who lose their hair while undergoing chemotherapy. Features 31 minutes ago','',''; 'The “Two Trumps” surface in president-elect’s transition','',''; 'More than cookie sellers, Girl Scouts enter music industry','',''; 'DNA Diagnostics Center® Announces Acquisition of IDENTIGENE®, LLC','',''; 'Luke Bryan: Behind the Altercation at Charlie Daniels’ Volunteer Jam','',''; '7 literary events to check out for the week of Dec. 2-9','',''; 'Hey, Miranda Lambert, That’s My Story, Too','',''; 'Educating students to make a better world','',''; '‘Other Minds’: Diving deep into the world of the octopus','',''; 'Tulsa Area Children With Cancer Get High Flying Holiday Treat','',''; 'Q&A: Sonia Braga plays the role of her life at 66','',''; 'Robbie Robertson’s memoir tells tales of The Band, and Bob Dylan','',''; 'Tired of Microsoft pop-up ads on Windows 10? What to do','',''; 'Kip Moore: “The Record Finds Me”','',''; 'A present you give yourself, and others: being present during the holidays','',''; 'Smooth sailing at the 5th Ave with fanciful ‘Little Mermaid’','',''; 'MIT's AI figured out how humans recognize faces','',''; 'The King County Library System’s five top books of 2016','',''; 'Trump speaks with Taiwan’s president, risking China tensions','',''; 'Support East Tennessee','',''; '5 myths — and facts — about olive oil','',''; 'Michigan dad of six plans bucket list ahead of risky brain surgery','',''; 'TV’s ‘Full House’ home is staying in the Tanner family','',''; 'The best books of 2016, from our critics','',''; 'Florida Georgia Line: Deciding Who Leads','',''; 'Emma Morano, world’s oldest person, turns 117','',''; 'Little Big Town Blessed With Honey','',''; 'At Book-It, a ‘Treasure Island’ full of gems','',''; 'Teenager with rare genetic disorder shoots and scores','',''; 'Seattle’s Freakout Records to celebrate its artists with festival','',''; '‘The Way of the Writer:’ Charles Johnson’s eloquent, inspiring guideposts for the writer’s path','',''; 'Media outlets release tax arrangements made by top players','',''; 'How George Strait Changed Granger Smith’s Life','',''; 'Shots fired, but at who? J. Cole’s track has people guessing','',''; 'Young Thug’s opening act is even younger — and terrific','',''; 'Powerful hallucinogens reduce anxiety and depression in cancer patients','',''; 'APNewsBreak: Union backed out of deal to add 26th player','',''; '‘Gerontius,’ where have you been? Seattle Symphony brings seldom-heard piece to vibrant life','',''; 'In the Devil’s Teeth With the Muddy Magnolias','',''; 'New ‘Hamilton Mixtape’ CD features songs by Alicia Keys, Sia, Usher','',''; 'Retroviral long Terminal Repeats; Structure, Detection and Phylogeny','',''; 'Seahawks Friday injury report: Earl Thomas, DeShawn Shead will play against Panthers, WR Paul Richardson among those out','',''; 'What Trump means for legal pot, and how Oklahoma leapfrogged Washington on drug-sentencing reform, on The Overcast','',''; 'Martina McBride Confirms Love Unleashed Tour Dates for 2017','',''; 'Rant & Rave: Sorry for impatience','',''; 'Regenacy Pharmaceuticals to be Launched by Acetylon Pharmaceuticals and Celgene Corporation Agrees to Complete Acquisition of Acetylon','',''; 'Annual concert decked with Empire of the Sun, Head and the Heart, Jimmy Eat World','',''; 'Oscar Wilde','',''; 'Cowboys’ Rolando McClain suspended indefinitely by NFL','',''; 'State worker claims he was scapegoated in prisoner-release scandal','',''; 'How to afford a house in Seattle? Win ‘Jeopardy’','',''; 'For One Family, Doctors Help With Their Premature Son Meant Everything','',''; 'Drink in Steve Griggs, his ‘Cup of Joe Brazil’ on Dec. 5','',''; 'Patty Murray, other Senate Dems prepare to fight Trump’s nominees','',''; 'Schmetzer on Ozzie Alonso: ‘I don’t bet illegally, but if I was a betting man, he would play’ in MLS Cup','',''; 'Two Types of DIY Sawhorses, Burning Wood to Preserve It, a Workbench Production Shop Tour, Table Saw Tricks & More ','',''; 'Seafood Minestrone','',''; 'Get out your ugly sweater, reindeer costume for holidays runs in Seattle area','',''; 'Regenacy Pharmaceuticals to be Launched by Acetylon Pharmaceuticals and Celgene Corporation Agrees to Complete Acquisition of Acetylon','',''; 'Watch: Dolly Parton joins Miley Cyrus for electrifying cover of ‘Jolene’ on ‘The Voice’','',''; ''It is time to make' three-person babies','',''; 'Good friends Brown, Beckham look to one-up another Sunday','',''; 'Core77's Pick 5 Ultimate Gift Guide: Week 3 Winners ','',''; 'Richland man stabbed during argument over Trump’s politics','',''; 'Ho ho? Oh, no! It’s too warm for Boston holiday wonderland','',''; 'Boy fighting leukemia meets hockey hero, escapes cancer fight for night','',''; 'What’s the best song on Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’? (poll)','',''; 'Visit diverse Santas at these Seattle holiday events','',''; 'Bodies of Brazil soccer team killed in plane crash head home','',''; 'The Most Influential Photos of All Time, Global Warming's Affect on the Fashion Industry and Great Books to Add to Your List','',''; 'Philanthropist to fund Washington Monument elevator repair','',''; '3 new homeless-encampment sites announced by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray','',''; 'Hudson's Furniture donates to Moffitt Read Story Kathryn Bursch','',''; 'No more ‘Melania Trump’ underwear or honey for Slovenians','',''; 'Check out the Features of a $95,000 Luxury Tiny House','',''; '76ers celebrate 50th anniversary of NBA’s great champions','',''; 'Las Vegas welcomes 1st direct commercial flight from Beijing','',''; 'Bernie Sanders urges Seattle progressives to ‘stand up, fight back’','',''; 'Luke Bryan slaps heckler from stage with microphone in hand','',''; 'Fear, then skepticism, over antibiotic-resistant genes in Beijing smog','',''; 'LINKPOST: Hard Count podcast','',''; 'Washington state electors join movement seeking to deny Trump the presidency','',''; 'More snow expected in days ahead leading to a blissful early ski season at local resorts','',''; '5 holiday shows for families on Seattle-area stages','',''; 'Fear, then skepticism, over antibiotic-resistant genes in Beijing smog','',''; 'An App that Improves Your Vision? ','',''; 'City asks federal judge to step into Seattle police labor dispute tied to reforms','',''; 'Columbia River area producing decent steelhead and walleye fishing','',''; 'When linemen go down, teams can quickly fall out of sync','',''; 'Design Job: Join a Budding Industry! Chiefton is Seeking an Art Director/Senior Designer in Denver, CO','',''; 'Seattle’s Freakout Records to celebrate its artists with festival','',''; 'Nelson Mandela’s Troubled Grand Daughter Speaks Out','',''; 'King County’s homeless count could soar with new method of tallying','',''; 'Here are 4 books for the wine lover on your holiday list','',''; 'Spamusement: Japan's Combination Spa and Amusement Park ','',''; '7 literary events to check out for the week of Dec. 2-9','',''; 'John Theurer Cancer Center Presents Groundbreaking Studies in Blood Cancer at American Society of Hematology Meeting','',''; 'More snow expected in days ahead leading to a blissful early ski season at local resorts','',''; '‘Everything just came together’ in this Whidbey Island home — including its inhabitants','',''; 'Bernie Sanders visits Seattle Wednesday on sold-out book tour','',''; 'Hand Tool School #10: My Ultra-Functional Toolbox/Mobile Workbench','',''; 'For this young breast cancer survivor, the future looms large, and bright','',''; '‘Other Minds’: Diving deep into the world of the octopus','',''; 'Happy, healthy Stewart leaving NASCAR so he can race more','',''; 'What to do when boyfriend’s dad always has to be right','',''; 'Daily Search Forum Recap: December 2, 2016','',''; 'As Seattle eyes supervised drug-injection sites, is Vancouver a good model?','',''; 'Antibiotic-resistant genes found in Beijing smog ...','',''; '4 classical-music events to catch this week','',''; 'A Look at Under Armour's 3D ARCHHITECHs, Spotted At Autodesk University','',''; 'Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: How far did the Seahawks fall?','',''; 'Fed up with Seattle? Here’s where you can go','',''; 'Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Sentence Compression, Top Stories Fake News Algorithm & Search Console Updates','',''; 'Drawing jam, giant textiles and 2 other visual-arts activities to do this week','',''; '“Don’t dismiss pains and bloating - it may be ovarian cancer”','',''; 'Auto Design Notes on the Acura NSX','',''; 'Counties in Washington that rely most on Obamacare voted for Trump','',''; 'UW game day: No. 4 Huskies vs. No. 9 Colorado in Pac-12 championship','',''; '5 things to do this weekend: Holiday events, activities and drinks','',''; 'Mazal Tov - 13 Years Covering The Search Industry','',''; 'CEO Says Ford Still Moving Small-Car Output to Mexico','',''; 'Inventory Check: We Went to the Stores','',''; '5 things to do this weekend: Holiday events, activities and drinks','',''; 'Reader Submitted: Ditch Your Neck Pillow For the Cozy Aubergine Pillow','',''; 'Columbia River area producing decent steelhead and walleye fishing','',''; 'NYT report: Trump considering U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers for Interior post','',''; 'High demand for cancer info 59 minutes ago','',''; 'Foreign Firms Face New Clampdown for Getting Money Out of China','',''; 'A present you give yourself, and others: being present during the holidays','',''; 'Google: Canonical Tags Don't Save *Much* Crawl Budget','',''; 'Mexico to Test Foreign Oil Firms' Deep-Water Mettle','',''; 'Herman Miller Opens NYC Flagship Store ','',''; 'Abu Dhabi Sovereign-Wealth Fund Gets Entangled in Sprawling Scandal','',''; 'Sheriff: McKnight shooting was ‘road rage’; defends case','',''; 'Groundbreaking MMRF CoMMpass Study(SM) Affirmed as Premier Genomics Data Set in Multiple Myeloma','',''; 'Little Slack But Not Much Heat in Labor Market','',''; 'No Child Sleeps Outside: Order a burger, round up your bill, help homeless children','',''; 'The META NOINDEX Tag Doesn't Save Your Google Crawl Budget','',''; 'Italy Referendum to Set Renzi's Fate','',''; 'Gambia's Yahya Jammeh: The rise and fall of an African strongman','',''; 'FCC Raises New Concerns Over 'Zero-Rating' by AT&T, Verizon','',''; 'Design Troll Musings #1: Introducing the Bed Tent','',''; 'Pence Says Trump Administration Planning Ambitious Agenda','',''; 'Formula One champion Nico Rosberg announces retirement','',''; 'Chips Need a Nick, Not a Cut','',''; 'Rant & Rave: Thanks for shutting down Hawk House','',''; 'Google AdWords Customer Match With Easier Email Address List Maintenance','',''; 'Surprise U.K. Local Election Result Signals Vulnerability of Pro-Brexit Lawmakers','',''; 'LA 2024 releases $5.3 billion budget; no new stadiums needed','',''; 'Canadian rockers Rush donate $40K to Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research','',''; 'Thailand Gets New King, but Few Clues to What's Next','',''; 'Global Bond Markets: Into the Maelstrom','',''; 'Huawei's 'Hungry Wolves' Face a Future Without Hard-Charging Founder','',''; 'Prosecutors: Dismissal deal done in Manziel’s domestic case','',''; 'Why? Google Indoor Swing Set','',''; 'French President Hollande Won't Run for Re-Election','',''; 'Klosters, Switzerland, offers great Alpine skiing and royal connection, too','',''; 'Passive Investors Get Sucked Into Hong Kong Market Failures','',''; 'Bond Market Slide Intensifies','',''; 'Landmark Autism Genetic Study Seeking Participants','',''; 'Obama Blocks Chinese Bid for Technology Firm Aixtron','',''; 'Alabama-Florida for SEC title looks like massive mismatch','',''; 'Prosecutors want 4 years for train dispatcher in fatal crash','',''; 'EU Chill With Turkey Nears a Freeze','',''; 'Daily Search Forum Recap: December 1, 2016','',''; 'Web archive plans Trump-proof Canada back-up','',''; 'Stocks Continue To Turn In A Lackluster Performance - U.S. Commentary','',''; 'Baby Boomers vs. Millennials: The Uneven Jobs Recovery','',''; 'Jobless Rate Hits Lowest Level Since Before Recession','',''; 'Emerging Market Outflows Raise Specter of Taper Tantrum','',''; 'Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool Allows You To Submit Pages To Google's Index','',''; 'Woman killed in attempted robbery of New Jersey Lyft riders','',''; 'Italians to Stress Test EU Financial Regulators With Referendum','',''; 'Trump Warns Firms Will See Penalties if Jobs Leave the U.S.','',''; 'India's Cash Dash Stuffs Banks With Problems','',''; 'For-Profit Colleges Look to Trump for a Pass','',''; 'German Road-Toll Plan Wins EU Approval After Tweaks','',''; 'Mission Ridge, White Pass join ski areas open for operation','',''; 'Google Site Move Recommendations Updated: Big Vs. Small Sites','',''; 'OPEC Windfall Shows Talk Isn't Cheap','',''; 'U.S. to Forgive at Least $108 Billion in Student Debt in Coming Years','',''; 'HHV-8/KSHV association with tumor cells during development of Kaposi sarcoma','',''; 'Snow blankets Hawaii summits amid winter storm warning','',''; 'Investors See Opportunities in Europe's Political Stress','',''; 'Google My Business Support Telling Businesses To Submit Reconsideration Requests?','',''; 'Patent Feud Is Underappreciated Risk at Biogen','',''; 'Nina Lundberg','',''; 'United Tech CEO's Pilgrimage to Trump Tower Ends in Deal','',''; 'Secret Europol terror data found online','',''; 'Austrian Anti-Immigrant Party Forges Ties to Trump','',''; 'At California’s wild Farallon Islands, meet nature on nature’s terms','',''; 'Google Machine Learning Sentence Compression Algorithms Powers Features Snippets','',''; 'Canadian rockers Rush donate $40K to Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research','',''; 'Tax Rules on Corporate Inversions Face Uncertain Future','',''; 'How College Students are Helping Children Fighting Cancer One group at the U of U is putting smiles on children battling cancer.','',''; 'Putin Calls for Cooperation With U.S.','',''; 'Google Docs Explore: Search Engine Optimization Is Related To Weasels','',''; 'More slopes open: White Pass and Mission Ridge join Crystal, Baker and Stevens','',''; 'Too Many Railcars, Too Little Freight','',''; 'U.K. Would Consider Paying for EU Access','',''; 'Google Tel Aviv's Mega Bite Restaurant's Rabanut Kosher Certificate','',''; 'Bell Tolls for London's Whitechapel Foundry','',''; 'Daily Search Forum Recap: November 30, 2016','',''; 'European Policy Makers Brace for Italian Stress','',''; 'The Really Rich Got Richer, According to IRS's Top 400','',''; 'To Cure Crop Disease Faster, Add Bugs','',''; 'Germany's G-20 Presidency Destined to Be Difficult','',''; 'U.S. Health Spending Rose Faster Than Expected in 2015','',''; 'Landmark Autism Genetic Study Seeking Participants','',''; 'Germany Arrests Suspected Islamist Mole in Spy Agency','',''; 'Jay Forrester Sought to Rethink Corporate Management','',''; 'EWR (Newark Liberty International Airport)','',''; 'LAX (Los Angeles International Airport)','',''; 'Erich Bloch Helped Pioneer IBM's Most Successful Computer','',''; 'Cancun: a Look at the Biodiversity of the Planet at the COP 13','',''; 'High School Dropout Rose From Factory Floor to CEO of Dana','',''; 'SLC (Salt Lake City International Airport)','',''; 'Boehringer Ingelheim Releases Statement After Cutting 200+ Jobs','',''; 'UM's Adrienne Motley earns spot on early-season Naismith Award watch list','',''; 'Does Gene Testing Spur Healthier Habits? Maybe Not','',''; 'UM hoops players Reed, Prather honored for work off the court','',''; 'Father says cancer-stricken son’s strength pulling him through','',''; 'Kissing and toothbrushes','',''; 'Nanorobotics Systems - Market Drivers and Forecast from Technavio','',''; 'Combo of cancer drugs shows promise against some tumors','',''; 'Deal with AstraZeneca potential leap forward for patients','',''; 'The Atom by Tattooni','',''; 'IMG_4602 Ferrari F40','',''; 'Invasion!','',''; 'by Atom & Srone','',''; 'IMG_9927 BAC Mono','',''; 'IMG_3554 Ferrari F40','',''; 'A Trump-like shock','',''; '5D3_8740','',''; '5D3_8746','',''; '5D3_8761','',''; '5D3_8763','',''; '5D3_8764','',''; '5D3_8774','',''; '5D3_8771','',''; '5D3_8737','',''; '5D3_8736','',''; '5D3_8745','',''; '5D3_8758','',''; '5D3_8739','',''; '5D3_8751','',''; '5D3_8770','',''; 'Angels acquire Pounders in deal with Royals','',''; 'Angels can make moves count at Meetings','',''; 'MLB, MLBPA officially unveil new CBA','',''; 'A's reach deal with Alonso, tender arb eligibles','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'stretchly','',''; 'Cash has learned to expect unexpected','',''; 'Inbox: Chances A's trade a core player?','',''; 'deGrom past elbow woes, sees 'window' for title','',''; 'O's non-tender Worley; 9 arb-eligibles tendered','',''; 'Dipoto likes athletic mix in Mariners' outfield','',''; 'Rangers in on trade talks leading to Meetings','',''; 'New CBA could impact Royals through qualifying offer','',''; 'Rays head to Meetings with open minds','',''; 'LosslessCut','',''; 'Interest grows for Martinez leading up to Winter Meetings','',''; 'White Sox plans could clear up at Meetings','',''; 'Sources: Springer on US provisional roster for WBC','',''; 'Papi talks retirement, future work with Red Sox','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'RHP Weber outrighted to Triple-A Tacoma','',''; 'Rangers mourn traveling secretary Lyngos','',''; 'Royals swap Pounders for Minor League pitcher','',''; 'O's to lay groundwork on deals at Meetings','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'Starting pitching, bat among Astros' goals','',''; 'Tigers aim to go 'leaner, younger' at Meetings','',''; 'Rays listening, but in no rush to deal Archer','',''; 'Building shutdown 'pen Royals' No. 1 priority','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'A's always willing to listen at Winter Meetings','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'Hamels named Rangers' pitcher of the year','',''; 'Source: Mariners, Rzepczynski near deal','',''; 'Garcia among White Sox non-tender options','',''; 'Phils join list pursuing slugger Martinez','',''; 'Inbox: Was acquiring Garcia a good move?','',''; 'Astros reach deal with outfielder Aoki for '17','',''; 'Rays unlikely to non-tender any players','',''; 'V-Mart's intriguing bat drawing interest','',''; 'Mariners outright switch-pitcher Venditte','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'O's bring back Verrett in trade with Mets','',''; 'Joyce headed to A's on 2-year, $11M pact','',''; 'Rangers finalize Minor League staffs for 2017','',''; 'In-market deals? Chicago clubs address report','',''; 'Rotation central to Braves' Winter Meetings','',''; 'Dipoto looking for lefty 'pen help, rotation depth','',''; 'Royals open spot on 40-man for Rule 5 Draft','',''; 'Update - Freeware - ManicTime Free v3.7.1','',''; 'Rangers to address wish list at Winter Meetings','',''; 'Fowler, Chapman keep tabs on talks from afar','',''; 'Braves trade for Cards lefty Garcia','',''; 'Cardinals non-tender reliever Maness','',''; 'Stroman hoping Encarnacion, Bautista return','',''; 'Cardinals part with Garcia, land 3 Braves prospects','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'Vizquel refutes report about Venezuela post','',''; 'Will Cards pull any surprises at Winter Meetings?','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'Rangers in on trade talks leading to Meetings','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'Braves have 3 intriguing non-tender decisions','',''; 'Fowler, Chapman keep tabs on talks from afar','',''; 'Excited Walker looking forward to pain-free 2017','',''; 'Giants prepared to move swiftly at Meetings','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'Rangers give holiday joy with annual Toy Drive','',''; 'D-backs hold intriguing chips for Meetings','',''; 'Norris returns to Nats in deal with Padres','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'Revere a free agent as Nats non-tender contract','',''; 'Cards to honor '67 title team, '16 top players','',''; 'Hall, Gonzo shave beards, but cancer fight continues','',''; 'Gosewisch avoids arbitration with 1-year deal','',''; 'Cubs' Meetings to-do list starts with bullpen','',''; 'Update - Freeware - GetFolderSize v3.1.12','',''; 'Details of MLB, MLBPA labor agreement','',''; 'Nats acquire catcher Norris from Padres','',''; 'Phils designate Asche; lefty Rollins claimed','',''; 'Norris returns to Nats in deal with Padres','',''; 'LeBlanc, Pirates agree on 1-year deal','',''; 'Reds roll out red carpet for fun-filled Redsfest','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; '10 bold predictions for Winter Meetings','',''; 'Dipoto: Mariners looking for 'experienced starter'','',''; 'Jay excited to mentor Almora, join Cubs','',''; 'Rangers to address roster at tender deadline','',''; 'Phils look to complement young stars at Meetings','',''; 'Padres ready to start shoring up roster','',''; 'De La Rosa among D-backs' deadline decisions','',''; 'Schuerholz a front-runner for HOF enshrinement','',''; 'Pirates have more roster decisions to make','',''; 'Nats' pursuit of McCutchen intensifies','',''; 'Cardinals announce Minor League staffs','',''; 'Update - Freeware - YUMI v2.0.3.0','',''; 'Phils announce Minors coaching slate','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'Nats face intriguing choice at Winter Meetings','',''; 'McCutchen's down year was likely a fluke','',''; 'Reds eye 'pen help, veteran starter at Meetings','',''; 'Amid Cutch rumors, recall 10 MVP deals','',''; 'Saturday marks Phils' holiday sale, tree lighting','',''; 'Hoffman's strength grew from his sturdy roots','',''; 'Update - Freeware - Emsisoft Emergency Kit v12.0.0.6971','',''; 'Nats keeping center field options open','',''; 'Pitching at forefront of Pirates' Meetings agenda','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'Hoyer: Cubs not closing door on Fowler return','',''; 'Schuerholz a front-runner for HOF enshrinement','',''; 'McCutchen to Nats talks appear to heat up','',''; 'Cozart, Hamilton among Reds up for arbitration','',''; 'Judge OKs Direct Reinsurance Payment In Insolvent Insurer Liquidation Proceeding',' target='_blank'',''; 'Panel Reverses Ruling In Insurer's Favor In Errors, Omissions Liability Dispute',' target='_blank'',''; 'Lobaton, Nationals reach deal for 2017','',''; 'Judge: Borrowers Sued Bank Over Alleged Reinsurance Kickbacks Too Late',' target='_blank'',''; 'Judge: Excess Insurer Not Liable For Equitable Contribution Of Doctor's Defense Costs',' target='_blank'',''; 'Sources: Kruk to join CSN broadcast booth','',''; 'Cubs hurlers expected to be offered contracts','',''; 'How much will J.D.'s defense affect trade value?','',''; 'Hoffman has Hall of Fame credentials','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'Appellate Panel Says New York Is Correct Place For Reinsurance Arbitration',' target='_blank'',''; 'Alabama High Court: Additional $3M Not Triggered For Wrongful Death, Injury Claims',' target='_blank'',''; 'In-market deals? Chicago clubs address report','',''; 'Revere a free agent as Nats non-tender contract','',''; 'Update - Freeware - ScreenToGif v2.3.2','',''; 'Pirates respond to Kang's DUI charge','',''; 'Reinsurer Wants Agreement Terminated And International Arbitration Stayed',' target='_blank'',''; 'Insured Did Not Comply With Policy's Consent-To-Settle Provision, Appeals Panel Says',' target='_blank'',''; 'Epstein's 'simple' Draft strategy continues to pay off','',''; 'Asdrubal to play for Venezuela in Classic','',''; 'Update - Freeware - FolderChangesView v2.00','',''; 'Turks And Caicos Reinsurer Says It Has A Right To Arbitrate $11M Dispute',' target='_blank'',''; '4th Circuit Affirms Ruling In Insurer's Favor In Breach Of Contract Suit',' target='_blank'',''; 'Phils add former GM Ryan to scouting staff','',''; 'Update - Trial - Iperius Backup Desktop v4.7.0','',''; 'Nats keeping center field options open','',''; 'Sardinas, Rondon lead Padres' possibilities at SS','',''; 'Reinsurer Says It May Need To Depose 20 Current And Former Insurance Employees',' target='_blank'',''; 'Pirates invite relievers Runzler, Stoffel to camp','',''; 'Fitbit Sues Insurer For Bad Faith, Challenges Reliance On 'Prior Offense' Exclusion',' target='_blank'',''; 'Todd Ricketts nominated for deputy commerce secretary','',''; 'Phils face non-tender decisions before deadline','',''; 'Reinsurer Says Court Lacks Jurisdiction To Hear Breach Of Contract Case',' target='_blank'',''; 'Panel: Settlement Agreement Made In Bad Faith, Cannot Be Enforced Against Insurer',' target='_blank'',''; 'Inbox: Will Fowler re-sign with Cubs?','',''; 'Inbox: Was acquiring Garcia a good move?','',''; 'Update - Trial - gPhotoShow Pro v7.4.5','',''; 'Ex Parte Communications in Arbitration and Their Consequences',' target='_blank'',''; 'Federal Judge: False Claims Suit Arose Out Of Insured's Professional Services',' target='_blank'',''; 'Indians non-tender reliever Manship','',''; 'Louisiana Panel Affirms Ruling Granting Exception Of Res Judicata In Bad Faith Suit',' target='_blank'',''; 'Update - Trial - Helium Music Manager v12.2','',''; 'Hanley announces plan to play in '17 Classic','',''; 'California Panel Affirms Ruling In Favor Of Insurer, Broker In Negligence Suit',' target='_blank'',''; 'Update - Trial - Ashampoo Burning Studio v18.0','',''; 'Mets settle with Rivera at non-tender deadline','',''; 'Retailer Says Insurers Had Broad Duty To Defend In Computer Spyware Suits',' target='_blank'',''; 'Dex the haul: Fowler can make these 10 jolly','',''; 'Architect Asks Panel To Find Proof Of Claim In Bankruptcy Is A Final Judgment',' target='_blank'',''; 'O's non-tender Worley; 9 arb-eligibles tendered','',''; 'NEW - Freeware - LosslessCut v1.2.2','',''; 'Time for Reds, Votto to weigh options','',''; '3rd Circuit: Opt-In Plaintiffs Lack Standing To Appeal Collective Action Ruling',' target='_blank'',''; 'NEW - Freeware - stretchly v0.5.0','',''; 'Sources: Springer on US provisional roster for WBC','',''; 'California Appellate Panel Reverses Decertification Of Security Officer Wage Class',' target='_blank'',''; 'Braves trade for Cards lefty Garcia','',''; 'Maryland Judge Certifies Defendant Class In Illegal Towing Suit',' target='_blank'',''; 'Update - Freeware - CopyTrans Shelbee v1.129','',''; 'Federal Judge Certifies Narrowed Prisoner Class Suing For Mental Health Care',' target='_blank'',''; '4th Circuit Finds Judge Erred In Denying Center's Discovery Request',' target='_blank'',''; 'Cashman: Yanks plotting course for offseason','',''; '11th Circuit: Federal Jurisdiction Remains Under CAFA Even Without Class',' target='_blank'',''; 'Virginia Supreme Court: Subcontractors Did Not Waive Statute Of Limitations',' target='_blank'',''; 'Rewriting history with new WS home-field rules','',''; 'Suit Over 'Natural' Products To Be Remanded After Class Scope Is Clarified',' target='_blank'',''; 'Judge Refuses To Remand Construction Defects Suit, Trims Claims',' target='_blank'',''; 'Update - Freeware - MailStore Home v10.0.0.12127','',''; 'Statcast a useful tool to find free agents' strengths','',''; 'North Carolina Panel Upholds Ruling That Claims Against Contractor Are Untimely',' target='_blank'',''; 'Split 6th Circuit: Local Controversy Exception Applies To Flint Water Class Suit',' target='_blank'',''; 'Homeowners' $15,000 Defects Verdict Reduced By Virginia Judge',' target='_blank'',''; 'Sox don't tender contract to catcher Holaday','',''; 'Bankruptcy Judge Orders D.R. Horton To Pay $16.3M For Mismanagement',' target='_blank'',''; 'Update - Freeware - Clipboard Master v4.1.3','',''; 'Illinois Federal Judge Sends Class Hacking Suit Back To State Court',' target='_blank'',''; 'McCutchen to Nats talks appear to heat up','',''; 'Provisions In Reorganization Plan Bar Association's Defects Suit, Judge Says',' target='_blank'',''; 'Judge Refuses To Remand Construction Defects Suit, Trims Claims',' target='_blank'',''; 'How CBA affects Draft, free agency, international market','',''; 'West Virginia High Court Finds Couple Not Bound By Arbitration Agreement',' target='_blank'',''; 'Judge Orders Volkswagen To Pay Class Members Despite Attorney Liens',' target='_blank'',''; 'Rays listening, but in no rush to deal Archer','',''; 'Builder Of Renovated Condos To Pay $7.3M Over Defects, Firm Says',' target='_blank'',''; 'New York Attorney General: Trump University Will Pay $25M To Settle Fraud Claims',' target='_blank'',''; 'NAS President Marcia McNutt to Receive 2017 DRI Nevada Medal','',''; 'Update - Freeware - Zback v2.85.0 c','',''; 'Francona to miss Winter Meetings after hip surgery','',''; 'Bank, Payment Processing Subsidiary Settle RICO Class Suit For $37.5M',' target='_blank'',''; 'True Prevalence of Food Allergies Unknown Due to Misinterpretation of Symptoms and Lack of Simple Diagnostic Tests; New Report Outlines Steps to Address Public Health Concerns of Food Allergy Safety','',''; 'Association's Firm Announces $1.7M Settlement For Construction Defects',' target='_blank'',''; 'Update - Trial - TimeBoss v3.19','',''; 'Jay excited to mentor Almora, join Cubs','',''; 'Wells Fargo To Settle TILA Class Suit For $880,000',' target='_blank'',''; 'Pharmaceutical Companies Will Pay $200,000 To Settle Junk Fax Class Suit',' target='_blank'',''; 'New York Federal Judge Recommends Settlement Of Flushable Wipes Suits',' target='_blank'',''; 'Update - Trial - CD Label Designer v7.0','',''; 'Pirates respond to Kang's DUI charge','',''; 'Hamels named Rangers' pitcher of the year','',''; 'Texas Federal Judge Withholds Ruling On Proposed $8.8 Million ERISA Class Action Settlement',' target='_blank'',''; 'Update - Trial - FontCreator v10.1','',''; 'Illinois Federal Judge Trims Claims In Protein Supplement Labeling Suit',' target='_blank'',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'Update - Trial - Active KillDisk v10.1.1','',''; 'Consumers Defend Standing To Sue GM, Toyota For Privacy Violations In 9th Circuit',' target='_blank'',''; 'Update - Trial - Folder Lock v7.6.4','',''; 'Pipeline Inbox: What would it take to land Sale?','',''; 'Ashley Madison Members Oppose Dismissal Of Data Breach Class Action',' target='_blank'',''; 'Less is more: Shorter DL stays could bring big changes','',''; 'California Federal Judge Dismisses Class Action Over Walt Disney Co. Plan's Fund Investment Option',' target='_blank'',''; 'Cardinals part with Garcia, land 3 Braves prospects','',''; 'Investors' Securities Act Claims Time-Barred, Federal Judge Rules',' target='_blank'',''; 'Nats' pursuit of McCutchen intensifies','',''; 'Kimberly-Clark Wants Surgical Gown Class Stayed Pending 9th Circuit Petition',' target='_blank'',''; 'Viacom Seeks Judgment On Remanded Intrusion Claim Over Nickelodeon Websites',' target='_blank'',''; 'Excited Walker looking forward to pain-free 2017','',''; 'Summary Judgment For Purina Is Granted In Alleged Toxic Pet Food Case',' target='_blank'',''; 'Injured Pipeline Protestors Sue County, City Police Over Clash At Bridge',' target='_blank'',''; 'Marlins officially introduce veteran Volquez','',''; 'Edward D. Jones Plan Participants File ERISA Class Action Complaint',' target='_blank'',''; 'Source: Mariners, Rzepczynski near deal','',''; 'Class Complaint Alleges Phone Maker, Software Firm Shared Personal Information',' target='_blank'',''; 'Lobaton, Nationals reach deal for 2017','',''; 'Dodgers avoid arbitration with Van Slyke, Hatcher','',''; 'Wells Fargo And Co. 401(k) Class Action Filed Over Proprietary Target Date Funds',' target='_blank'',''; 'Fraud, EFTA Violations, Unfair Competition, Other Complaints Hit Courts',' target='_blank'',''; 'Hall, Gonzo shave beards, but cancer fight continues','',''; 'Mets fielding calls on Bruce, Granderson','',''; 'Rave situation: Owners, players deliver','',''; 'Hall of Fame photo exhibit coming to Dodger Stadium','',''; 'Indians invite Martinez, Kratz to Spring Training','',''; 'Mariners outright switch-pitcher Venditte','',''; 'Treanor returns to Marlins as bullpen coach','',''; 'Twins name Rowson as hitting coach','',''; 'Agent: 'Nothing imminent' on Encarnacion','',''; 'V-Mart's intriguing bat drawing interest','',''; '7 players to watch at non-tender deadline','',''; 'Five teams have pieces to land McCutchen','',''; 'Big Papi wins eighth Outstanding DH Award','',''; 'Cespedes, Mets finalize $110M deal','',''; 'In-market deals? Chicago clubs address report','',''; 'Turner has strong case as 2016's best available free agent','',''; 'Astros reach deal with outfielder Aoki for '17','',''; 'Hoyer: Cubs not closing door on Fowler return','',''; 'Dipoto: Mariners looking for 'experienced starter'','',''; 'New book sheds light on life of prominent German admiral','',''; 'Closet & Storage Concepts / More Space Place® CEO Bob Lewis...','',''; 'Great Clips Honors Military and Veterans with Cut-A-Thon and Pearl...','',''; ' Expands Global Infrastructure with Singapore Data Center','',''; 'Holiday Home Giveaway Contest Now Accepting Entries','',''; 'Aspire Real Estate Development to Build Luxury Condos in Pompano Beach','',''; 'North Point – A New Property Development Revolutionising The Way People Live and Work','',''; 'Criminal Defense Attorney Recognized by NAFDD for DUI Defense','',''; 'CliniSanitas - Addressing The Needs of a Growing Diverse City','',''; 'SofterWare reports #GivingTuesday donations skyrocketed to 27% over...','',''; 'Greenberg Traurig Miami Attorneys Assist OKO Group with Financing of...','',''; 'Avitus Group Announces 20 Days of Giving Honoring Company’s 20th...','',''; 'You’ll Flip Over Mom Blog Tour’s Unique Recipes and Consumer...','',''; 'Groundbreaking Begins on New Residential Development in Mt. Lebanon,...','',''; 'Realtor Brad Hermes Educates Americans on Buying Property South of the...','',''; 'Linda May Rejoins the Exclusive Haute Residence Real Estate Network','',''; 'Susan and Bradley Mohr Rejoin the Exclusive Haute Living Real Estate...','',''; 'Haag-Streit launch a new range of wheelchair-accessible instrument tables','',''; 'Always Green Lawn Care, LLC in Buford, GA Brings Georgia Residents...','',''; 'Graves Thomas Injury Law Group Opens Port St. Lucie Office December 8th','',''; 'Improve Your Home’s Air Quality & Your Health in the New Year','',''; 'Meyer Wilson Attorneys Voted Once Again to the List of Super Lawyers® 2017','',''; 'Inventor and InventHelp Client Develops Improved Feminine-Hygiene...','',''; 'Health and Community Supports Can Lower Health Costs for Older...','',''; 'Owner of Charlotte Business, Teguar, Issues Community Outreach...','',''; 'Modjeski and Masters Wins NYSBA Contract','',''; 'NASA Spaceline Current Awareness List #726 2 December 2016 (Space Life Science Research Results)','',''; 'ERE Property Signs Agreement to Sponsor Kowloon Rugby Club','',''; 'ProMIS Neurosciences announces five novel Alzheimer’s disease...','',''; 'Russian Resupply Ship Experiences Anomaly; International Space Station Crew is Fine','',''; 'Ericsson use StaySafe to protect field service engineers working alone, out of hours and in areas of low signal.','',''; 'New wedding venue in Cornwall celebrates successful first few months','',''; 'New book rediscovers how to live expansive life at retirement','',''; 'Telax Rated Top in Customer Experience Management','',''; 'Unanet Supports the American Heart Association through a donation to...','',''; 'Book Seeks to Overcome Psychological Traumas','',''; 'What makes your voice yours? Researchers take steps to characterize and quantify voice quality','',''; 'Perks | Channel Hosts Webinar with SiriusDecisions’ Channel Marketing...','',''; 'Unanet Unveils New Software Enhancements to Support Project-Driven...','',''; 'High-precision magnetic field sensing','',''; 'The Network week in review & look ahead: Nov 28 - Dec 2','',''; 'Mapping the interaction of a single atom with a single photon may inform design of quantum devices','',''; '46 Labs LLC Enters Into Exclusive Wholesale Telecom Agreement With TSI','',''; 'When computers link directly to your brain','',''; 'Secured Signing in RDB ProNet a Clear Choice for Aeropeople's eSignature Needs','',''; 'Discovery of bismuth superconductivity at extremely low temperature jeopardizes theory','',''; 'Olivetti and Cisco Jasper Accelerate Business IoT Adoption in Italy','',''; 'A friend of a friend is... a dense network','',''; '3D printing now rolling out artificial reefs','',''; 'Quantum friction—beyond the local equilibrium approximation','',''; 'Researchers take first look into the 'eye' of majoranas','',''; 'Physicists' work may help change future of transistors','',''; 'OPEC deal: Producers agree to oil production cut, first since 2008','',''; 'LIGO back online, ready for more discoveries','',''; 'Saudi Arabia becomes net fuel oil importer for 3rd time: JODI data','',''; 'Image: Optical stabilising reference cavity','',''; 'Qatar’s Mejda Group set to back $220m Tunisia tourism project','',''; 'Researchers demonstrate 'ghost imaging' with atoms','',''; 'Poll: Mideast funds more bullish on equities but cautious on Saudi, Egypt','',''; 'New ultra-high density optical storage technology','',''; 'Saudi’s ACWA expected to offer sizeable spread on $1bn project-linked bond','',''; 'Periodic table expands with elements named after Japan, Moscow, Tennessee','',''; 'Egypt central bank lets banks allocate more dollars to clients: bankers','',''; ''Tennessine': Element 117 officially named','',''; 'Cold plasma freshens up French fries','',''; 'UAE’s Gulf Capital may sell some investments late next year','',''; '2016 OPEC deal: How we got here','',''; 'Fusion energy—a time of transition and potential','',''; 'UAE National Day: Celebrating the top 7 milestones','',''; 'Combining silicon with an optically active material enables tiny lasers for industry','',''; 'Saudi signals compromise for Iran as OPEC debates output cut','',''; 'Synchronized swimming: How startled fish shoals effectively evade danger','',''; 'Engineering researchers develop a process that could make big data and cloud storage more energy efficient','',''; 'Cat tongues are even 'handier' than you imagined','',''; 'New neutron spectrometer design being tested for manned spaceflight','',''; 'Quantum obstacle course changes material from superconductor to insulator','',''; 'The Electric Blue Polar Cloud Season Came Early This Year','',''; 'Americans Don't Trust Scientists' Take On Food Issues ','',''; 'Americans Don't Trust Scientists' Take On Food Issues ','',''; 'Hot-Dog Tiaras And Other '70s Dinner Party' Delicacies','',''; 'Bull of the Day: Las Vegas Sands (LVS)','',''; ''Bloomberg' Reporter Enlists Experts To Become An Instagram Influencer','',''; 'UNESCO Deems Belgium's Beer Culture A Treasure Of Humanity','',''; 'Emergency Evacuation Notice Arrived After The Flames For Some In Tennessee','',''; 'Bull of the Day: JBT Corporation (JBT) ','',''; 'For Advertisers, Fake News Is Not The Biggest Problem','',''; 'Tornado Outbreaks Are On The Rise, And Scientists Don't Know Why','',''; 'Bull of the Day: NVIDIA (NVDA)','',''; 'Journalist On Trump's Potential Conflicts Of Interest: 'They're Everywhere'','',''; 'In California, Squid Is Big Business. But Good Luck Eating Local Calamari','',''; 'Climate Scientists Struggle To Identify Cause Of Bigger Tornado Clusters','',''; 'Poles Return To A Taste Of Their Communist Past: Cheap Milk Bars','',''; 'For Aleppo Residents Under Siege, A Risky Journey To Relative Safety','',''; 'Princess Cruises Hit With Largest-Ever Criminal Penalty For 'Deliberate Pollution' ','',''; 'Are Food Allergies On The Rise? Experts Say They Don't Know','',''; 'In California, Squid Is Big Business. But Good Luck Eating Local Calamari','',''; 'Syrian Regime Makes Advances In Rebel-Held Area Of Aleppo','',''; 'Blocking Supplies To Pipeline Protesters Would Be 'Huge Mistake,' N.D. Governor Says','',''; 'Returning To Damascus, A City Changed By War','',''; 'Time to Buy or Sell Defense Stocks?','',''; 'This Week In Race: Dog Whistles, Dreamers And Dead Dictators','',''; 'PHOTOS: Mass Exodus From Aleppo's Rebel Stronghold As Regime Forces Close In ','',''; 'Antarctic Beetle Species Discovery Doubles As Birthday Gift To Scientists' Mentor','',''; 'ISIS Drove Them From School. Now The Kids Of Mosul Want To Go Back','',''; 'Deforestation Of The Amazon Up 29 Percent From Last Year, Study Finds','',''; 'Zap! Magnet Study Offers Fresh Insights Into How Memory Works','',''; 'Wildfires Still Burn In Tennessee As Death Toll Rises To At Least 7','',''; 'Prosecutors Agree To Drop Assault Charges Against Former Cleveland QB Johnny Manziel','',''; 'Lab-Grown Diamonds Come Into Their Own','',''; 'ExxonMobil Vs. The World','',''; 'Hundreds Report Sexual Abuse In United Kingdom Youth Soccer Programs','',''; 'North Korean Volcano Provides Rare Chance For Scientific Collaboration','',''; 'College Football Fans Soon Find Out Which Teams Made The Playoffs','',''; 'Antarctic Beetle Species Discovery Doubles As Birthday Gift To Scientists' Mentor','',''; 'New York Yankees Great Derek Jeter Finds Golf 'Frustrating'','',''; 'Are Food Allergies On The Rise? Experts Say They Don't Know','',''; 'No, Fidel Castro Wasn't Nearly A New York Yankee','',''; 'Glowing Human Cells May Shed Light On Sickness And Health','',''; 'What Food Stamps And Drunk Driving Stats Have To Do With Each Other','',''; 'Chief Economist and Division of Economic and Risk Analysis Director Mark Flannery to Leave SEC ','',''; 'United Settles Charges in Case of Flight Route to Benefit Public Official','',''; 'PIMCO Settles Charges of Misleading Investors About ETF Performance','',''; 'SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies to Hold Conference Call Meeting on December 7','',''; 'SEC Charges Asset Management Fund and Manager ','',''; 'Rams legend’s Jeff Fisher hate falls on deaf ears','',''; 'Boxing title contender still has his day job pouring concrete','',''; 'Tiger Woods plays and fist-pumps like he never left','',''; 'Bruce A. Cole, Esq.','',''; 'Jon Jones: Why I got ‘blacked out’ before fights','',''; 'Marc Winters','',''; 'Inside Johnny Manziel’s deal to escape domestic violence charge','',''; 'Big names out as CBS Radio News makes cuts','',''; 'United Continental Holdings, Inc.','',''; 'Ryan Lochte turns down plea deal for lying about Rio ‘robbery’','',''; 'Unemployment rate drops to 9-year low','',''; 'Daniel P. McKelvey','',''; 'New Viacom CEO interested in acquiring a piece of Vice','',''; 'Draymond Green needs the hate to survive','',''; 'Harvey Westbury Corp., InterCore, Inc. and Kalex Corp.','',''; 'The rookie shame that Kristaps Porzingis hasn’t forgotten','',''; 'Fitbit closes in on acquiring smartwatch maker Pebble','',''; 'Thomas A. Flowers','',''; 'Pirates phenom’s pathetic attempts to get out of DUI in Korea','',''; 'Apollo gets in bed with FXI to bid on foam-mattress maker','',''; 'Howard Richards; James Goodland and Securus Wealth Management, LLC','',''; 'Rafael Antonio Calleja, Jr.','',''; 'Kellogg under fire for pulling ads from Breitbart','',''; 'Can Brock Osweiler be saved? It depends whom you ask','',''; 'Pacific Investment Management Company LLC','',''; 'Onix Capital LLC and Alberto Chang-Rajii, et al.','',''; 'Carrier gets $7M in tax breaks to stay in the US','',''; 'Harrison Katzen','',''; 'GMB Capital Management LLC (Currently Known as "Clearstream Investments LLC"), et al.','',''; 'Howard Schultz stepping down as Starbucks CEO','',''; 'Mars Acquisitions, Inc. and SoftNet Technology Corp.','',''; 'Blackbird Capital Partners, LLC, et al.','',''; 'Ron Burkle finally acquires Morgans Hotel Group','',''; ' 2 rare Canada lynx shot dead in Maine; feds investigating ','',''; ' Media outlets release tax arrangements made by top players ','',''; ' Police: Marksman killed gunman after child ran to porch ','',''; ' 2nd California fugitive inmate arrested after standoff ','',''; ' Psychiatric hospital worker charged with molesting patients ','',''; ' Russian cargo ship runs aground in high winds near Istanbul ','',''; ' The Latest: 2nd California fugitive inmate recaptured ','',''; ' During first look at wildfire rubble, residents in a daze ','',''; ' HKO-WHL-Scoring-Ldrs ','',''; ' 6 people secured after failed armed robbery in Paris ','',''; ' Libya's Tripoli sees worst militias clashes in 2 years ','',''; ' Ho ho? Oh, no! It's too warm for Boston holiday wonderland ','',''; ' The Latest: Renovation of Lee's Gettysburg HQ is unveiled ','',''; ' The Latest: In wildfires, son says parents 'died happy' ','',''; ' Panel urges better cybersecurity to President-elect Trump ','',''; ' Number of visitors to Hawaii grows 4.3 percent in October ','',''; 'Q&A: Sonia Braga plays the role of her life at 66','',''; ' Another Zika zone cleared as Art Basel opens in Miami ','',''; ' The "Two Trumps" surface in president-elect's transition ','',''; ' HKO-WHL-Standings ','',''; ' Clarification: Romania-National Day story ','',''; ' The Latest: Syrian army clears town near capital of rebels ','',''; ' Attorneys: Suspect in road-rage shooting agrees to plea deal ','',''; ' Attempted murder charge against mom in fecal injection case ','',''; ' Robert E. Lee's Gettysburg headquarters gets $6M facelift ','',''; ' Macaw poses in man's mug shot after unlucky court appearance ','',''; ' FCC: AT&T, Verizon shouldn't exempt own apps from data caps ','',''; 'Don Calfa, prolific film and television actor, dead at 76','',''; ' Supreme Court takes up hospital pension dispute ','',''; ' Home design brand West Elm plans hotels in 5 cities ','',''; ' Man charged with burglary after being stuck in pizzeria vent ','',''; ' Hints of Confederacy fall with UNLV newspaper name change ','',''; 'Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher welcome second child','',''; ' Cyprus president: No bad peace deal will be put to a vote ','',''; ' Senate GOP shies from fight over Medicare ','',''; ' Trump, backers ask courts to halt or block 3 state recounts ','',''; ' Iranian-American art dealer, wife detained in Iran ','',''; ' 1st US offshore wind farm to begin production within days ','',''; ' Centuries-old gravestones found, returned to cemetery ','',''; ' EPA to require mines to offer cleanup assurances ','',''; ' Political donor pleads guilty to investment fraud scheme ','',''; 'Review: 'Man Down' waits too long to deliver worthy message','',''; ' Retiring worker sends exit survey complaints to 2K employees ','',''; ' Chains and branded skin: California kidnap case baffles cops ','',''; ' Iraqi troops bring to 23 districts retaken in Mosul ','',''; ' Q&A: Candidates, issues in Austria presidential election ','',''; ' Lawsuit: US border agency searches occur in all of Michigan ','',''; ' How a Trump administration could shape the internet ','',''; ' More people sickened by community Thanksgiving meal surface ','',''; ' Woman pulled alive from collapsed building in South Dakota ','',''; ' Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in Illinois. ','',''; ' Fugitive sentenced in Iowa to federal prison ','',''; ' Kerry: US, Russia studying new ideas to stop Syria fighting ','',''; ' Canadian judge facing removal over rape comments ','',''; ' Calls for ceasefire, massive displacement in Syria's Aleppo ','',''; ' New York-made beer to be sold in China starting next year ','',''; ''La La Land' leads Critics Choice Awards with 12 nominations','',''; ' German Parliament chief to OK probe of WikiLeaks documents ','',''; ' Air pollution becomes Israel-Palestinian wedge issue ','',''; ' Trump speaks with Taiwan's president, risking China tensions ','',''; ' Officials: Baltimore officer indicted for excessive force ','',''; ' Road Scholar director found home in Alaska landscapes ','',''; ' Bremerton ban accused of attempted child rape after sting ','',''; ' Part-time school administrator in New Jersey paid $850 a day ','',''; ' Empowered Shiite militias poised to dominate key Iraq town ','',''; ''La La Land' named best film by New York film critics','',''; ' Alaska town's new Inupiat name challenged in court ','',''; ' Denmark files charges against Uber over 'illegal' business ','',''; ' Ask a Designer: designing a functional yet stylish mudroom ','',''; ' Key House chairman: GOP will change Medicare, to 'save' it ','',''; ' Woman faces murder charges after body found in driveway ','',''; ' Radical Pirate Party to seek to form government in Iceland ','',''; ' A year after attack in San Bernardino, faithful seek unity ','',''; ' Dam! Eager beaver knocks over store's Christmas decorations ','',''; ' 2 employees, 1 shopper killed when truck hit Wal-Mart store ','',''; 'China's iQIYI and Sony to produce online series in Mandarin','',''; ' Russia warns of planned cyber attacks on its banks ','',''; ' Colombia repatriates dead as airline's licensing questioned ','',''; ' 3 more Hanford workers get checked after smelling vapors ','',''; ' For one Egyptian with HIV, the stigma is too much to bear ','',''; ' French candidate: Trump's win frees voters from 'diktats' ','',''; ' Egypt raises tariffs up to 60 percent for imported goods ','',''; ' Homeowner's sign to prostitutes: 'Do not walk by this house' ','',''; ' The Latest: At least 17 sickened from Thanksgiving meal ','',''; 'Sundance unveils diverse slate of competition films','',''; ' Streaming sports gets easier as NFL comes to CBS All Access ','',''; ' Lawyers: Shooting suspect too immature for death penalty ','',''; ' UK foreign secretary underscores commitment to NATO ','',''; ' GOP chairman who targeted Clinton in no rush on Trump ','',''; ''Moana' a Disney hit but portrayal irks some in the Pacific','',''; ' Casino opening marks start of NY's bet on upstate gambling ','',''; ' School district temporarily pulls classics after complaint ','',''; ' Israeli media: Police question Netanyahu's wife on spending ','',''; ' Tanning company fined for storing dangerous waste ','',''; ' A Cabinet of generals? Trump's choices get mixed reviews ','',''; ' How DirecTV Now compares to other online TV services ','',''; ' For environmental dogs, sniffing out doody is their duty ','',''; ' Researchers: Flint water improving, but stick with filters ','',''; ' Rights groups call for emergency UN session on Syria ','',''; ' Death threats and abuse for woman leading Brexit court fight ','',''; ' Job deals like Carrier's often fall short of political hype ','',''; ' Championship Weekend Preview: Playoff what ifs? ','',''; ' Olympic hero Michael Phelps looks to dip his toes in tech ','',''; ' New York man caught speeding had license suspended 46 times ','',''; ' Turkey and Russia search for Syria cease-fire formula ','',''; ' Stolen Nazi concentration camp gate believed found in Norway ','',''; ' Seattle to open 3 new sites to house homeless ','',''; ' Self-driving truck hits the road for debut on Ohio Turnpike ','',''; ' New York City woman finds lost wedding ring in trash dump ','',''; ' The Latest: Red Cross sheltering 20,000 displaced in Aleppo ','',''; ' The Latest: Slager defense attorneys ask for mistrial ','',''; ' Sequim votes to prohibit discharge of fireworks ','',''; ' Police make 5 arrests in 'unprecedented' cybercrime takedown ','',''; ' Japan's foreign minister, Putin meet ahead of Tokyo visit ','',''; ' 53-pound snapping turtle saved from pipe ','',''; ' Iraq hopes OPEC deal will help cover its massive war costs ','',''; ' Appeals court halts execution for dad who killed daughters ','',''; ' Thursday's Scores ','',''; ' Nation's largest solar installer to open Florida facility ','',''; ' Francois Hollande: A leader perhaps too 'normal' for France? ','',''; ' Blame wages and turtle doves: '12 Days' now costs $34,363 ','',''; ' Online news site blocked in 2022 World Cup host Qatar ','',''; ' Court settlement filed over West Virginia mine pollution ','',''; ' Menzies has 23 points as Seattle battles back for 82-65 win ','',''; ' Freezing weather blamed for deaths, road delays in Poland ','',''; ' Europol announces 5 arrests in 'unprecedented' operation against 'Avalanche' cybercrime group ','',''; ' UN: World population grows, young girls struggle ','',''; ' Judge says Dallas police and fire pension vote can happen ','',''; ' Friendly otter jumps onto kayak, joins birthday celebration ','',''; ' Familiar faces with Seahawks set to host Panthers ','',''; ' Iran welcomes OPEC production-cut decision ','',''; ' Man credited with inventing General Tso's chicken dies at 98 ','',''; ' Campus critters are nuts for Penn State's 'Squirrel Girl' ','',''; ' Ukraine's leader urges EU to extend sanctions against Russia ','',''; ' Twitter accounts of Indian opposition party hacked ','',''; ' No. 8 Gonzaga breezes past Mississippi Valley State 97-63 ','',''; ' UN: Laws of war systematically disregarded in Syria ','',''; ' 305 claims approved for Pulse nightclub victims' fund ','',''; ' Tallow tensions: Vegans want 'fat-free' UK 5-pound bank note ','',''; ' Spain raises taxes to try to meet EU deficit target ','',''; ' Plum, Osahor lead No. 13 Washington women past Grand Canyon ','',''; ' Palestinian leader seeks Trump support for independence ','',''; ' German court rejects bias claims in Auschwitz medic trial ','',''; ' Records: Judge pulled off case after series of mistakes ','',''; ' Police: Thief stole 86 lb. bucket of gold flakes worth $1.6M ','',''; ' The Latest: Russia sends sappers to clear east Aleppo mines ','',''; ' US casts watchful eye on Cuban crossings after Castro death ','',''; ' Police seek pair who stole dump truck, dragged away an ATM ','',''; ' Syrians fleeing government advances in Aleppo shelled ','',''; ' Duke names Univ. of Pennsylvania provost as next president ','',''; ' Syria's Aleppo loses clown who warmed war-torn hearts ','',''; ' Tiger cubs raise cuteness quotient at Milwaukee County Zoo ','',''; ' Iraq's special forces control 19 Mosul neighborhoods ','',''; ' Police: Slain teen had BB gun in waistband, nothing in hands ','',''; ' Syrian activists: At least 21 people have been killed in an barrage on a housing area for those displaced in east Aleppo ','',''; ' California treasurer asks Trump for guidance on pot, banking ','',''; ' Syria: Israeli jets strike outside Damascus, no casualties ','',''; ' Co-conspirator gets 20 years in Indianapolis house explosion ','',''; ' Saudi billionaire prince: Women should be allowed to drive ','',''; ' Syria: Israeli warplanes fired 2 missiles from Lebanese airspace that struck near capital, no casualties ','',''; ' No chicken, no cafes: Egyptians scrimp as prices leap ','',''; ' Law enforcement gathers for Colorado state trooper funeral ','',''; ' The Latest: Man had crowbar when shot by officer in church ','',''; ' San Bernardino recalls terror attack with silence, speakers ','',''; 'Miami Hurricanes football: Who is team's 2016 Most Valuable Person? 5 players, 2 coaches make our ballot. You pick top 3. Poll. Vote now!; plus Dolphins-Ravens and other NFL Week 13 picks, your Cooperstown verdict & more','',''; 'Sens' Anderson on leave as wife battles cancer','',''; 'Vegas owner defends Golden Knights nickname','',''; 'Union to reject CBA extension for Olympics deal','',''; 'Agent: Tiger to mull scheduling options for '17','',''; 'Devils' Hall back vs. Blackhawks; Toews still out','',''; 'Stone leads Schwartzel by 1 at Alfred Dunhill','',''; 'Sources: Texas won't accept bowl bid if eligible','',''; 'Dodt leads, Scott in the hunt at Australian PGA','',''; 'Sources: Kiffin, Miles candidates for Houston job','',''; 'Judge tentatively rules for ex-SDSU coach Burns','',''; 'No. 29 prospect Browning commits to Ohio St.','',''; 'Japanese teen Hataoka, Reid top LPGA Q-school','',''; 'Oil Rallies To Best Week In Years After OPEC Output Deal','',''; 'Private Equity Funds, Former Oil Execs Eye Southeast Asia Energy Assets','',''; 'U.S. luger Tucker West wins 2nd career World Cup','',''; 'Noah to remain France's Davis Cup captain','',''; 'Judge adds $5M to Penn State defamation verdict','',''; 'Playoff tracker: Final push begins Friday night','',''; 'LPGA adds 4 new events and record prize money','',''; 'Eichel's return to action just the beginning','',''; 'Survey: CEOs See Competitive Advantage in Technology, Not People','',''; 'Gazprom In Talks With Japanese Banks About Raising $850M','',''; 'L.A. 2024 budget: $5.3 billion, no new stadiums','',''; 'Bizarre day leads to unexpected new direction for Indiana','',''; '34 Spaniards detained in match-fixing inquiry','',''; 'Jobs Report: US Mining Employment Unchanged in Nov. ','',''; 'Rumblings: Toronto Maple Leafs looking to move James van Riemsdyk?','',''; 'IOC: No go on Tokyo's $20B budget for '20 Games','',''; 'Jeter: Golf most frustrating sport I've played','',''; 'Subsea 7 Secures Services Contract with Woodside Energy','',''; 'Top-15 players Kvitova, Pliskova swap coaches','',''; 'Virginia Tech has perfected the art of the smooth coach transition','',''; 'Eni: Oil Worker Dies Following Congo Platform Fire','',''; 'Rumblings: Dallas Stars looking to deal from D depth?','',''; 'Samsung Heavy Says $776.8M Order For LNG Facility Cancelled','',''; 'U.S. Ryder Cup stars' plea: 'Make Tiger Great Again'','',''; 'Germans win luge doubles; U.S. ends drought','',''; 'Decommission Spending May Skyrocket 540% to $210 Billion','',''; 'Raonic ends partnership with assistant coach','',''; 'Group 'concerned' over lack of minority hires','',''; 'Projected standings if teams got three points for a win','',''; 'CLNR 'Significantly' Increases Resources at License P2252 ','',''; 'Monster banking on more Tiger wins','',''; '3 stars for November: Pekka Rinne, Nikita Kucherov, Connor McDavid','',''; 'Source: Navy win could 'paralyze' bowl system','',''; 'Azerbaijan's $35B Oil Fund Pledges To Improve Transparency','',''; 'Konta splits from coach after career-best year','',''; 'Jansrud, Svindal finish 1-2 in World Cup super-G','',''; 'Rolls-Royce To Cut Another 800 Jobs At Marine Unit','',''; 'November rookie of the month: Columbus Blue Jackets' Zach Werenski','',''; 'Analysts: OPEC Deal will see Brent Hit $72','',''; 'Everything you need to know about conference championship games','',''; 'IAAF, Adidas ending partnership 3 years early','',''; 'Why No. 898 Tiger Woods is about to surge in rankings','',''; 'Centrica Sells Trinidad And Tobago Gas Assets To Shell','',''; 'Oil Soars, Brent Hits 16-Month High After OPEC Output Deal','',''; 'A final weekend filled with coaching rumors and CFP anxiety','',''; 'Cost-cutting dominates debriefing for Tokyo','',''; 'Cooper Energy CFO Steps Down','',''; 'Forecaster: Matchups, projections for Dec. 5-11','',''; 'How Argentina finally broke its Davis Cup drought','',''; 'BLOG: OPEC Struck A Deal - Now Comes the Hard Part ','',''; 'Central Michigan 'what-ifs' haunting Oklahoma State's playoff chances','',''; 'Aibel Secures Troll C FEED Contract','',''; 'Luring Talent Back to Oil Patch Will Test Industry in 2017','',''; 'Aker BP Awards 5-Year Services Contract to DNV GL','',''; 'Wiggins back for 2017, undecided on retirement','',''; 'BP Greenlights $9B Mad Dog Platform Design','',''; 'Hungary's swim head resigning ahead of worlds','',''; 'Ex-Oil Workers Look to Grow Aberdeen Brewery, Employ More Ex-Energy Staff ','',''; 'Kyrgios can win over Aussie public - Hewitt','',''; 'Top players set for Sydney International','',''; 'Net Oil Importer Indonesia Leaves Producer Club OPEC, Again','',''; 'Turkish weightlifter Ozkan loses doping appeal','',''; 'OPEC Crude Cut Could Push Oil to $75 Per Barrel in 2017','',''; 'Oil Soars off OPEC Agreement to Cut Production','',''; 'IRS, G Suite, Prisma, More: Friday Buzz, December 2, 2016','',''; 'Last Call: Look Back at 2016, Explore 2017 Possibilities','',''; 'Paris Review, New York City Traffic, December Holidays, More: Thursday Afternoon Buzz, November 30, 2016','',''; 'OPEC to Cut Crude Production by 1 MMbpd in January','',''; 'Epidemic Tracking, Quartz, Facebook Messenger, More: Thursday Buzz, November 30, 2016','',''; 'DPLA, Google Earth, Internet Archive, More: Wednesday Buzz, November 30, 2016','',''; 'Saudis Say To Take Big Hit On Oil Output For OPEC Deal, Iran Can Freeze','',''; 'Centrica: Oda Field to see $634M Investment, Will Create 5,500 Jobs','',''; 'Australia Takes Aim At Oil And Gas Industry In Tax Review','',''; 'php[architect]: December 2016 Issue Released - Scrutinizing Your Tests','',''; 'AT&T and Verizon Facing FCC Scrutiny After Exempting Their Own Apps From Data Caps','',''; 'httpstat - A Curl Statistics Tool to Check Website Performance','',''; 'Genevieve Bell: ‘Humanity’s greatest fear is about being irrelevant’','',''; ' Building Your Startup: Issue Tracking and Feature Planning','',''; 'Redshift functionality on Fedora 25 (GNOME + Wayland). Yes, it's possible!','',''; 'Apple Seeds Fifth Beta of iOS 10.2 to Developers and Public Beta Testers','',''; 'Apple Says iPhone 6s Shutdowns Result of Manufacturing Issue Causing Batteries to Degrade Faster','',''; 'GoAccess (A Real-Time Apache and Nginx) Web Server Log Analyzer','',''; 'MyBuilder Tech Blog: Managing Background Processes within Symfony','',''; '99 Percent of Fake Apple Chargers Sold Online Fail Safety Tests','',''; 'Mozilla Reports 2015 Revenue of $421.3M','',''; 'Laravel News: Review of Test-Driven Laravel','',''; 'Apple Retail Stores Sporting Red Logos for World AIDS Day','',''; ' PHP 7.1.0 Released','',''; 'How to install and configure web2py on CentOS 7','',''; 'Apple Now Lets You Check Your iPhone 6s Serial Number to See if You're Eligible for a New Battery','',''; 'Twits du Jour (December 1)','',''; 'Site News: Popular Posts for This Week (12.02.2016)','',''; 'First open source RISC-V chips arrive in Arduino board','',''; ' Object-Oriented Autoloading in WordPress, Part 3','',''; 'Apple Updates Boot Camp Drivers to Fix Major Issue Causing Blown Speakers on New MacBook Pros','',''; 'Docker Deals with Canonical, Debuts Public Beta on AWS','',''; 'Blood Draw','',''; 'Laravel News: 24 Pull Requests','',''; 'Apple Plans to Use Data-Collecting Drones in Order to 'Catch Up' With Google Maps','',''; 'Amazon Delivers Cloud Superpowers','',''; 'Derick Rethans: Not Finding the Symbols','',''; 'Apple Pay Launches in Spain for American Express and Banco de Santander Customers','',''; 'Does Linux community trust Microsoft?','',''; 'Site News: Blast from the Past - One Year Ago in PHP (12.01.2016)','',''; 'Fitbit Reportedly Close to Acquiring Pebble','',''; 'Apple Working to Put a Stop to iCloud Calendar Spam','',''; 'Apple Seeds Fourth Beta of tvOS 10.1 to Developers','',''; 'Tim Cook Says He Expects AirPods to Ship Over 'Next Few Weeks' in Email to Customer','',''; 'AirPort Routers Ranked Highest in Customer Satisfaction as Apple Halts Further Development','',''; 'Apple to Donate Up to $1 Million to (RED), Outs New (PRODUCT)RED Gear in Honor of World AIDS Day','',''; 'Cycling in the light','',''; ' The New Old Age: Older Adults Are Still Skipping Vaccinations','',''; 'Ties: Loving My Son, After His Death','',''; '2017 security predictions','',''; 'Well: Can You Regain Muscle Mass After Age 60?','',''; 'Firefox zero-day: Mozilla races to patch bug used to attack Tor browser users','',''; '900,000 Deutsche Telekom Routers Disabled by Massive Cyber Attack ','',''; 'Phys Ed: Should a Simple Fitness Check Be Part of Your Checkup?','',''; 'Faith's Checkbook by C.H. Spurgeon','',''; 'Doctors: A Place to Be Heard','',''; 'Sunlight May Reduce Risk of Nearsightedness','',''; 'Gentoo: 201612-02 DavFS2: Local privilege escalation ','',''; 'Gentoo: 201612-01 GnuPG: RNG output is predictable ','',''; 'Fedora 23 mujs-0-6.20161031gita0ceaf5.fc23','',''; 'Iraq: Death toll climbs as warfare slows battle for Mosul ','',''; 'Fedora 23 zathura-pdf-mupdf-0.3.0-3.fc23','',''; 'Johnson & Johnson Must Pay 6 Implant Patients $1 Billion','',''; 'ISIS' toxic legacy: Iraqis battle the blazing oil wells suffocating residents','',''; 'Fedora 23 moin-1.9.9-1.fc23','',''; 'U.N. Apologizes for Role in Haiti’s 2010 Cholera Outbreak','',''; 'ISIS' aftermath leaves Iraqi town ablaze','',''; 'Red Hat: 2016:2843-01: firefox: Critical Advisory','',''; 'Public Health: A Trump Pick, and Why Indiana’s Strict Medicaid Rules Could Spread','',''; 'The reality behind Russia's fake news','',''; 'Obama to sign Iran sanctions bill ','',''; 'Opinion: First Brexit, then Trump, now Italy?','',''; 'U.S. Will Ban Smoking in Public Housing Nationwide','',''; 'Syrian man jailed over Hungary border riot ','',''; 'What Fidel Castro funeral RSVPs say about the world','',''; 'Stolen concentration camp gate may have been found ','',''; 'Tom Price, H.H.S. Nominee, Drafted Remake of Health Law','',''; 'North Korea slams 'Obama and his lackeys' ','',''; 'Austrian presidential election: Who is Norbert Hofer?','',''; 'Indonesia: 200,000 protest Christian governor of Jakarta','',''; 'Chinese man exonerated 21 years after execution','',''; 'HIV: Why young African women are most at risk','',''; 'Anthony Bourdain: 'We gave it everything we had'','',''; 'Ethiopia gets its first skate park','',''; 'AIDS is still new threat to younger generation','',''; 'The case for US-Cuba engagement ','',''; 'Ohio State attack 'has its roots' in U.S.','',''; 'The firms cashing in on India's rupee crisis','',''; 'Italy's referendum: A nightmare scenario','',''; 'Chinese manufacturers setting up shop in U.S.','',''; 'How to configure an AOL e-mail account in Outlook Express','',''; 'Apple loses key health team executive','',''; 'US banks regulator seeks to oversee fintech groups','',''; 'German car industry predicts weak UK sales','',''; 'German car industry predicts weak UK sales','',''; 'Starbucks: Freshen the cup','',''; 'Week in Review, December 3','',''; 'Week in Review, December 3','',''; 'Politicising investment makes the world poorer','',''; 'Actelion’s Clozel aims to keep group’s independence','',''; 'New chief’s £3.6m punt on Mitie','',''; 'BHS administrators split over £35m owed to Green','',''; 'Apple loses key health team executive','',''; 'Nissan letter deemed too sensitive to make public','',''; 'Meitu set to be valued at $5.2bn after IPO','',''; 'China food rules dent Australia baby formula maker','',''; 'Actelion’s Clozel aims to keep group’s independence','',''; 'Centrica to trial green energy system in Cornwall','',''; 'FT Money Show podcast: A luxury Christmas for less','',''; 'Starbucks: Freshen the cup','',''; 'Apple and Samsung woes shake smartphone suppliers','',''; 'Week in Review, December 3','',''; 'Christmas comes too early for tree farmers','',''; 'Britain’s EU patent opt-in','',''; 'Airbnb agrees to enforce rental limits in Europe','',''; 'The far-from-secret shame of diverse DMGT','',''; 'Five properties with architectural follies','',''; 'BHS administrators split over £35m owed to Green','',''; 'Valeant’s talks to sell Salix unit break down','',''; 'US developer plans $2.2bn resort outside Madrid','',''; 'BP approves $9bn Mad Dog 2 Gulf project','',''; 'Berkeley hit by Brexit vote as reservations drop','',''; 'Archer Daniels Midland sells 19.9% GrainCorp stake','',''; 'Big Ben and Liberty Bell maker to close UK foundry','',''; 'Novo Nordisk shares rally on insulin trial results','',''; 'Citic-Carlyle team in lead for McDonald’s China','',''; 'Lure of London continues','',''; 'Week in Review, December 3','',''; 'Glencore to restart dividend payments','',''; 'Food groups embrace ‘shrinkflation’','',''; 'Centrica to trial green energy system in Cornwall','',''; 'Bolivia vows tough action over fatal air crash','',''; 'Fight against Alzheimer’s shows symptoms of failure','',''; 'Icy reception for Disney’s $1.4bn ‘Frozen’ HK reboot','',''; 'Howard Schultz steps aside as Starbucks’ chief','',''; 'An accord that spells the beginning of the end for Opec','',''; 'Real estate market outlook not as gloomy as feared','',''; 'Week in Review, December 3','',''; 'Small-cap focus: telecoms','',''; 'National Lottery operator hit by cyber attack','',''; 'Berkeley hit by Brexit vote as reservations drop','',''; 'Southern to argue strikes breach EU rights','',''; 'Gratitude is good for you in the festive season','',''; 'Dollar General: be cents-ible','',''; 'Glencore: end zone','',''; 'Airbnb agrees to enforce rental limits in Europe','',''; 'Actelion’s Clozel aims to keep group’s independence','',''; 'Apple supplier Laird to launch rights issue','',''; 'Accordia Golf: teed off','',''; 'Oil shipping: tanks, Opec','',''; 'Weak pound drives Europe’s online shoppers to UK','',''; 'British Gas power bills frozen','',''; 'German car industry predicts weak UK sales','',''; 'Week in Review, December 3','',''; 'Hot property destinations for the super wealthy','',''; 'Big Ben and Liberty Bell maker to close UK foundry','',''; 'Opec decision brings relief to US operators','',''; 'US developer plans $2.2bn resort outside Madrid','',''; 'Maersk Line to buy smaller rival Hamburg Süd','',''; 'Greene King warns of Brexit effect on consumer spend','',''; 'Blackstone plans to list part of rental homes arm','',''; 'Mobile data giveaways create conundrums','',''; 'Banking app targets budgeting millennials','',''; 'Petrobras anti-graft prosecutors threaten to quit','',''; 'Glencore to restart dividend payments','',''; 'Lufthansa pilots cool on effort to end strikes','',''; 'Japan golf course group Accordia to be sold for $760m','',''; 'Citic-Carlyle team in lead for McDonald’s China','',''; 'Zoopla brands OnTheMarket ‘a failed experiment’','',''; 'Nokia branded phones return to market next year','',''; 'US energy groups soar after Opec agreement','',''; 'Dyson’s Supersonic hairdryer: style over substance','',''; 'Victory brings dreams of upsets in Remain territory','',''; 'Spanish construction rebuilds after market collapse','',''; 'Australia to probe energy taxes after revenue drop','',''; 'Kaupthing looks to float domestic lending arm','',''; '12 ways to cut the cost of Christmas','',''; 'Foreign investment in UK shoots up in 2015','',''; 'Canada approves crude pipelines to boost capacity','',''; 'Italian banks: investor struggles','',''; 'Southern to argue strikes breach EU rights','',''; 'Icy reception for Disney’s $1.4bn ‘Frozen’ HK reboot','',''; 'Rio Tinto suspends shipments from Mongolia mine','',''; 'Trump team looks at non-nuclear sanctions on Iran','',''; 'Drax seeks to reinvent itself for a post-coal future','',''; 'High Court ruling deals blow to basement dig-downs','',''; 'Nestlé claims new process cuts sugar content by 40%','',''; 'Smurfit Kappa ticks the right box to join FTSE 100','',''; 'Singapore to ban ex-Goldman banker amid 1MDB probe','',''; 'An accord that spells the beginning of the end for Opec','',''; 'Trump team looks at non-nuclear sanctions on Iran','',''; 'Big Ben and Liberty Bell maker to close UK foundry','',''; 'GoPro shuts media unit and cuts workforce by 15%','',''; 'The power of Russia’s talks with Syrian rebels','',''; 'Britain’s EU patent opt-in','',''; 'China capital curbs sow doubt over renminbi aims','',''; 'Brussels cool on sanctions if Austria turns right','',''; 'Starbucks: Freshen the cup','',''; 'An accord that spells the beginning of the end for Opec','',''; 'Duran Duran loses court battle to reclaim some hits','',''; 'Coca-Cola and local bottler open Gaza plant','',''; 'Opec oil output cut brings relief to Saudi Arabia','',''; 'Spain’s Banco Popular ousts long-serving chairman','',''; 'Berkeley Group: window on value','',''; 'UK open to paying for single market access','',''; 'China clears executed man in landmark legal case','',''; 'Stripy pink London building wins Grade II* listing','',''; 'Wall Street hesitant after US jobs report','',''; 'US techs suffer as focus turns to Trump policies','',''; 'Wall Street hesitant after US jobs report','',''; 'Maersk Line to buy smaller rival Hamburg Süd','',''; 'Renminbi weakness adds to China capital outflows','',''; 'Angela Merkel: ‘Her life’s work is in danger’','',''; 'Oil shipping: tanks, Opec','',''; 'Syrian rebels in talks with Moscow to end fighting','',''; 'Dickerson met with Rams exec over Fisher spat','',''; 'French tech start-ups find their feet','',''; 'App for UK drone pilots will warn of air traffic','',''; 'Ford and GM rally on strong car sales for November','',''; 'Renminbi weakness adds to China capital outflows','',''; 'Saudi prince’s ambition forces Opec deal','',''; 'Meitu: snap appy','',''; 'China’s response to a shifting world order','',''; 'Coca-Cola and local bottler open Gaza plant','',''; 'Britain’s EU patent opt-in','',''; 'Cowboys' McClain indefinitely suspended by NFL','',''; 'Dollar General: be cents-ible','',''; 'Nestlé claims new process cuts sugar content by 40%','',''; 'German car industry predicts weak UK sales','',''; 'US energy groups soar after Opec agreement','',''; 'Weak pound drives Europe’s online shoppers to UK','',''; 'Italy’s referendum casts shadow over bad loans','',''; 'EasyJet dips on balance sheet strength concerns','',''; 'Thai crown prince takes throne to launch new era','',''; 'Tens of thousands flee deepening crisis in Aleppo','',''; 'Raiders CB Hayden (hamstring) heading to IR','',''; 'Starmer presses May to act first on expat rights','',''; 'China tightens curbs on gold and renminbi','',''; 'Bank reform talks fail to agree loan risk measures','',''; 'Pound surges after minister opens door to EU access','',''; 'Investor nerves build ahead of Italian poll','',''; 'Maersk/Hamburg Süd: ship shifting','',''; 'Pensions watchdog to review operations','',''; 'Week in Review, December 3','',''; 'Bills WR Watkins: Foot 'not necessarily' broken','',''; 'Austria’s challenge to the centrists','',''; 'S Korea to kill coin in push for ‘cashless society’','',''; 'China tightens curbs on gold and renminbi','',''; 'Lufthansa pilots cool on effort to end strikes','',''; 'DRW chief takes stand in CFTC fight','',''; 'Serco: less cheap, more cheerful','',''; 'Dixons leads gainers as Brexit fears overdone','',''; 'Revisiting Rob Gronkowski's injury history with the Patriots','',''; 'Brexit odyssey: potential potholes on road to deal','',''; 'Increase in HIV cases in China raises concerns','',''; 'Wall Street breaks from groupthink on Treasuries','',''; 'Glencore: end zone','',''; 'Linde / Praxair: equal result','',''; 'Scottish Mortgage just misses out on FTSE 100 spot','',''; 'November’s record-breaking month in markets','',''; 'Japan golf course group Accordia to be sold for $760m','',''; 'Just in case: Brett Hundley ready if Aaron Rodgers' hamstring acts up','',''; 'Trump spreads delight and dismay with Pakistan call','',''; 'Italian banks: investor struggles','',''; 'Novo Nordisk shares rally on insulin trial results','',''; 'Smurfit Kappa ticks the right box to join FTSE 100','',''; 'US techs suffer as focus turns to Trump policies','',''; 'Mobile data giveaways create conundrums','',''; 'China slaps extra tax on super-luxury cars','',''; 'Cam Newton, Russell Wilson no longer top dogs among rushing QBs','',''; 'Capita hits lowest level in more than a decade','',''; 'Online retailers target Polish hearts and wallets','',''; 'Mitsubishi UFJ: American dreams','',''; 'One simple move to slow the executive gravy train','',''; 'UN slaps new sanctions on North Korea','',''; 'Former Air France workers found guilty of assaults','',''; 'Trump and banks: Be careful what you wish for','',''; 'Italian bonds rally ahead of Sunday’s referendum','',''; 'Best books of 2016: Economics','',''; 'China clears executed man in landmark legal case','',''; 'Why the Chiefs have a good shot at grounding the high-flying Falcons','',''; 'Demonetisation casts shadow over India GDP','',''; 'Do the Opec production deal numbers add up?','',''; 'Copper: red faced','',''; 'Demonetisation casts shadow over India GDP','',''; 'China capital curbs sow doubt over renminbi aims','',''; 'China capital curbs sow doubt over renminbi aims','',''; 'Thanks to Vernon Davis, Redskins can adapt without Jordan Reed','',''; 'Indian troops killed in third militant raid this year','',''; 'Bank of England stress tests: ready for a squeeze','',''; 'Indian troops killed in third militant raid this year','',''; 'Renminbi weakness adds to China capital outflows','',''; 'Iron ore’s dollar ride wrongfoots markets','',''; 'China stock market unfazed by falling renminbi','',''; 'China’s problems stir memories of Mongols and Mao','',''; 'China’s response to a shifting world order','',''; 'Linde / Praxair: equal result','',''; 'China hit with buyer’s remorse over market reforms','',''; 'Renminbi weakness adds to China capital outflows','',''; 'China tightens gold import quotas','',''; 'Accordia Golf: teed off','',''; 'Australia to probe energy taxes after revenue drop','',''; 'China’s response to a shifting world order','',''; 'China hit with buyer’s remorse over market reforms','',''; 'Rookie QB Christian Hackenberg remains mystery man to Jets' coaches','',''; 'Regulator raises hopes of getting larger mortgages','',''; 'China emerges from fog of pollution denial','',''; 'China tightens curbs on gold and renminbi','',''; 'Why China is cracking down on outbound deals','',''; 'Derek Carr's fourth-quarter heroics the new normal for Raiders','',''; 'South Korean president fails to placate foes','',''; 'Increase in HIV cases in China raises concerns','',''; 'Jaws sees Eagles' Carson Wentz on a similar track as Derek Carr','',''; 'Corey Lewandowski: New York Times Editor 'Should Be In Jail' For Publishing Trump Tax Documents | The Huffington Post','',''; 'LeBron wears Cubs uniform to pay off bet (photos) (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'Pastels','',''; 'China slaps extra tax on super-luxury cars','',''; 'NFL schedule Week 13: Giants-Steelers highlight the week','',''; 'Trump’s Cabinet of Generals: David...','',''; 'Picking every Week 13 game in 60 seconds (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'China tightens gold import quotas','',''; 'Bucs' Hawley says Seahawks DL spit in his face','',''; 'Should the Media Take Trump Seriously,...','',''; 'Fantasy starts/sits: Come Hill or Hightower (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'How Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins picks the right pre-game outfit','',''; 'Chuck’s 'Add Water' Approach to Deciding...','',''; 'Latest on McKnight's death, shooter's release (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'It is time to take out the branding Iron folks, you now have four years to brand every Republican supporter with a racist mark in America','',''; 'Vikes' Bradford: Ref said I wasn't hit in face mask','',''; 'Miller sends note, wine to every AFC West player (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'Americans' Support for Electoral College Rises Sharply | Gallup','',''; 'Jags RB Ivory, WR Hurns ruled out vs. Broncos','',''; 'Two-Man Game: Warriors-Cavs Round 3? (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'See Kelly Clarkson's adorable pic with River Rose by White House Christmas tree ','',''; 'Green: Hamstring torn, but I'll return if cleared','',''; 'Who will win Pac-12 championship game? (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'Find out the top baby name trends for 2017','',''; 'After vexing rookie year, Melvin Gordon nears 1,000-yard mark','',''; 'City of Chapeco mourns its fallen soccer team (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'NFL players shocked and saddened by Joe McKnight tragedy','',''; 'Ex-officer: Mattis left 'my men to die' in...','',''; 'Manziel assault case dropped if ... (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'Dean drops out of running for DNC Chair','',''; 'A Hero's welcome: Tiger in hunt after a 65 (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'Love, Hate and supporting a great cause','',''; 'After 11-year-old boy's sudden death, mom warns about food allergies','',''; 'Why the NFL doesn't already have full-time officials and other FAQs','',''; 'Can a low-cal ice cream taste as good as the real deal? We put it to the test','',''; 'Larry Brilliant, Hippie Doctor','',''; 'Trump's Policy Proposals and Public Opinion | Gallup','',''; 'Inventor of General Tso's Chicken dies in Taipei at age 98','',''; 'Buying a Farewell Gift for Nachum Segal from Nov 30, 2016','',''; '12/02 - Fri. - WikiLeaks publishes docs on inquiry into German cooperation with NSA ','',''; 'Dean drops out of running for DNC Chair','',''; 'The Simple (If Painful) Way to Cut the Trade Deficit','',''; 'Fmr. US Attorney on 'long, emotional'...','',''; 'Trump Warns That Companies Shipping Jobs Overseas Will Be Slapped with Enormous Bribes - The New Yorker','',''; ' China's Vision for a Regional Trading Block Has its Own Challenges','',''; '95 million American workers not in US labor force','',''; 'Helmut Marko says F1's 'reigning establishment' is terrified of Max Verstappen','',''; 'All In 12/1/16','',''; 'A house divided: Rockefellers in family feud over #ExxonKnew ','',''; 'Ex-officer: Mattis left 'my men to die' in...','',''; 'A streetcar is desired in downtown LA','',''; 'Washington, Havana and a new era','',''; 'Journalists reevaluate covering a Trump presidency','',''; 'The recount: A noble pursuit or just a distraction?','',''; 'New Lincolnshire chief selected','',''; 'Man who attacked officer with axe sentenced to 15 years','',''; 'Latest roads policing digest published','',''; 'Unique road safety initiative wins national award','',''; 'Sutcliffe case 'highlights inconsistencies in misconduct hearings'','',''; 'Putin welcomes Trump again','',''; 'Superintendent 'cruelly' mocked by Assistant Chief Constable has suffered 'great anxiety'','',''; 'Assistant Chief Constable guilty of gross misconduct','',''; 'Unsavoury report 'provides impetus to improve lives of children' across capital','',''; 'Officer undergoes surgery after being hit by car','',''; 'Assistant chief remains a 'role model' to female officers','',''; 'Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles 2016-2026','',''; 'Electric Car Technology and Forecasts 2017-2027: Hybrid and Pure Electric, Forecasts, Technology Roadmaps, Opportunities','',''; 'Printed and Flexible Sensors 2017-2027: Technologies, Players, Forecasts','',''; 'Discrete Capacitors - Global Strategic Business Report','',''; 'Thin Film Deposition: Trends, Key Issues, Market Analysis','',''; 'Nanotechnology in Smart Textiles and Wearables','',''; 'Automotive Capacitors: Global Technology & Market Assessment With Forecasts To 2020','',''; 'Plastic Optical Fiber Market & Technology Assessment Study - 2016 Edition','',''; ' Ben Revere: Non-tendered by Nationals ',' ',''; ' Derek Norris: Dealt to Nationals ',' ',''; ' Jose Peraza: Expected to play regularly in 2017 ',' ',''; ' Jung Ho Kang: Charged with DUI, leaving scene of accident ',' ',''; ' Jaime Garcia: Dealt to Braves ',' ',''; ' Matt Duffy: Ahead of schedule in rehab ',' ',''; 'AT&T Confident in Merger Chances After Speaking With Trump - ','',''; 'Forum Topic: Canada's Attempt to Force A La Carte TV - ','',''; 'FCC Report Highlights Huge Disparity in Cable, DSL Speeds - ','',''; '[01.12.2016] „Aus der Praxis“: neue TV-Serie im Hope Channel','',''; 'The Last Diplomat','',''; 'Friday Morning Links - ','',''; '[01.12.2016] EU-Tagung mit religiösen Führungspersönlichkeiten','',''; 'CEO Says Ford Still Moving Small-Car Output to Mexico','',''; 'Canadian Cable Companies Make Mockery of A La Carte TV Rules - ','',''; '[30.11.2016] ADRA Schweiz schickt 3.214 Weihnachtspakete nach Moldawien','',''; 'Verizon Laughs Off Altice Fiber to the Home Announcement - ','',''; 'Chrome 55 now available: loads HTML5 over Flash by default, drastically reduces RAM usage','',''; 'Arris Tells us It's Working With Intel on SB6190, Puma6 Problems - ','',''; 'Realtek HD Audio Codec drivers updated to version 2.80','',''; 'Comcast Loses Just $5.50 Per Month When You Cut the Cord - ','',''; 'UK standards body says 99% of fake Apple chargers sold are unsafe','',''; 'Nashville Moves to Dismiss Comcast's Lawsuit Over Google Fiber - ','',''; 'Microsoft reveals '12 Days of Deals' holiday sale','',''; 'Take a virtual tour of a tiny White House using augmented reality and a dollar bill','',''; 'AT&T's DirecTV Now has Some Hiccups on First Night - ','',''; 'Adventskalender Tag 3: Gewinne 1 von 3 Samsung SSD 850 EVO zu gewinnen!','',''; 'Future Moto Mods could include 5G modem, baby monitor and e-ink display','',''; 'Charter's Mega Merger Support is a Comedy of Errors - ','',''; 'Best Of 2016: Die Hip Hop-Alben des Jahres','',''; 'Nach Silent-Hills-Desaster: Guillermo Del Toro meint „Fuck Konami“','',''; 'Kein sicherer Listenplatz: NRW-Grüne strafen Volker Beck ab','',''; 'Plex Cloud adds support for Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive','',''; 'Portugal. The Man: Neue Single "Noise Pollution"','',''; 'Thursday Morning Links - ','',''; 'Trump geht gegen Neuauszählungen vor','',''; 'Halo Wars 2: Bösewicht Atriox im neuen Trailer vorgestellt','',''; 'Grüne NRW schicken Sven Lehmann in den Bundestag','',''; 'Woman sentenced to year in jail for using fake Facebook profile to frame her ex','',''; 'Forever Young: Die Synthie-Pop-Alben der 80er','',''; 'Manipuliert der türkische Geheimdienst in Deutschland?','',''; 'Google hat entschieden: Die besten Apps und Spiele des Jahres 2016','',''; 'Kein Termin für LGBTI-Aktivisten: Kultusminister redet lieber mit Homo-Hassern','',''; 'The Voice Of Germany: "Ein absurd krasses Battle!"','!-02-12-2016-13189',''; 'Twitter acquihires itself a new VP of Product','',''; 'Suche nach Folterspuren - UN-Beauftragter in der Türkei','',''; 'Berlin: Straße wird nach Homo-Aktivist benannt','',''; 'Prey: Neue Gameplay-Videos zum Sci-Fi-Spiel zeigen die Spielmechaniken','',''; 'Isländische Piraten mit Regierungsbildung betraut','',''; 'Motorola has no plans for Moto 360 smartwatch successor','',''; 'Was verbindet "Refugees and Queers"?','',''; 'Mass Effect Andromenda: Umfangreicher Gameplay-Trailer verrät Details über das Rollenspiel ','',''; 'Rosberg beendet Formel-1-Karriere','',''; 'Facebook is expanding the use of its offensive content-detecting AI to cover Live streams','',''; 'Band-Contest: Emergenza kooperiert mit Marshall Records','',''; 'Eurowings und ver.di: Tarifeinigung für Flugbegleiter','',''; 'Präsidentenwahl: Steuert Österreich nach Rechtsaußen?','',''; 'The Walking Dead: Gameplay-Video erklärt den Hintergrund von Javier in Season 3','',''; 'It's PC vs Xbox One in Gears of War 4 this weekend','',''; 'Kein exklusiver Rabatt für Ryanair in Frankfurt',',sonder-rabatt-fluggesellschaften-100.html',''; 'PlayStation VR: Marktforscher senken Verkaufserwartungen drastisch ab','',''; 'Oculus' Touch controllers will be compatible with these 53 titles on launch day','',''; 'LGoony: Neuer Song "Heilig"','',''; 'Steam: Datum des Weihnachts-Ausverkaufs durchgesickert','',''; 'Lammert genehmigt Ermittlungen wegen WikiLeaks','',''; 'The Game Awards: winners, trailers, and news from the event','',''; 'Doubletime: Musik für Psychopathen','',''; 'Gestohlenes KZ-Tor aus Dachau wohl in Norwegen','',''; 'Final Fantasy XV: So erfolgreich ist das Rollenspiel gestartet','',''; 'Biffy Clyro: Video zur Single "Re-arrange"','',''; 'Are Smart TVs ever as good as dedicated streaming players?','',''; 'Meat Love: Fleischprodukt trifft Meilenstein','',''; 'The Game Awards 2016: Das sind alle Gewinner in der Übersicht','',''; 'Pkw-Maut: Dobrindt drückt aufs Tempo','',''; '38 percent of all Steam games were released in 2016','',''; 'Dauntless: Neues Koop-RPG von ehemaligen League-of-Legends-Entwicklern','',''; 'Streit um deutsche Pkw-Maut geht weiter','',''; 'iHeartRadio rolls out two subscription tiers featuring on-demand music','',''; 'Guardians of the Galaxy: Neues Adventure von Telltale offiziell angekündigt','',''; 'Geohot's startup open sources its self-driving software','',''; 'Justice: Neues Video mit Susan Sarandon','',''; 'Verkapptes Demoverbot für Polens Opposition?','',''; 'Death Stranding: Hideo Kojima zeigt verstörenden Trailer mit Mads Mikkelsen','',''; 'Google Play reveals top apps, games and media of 2016','',''; 'Frankreichs Sozialisten: Alle Blicke ruhen auf Valls','',''; 'Worst of 2016: Die schlimmsten Alben des Jahres','',''; 'Amazon Prime Video gets HBO and Cinemax add-ons','',''; 'Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition wird Remake mit Duke Nukem','',''; 'Sieg in Mainz - die Bayern sind vorläufig wieder Erste','',''; 'Tove Lo: Das Video zu "True Disaster"','',''; 'Microsoft's Surface Dial isn't quite as easy to repair as the Surface Studio, teardown reveals','',''; 'Videoblog "Afrika, Afrika!": Gitarrenunterricht an der Ecke','',''; 'Rovio spin-off company Hatch is bringing mobile game streaming to Android','',''; 'DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber: Video zu "Let Me Love You"','',''; 'Apple's plan to catch up with Google Maps: Data-collecting drones','',''; 'Metalsplitter: Dildos unterm Tannenbaum','',''; 'Nokia-branded, Android-powered smartphones set to arrive in 2017','',''; 'Pebble brand likely to be phased out as Fitbit closes in on $40 million acquisition','',''; 'Master AI fundamentals with this Deep Learning training bundle','',''; 'Bad Aibling: Anklage will Haft für Fahrdienstleiter','',''; 'Twitter says it will ban Donald Trump if he violates the site's rules','',''; 'Bundestag: Milliarden fürs Verkehrsnetz','',''; 'Reddit CEO formally apologizes for editing posts, reveals site is cracking down on toxic users','',''; 'Bundestag schränkt Sozialhilfe für EU-Ausländer ein','',''; 'eBay: loads of game consoles changed hands on Black Friday, Cyber Monday','',''; 'Kolumbiens Friedensvertrag - Basis für Neuanfang','',''; 'Amazon's Snowmobile truck can haul 100 petabytes of customer data to the cloud','',''; 'Wahl in Gambia: Das Ende eines Langzeitpräsidenten','',''; 'Steinmeier sagt 50 Millionen Euro mehr für Aleppo zu','',''; 'Flüchtlinge am Golf: Gutes tun und darüber reden','',''; 'Kim Jong Un droht Südkorea mit Militärmanöver','',''; 'Rewe und Edeka einig bei Kaiser's Tengelmann-Vertrag','',''; 'Schauspielerin Gisela May gestorben','',''; 'Rolling-Stones-Album: Am Anfang war der Jam','',''; 'Ygrene Names Consumer Finance Industry Veteran Rocco Fabiano Chief Executive Officer','',''; 'Yuneec International Appoints Mike Kahn to CEO of Its Americas Operations','',''; 'Stanley Black & Decker Announces Planned Board Chairman Transition','',''; 'They Say Good Things Come in Threes','',''; 'Meijer President Rick Keyes Assumes Role of Chief Executive','',''; 'Wintergreen Corp. Brings On Leading GKI/Bethlehem Lights Senior Sales Personnel','',''; 'PriMed Management Consulting Services Names New CFO, Tim Richards','',''; 'FCA US California Business Center Teams Up With Motor4Toys and Local Car Community to Bring Holiday Cheer to Underprivileged Kids','',''; 'Cota Names Scott Paddock as Executive Vice President, General Manager, and Chief Revenue Officer','',''; 'USIMINAS annonce le début d'une Sollicitation de consentement concernant ses billets en circulation','',''; 'USIMINAS kondigt consent solicitation aan inzake uitstaande obligaties','',''; 'At Home Group Inc. Announces New Director and Officers','',''; 'Bullpen Capital Launches $75m Fund III','',''; 'Ezenia! Inc. Announces Date for 2016 Annual Meeting','',''; '"FCA Replay" Wraps the Week','',''; 'Panamax Capital Moves to Raise $2 Million for Startup Ad/Tech Company GuaranteedPROS, Inc.','',''; 'Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. To Attend Upcoming Investor Conference','',''; 'CGI announces specific share repurchase program as part of normal course issuer bid','',''; 'Health Care Empowerment, Career Transitions, Socially Responsible Investing and More in the December AARP Bulletin','',''; 'Allied Orion Group Names Ricardo Rivas As Principal','',''; 'USIMINAS gibt Beginn der Einholung von Zustimmungserklärungen zu ausstehenden Schuldverschreibungen bekannt','',''; 'Global Connected Car Market to Reach $81 Billion by 2025 - Cars Enabled with Smart-phones are Driving Market Growth - Research and Markets','',''; 'Linde Targets Productivity of Mixer Chilling with Hygienic LIXSHOOTER® Bottom Injectors','',''; 'MEDIA ALERT: Equinix to Showcase Solutions for Digital Transformation at Gartner Data Center Conference 2016','',''; 'BBVA Compass scores breakout role in CFO's annual Commercial Banking Survey','',''; 'Sears Holdings Announces Board Change','',''; 'BetterInvesting Magazine Releases February Stock To Study And Undervalued Stock Choices For Investors' Informational And Educational Use','',''; 'Silicon Valley Bank Expands Relationship with A10 Networks','',''; 'Huron Capital's XLerate Group Completes Fourth Add-on','',''; 'marc jacobs launches a new global casting call to find the next marc jacobs beauty vlogger','',''; 'LeBron James is the 2016 Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year','',''; 'Patrick Gaspard, U.S. Ambassador to South Africa, Appointed Vice President of the Open Society Foundations','',''; 'ATA Hails Creation of National Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse','',''; 'CBOE Holdings Reports November 2016 Trading Volume','',''; 'Mexico Tourism Board Official Tourism Partner of Champions Tennis 2016','',''; 'Global Glycyl-Dl-Leucine Market (CAS 688-14-2) Report 2009-2020: Focus on Manufacturing, Technology, Market Landscape and Distribution Policy - Research and Markets','',''; 'Safelite AutoGlass Named to Victory Media's 2017 Military Friendly® Employers List','',''; 'Leading Sarcoma Expert Dr. Earl W. Brien Joins CytRx Board of Directors','',''; 'DuJour Media's Jason Binn along with Gilt's Jonathan Greller and JetSmarter's Sergey Petrossov Host the Kick Off of Miami Beach's Art Basel Week Party at The Confidante','',''; 'Picture Mail Service Subject to Virginia Communications Sales Tax','',''; 'MAA Announces Regular Quarterly Preferred Dividend','',''; 'Global Silabudipine (CAS 82587-26-6) Market 2009-2020: Focus on Manufacturing, Technology, Market Landscape and Distribution Policy - Research and Markets','',''; 'GlassView Announces Launch Of Video-Text Feature','',''; 'Global Trans-Chalcone (CAS 614-47-1) Market Overview 2016 - Research and Markets','',''; 'MAKE UP FOR EVER y Jessie J se unen para un año de colaboraciones artísticas','',''; 'Smartmedical Launches Emotion AI Android App "I Love UAE" for Emirati National Campaign "Express Your Love for UAE"','',''; 'Goodnight Midstream Secures Debt Financing and Expands Presence in Bakken','',''; 'Royce Global Value Trust, Inc. (NYSE-RGT) declares Year-end Common Stock Distribution of $0.14 Per Share','',''; 'Windsor Assembly Plant Launches Production of Industry's First-ever Hybrid Minivan','',''; 'Art Van Furniture Brings New Career Opportunities To The Chicagoland Area','',''; 'Global Chloroserpidine (CAS 7008-24-4) Market 2009-2016 & Forecasts to 2020 - Focus on Manufacturing, Technology, Market Landscape and Distribution Policy - Research and Markets','',''; 'MAKE UP FOR EVER e Jessie J insieme per un anno di intensa collaborazione artistica','',''; 'Royal Dutch Shell plc Third Quarter 2016 Euro and GBP Equivalent Dividend Payments','',''; 'Aptilo vinnare av Fierce Innovation Awards för andra året i rad','',''; 'Les FCBARCELONA PHOTO AWARDS sont présentés à New York','',''; 'Tom's Guide Invites Submissions for CES 2017 Awards','',''; 'National's Emerald Club Extends "One Two Free" Promotion to Earn Free Rental Days*','',''; 'Crestline's Specialty Lending Fund Provides Unitranche in Support of Southfield Capital's Acquisition of Managed IT Services Provider','',''; 'Research and Markets - China Antimony Industry Report 2016 - Forecasts to 2020 Featuring Hsikwangshan Twinkling Star, Hunan Gold, Guangxi China Tin, China Antimony, GuizhouDongfeng Mining','',''; 'International Automakers Created Over 100,000 American Jobs in Indiana','',''; 'Darin and Brooke Aldridge Continue Their Journey With FASTER & FARTHER','',''; 'Veranstaltung der FCBARCELONA PHOTO AWARDS in New York','',''; 'Multimedia & Graphics Software Stocks Under Review -- Zynga, Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, and Take-Two Interactive Software','',''; 'Walker & Dunlop Tailors Acquisition Financing for Waterlynn Ridge Apartments','',''; 'Hammacher Schlemmer Introduces The Rapid Photo Album Scanner','',''; 'Pennsylvania DCED Secretary Davin Continues 'Jobs that Pay' Tour at Quality Mould, Inc. in Westmoreland County','',''; 'The Global Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Composites Market is Projected to grow from USD 44.10 Billion in 2016 to USD 60.33 Billion by 2021 at a CAGR of 6.47% - Research and Markets','',''; 'Se presentan los FCBARCELONA PHOTO AWARDS en Nueva York','',''; 'Vince Gill Joins Songbirds Guitar Museum as Ambassador','',''; 'Predictive and Control Capabilities through IoT Rapidly Expand Global Growth Opportunities for Sensors','',''; 'Antonoil Enters into Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Domestic Commercial Bank','',''; '6,400+ Donors Gave more than $1 Million to University on Second Annual Rutgers Giving Day','',''; 'Tradeweb Records $7.9 Trillion in Biggest Volume Month since the Credit Crisis','',''; 'Global Market Report On Thiophenol 2016 - Forecasts to 2020 - Research and Markets','',''; 'Nanocellulose Market for Composites, Paper Processing, Food & Beverages, Paints & Coatings, Oil & Gas, Personal Care, and Other End-users - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2015 - 2023','',''; 'Teamsters To Head Off Potential XPO CEO Pay Bonanza','',''; 'Robb Report Unveils Annual Holiday Ultimate Gift Guide','',''; 'OCI Partners LP Announces Closing of Term Loan Amendment','',''; 'Chinese Internet Giants' Car Manufacturing (Intelligent Connected Cars) Report 2016: Internet Giants' Car Manufacturing Leans to Fusion Development - Research and Markets','',''; 'The Zweig Fund, Inc. Declares Distribution And Discloses Sources Of Distribution - Section 19(a) Notice','',''; 'FAIR Reacts to Mike McCaul as Potential DHS Nominee: Next DHS Secretary will Need to Implement Real Border and Immigration Security Immediately','',''; 'Falling unemployment shows that the labor market remains tight even as job growth slows','',''; 'ReadyNet Adopts Friendly's Device Management Solution for TR-069','',''; 'Epoxy Adhesives Market Worth 10.13 Billion USD by 2026','',''; 'Giving Back: Acorn Paper Products Company Issues Its 2nd Annual Holiday Challenge To Support the Los Angeles Community','',''; 'Combine Vienna's Christmas Markets and the Best Sightseeing With Vienna PASS','',''; 'Brian Hoar Named Senior Vice President of Sales, Publisher at Playboy Magazine','',''; 'Fruit Street Telehealth Raises $3M and Expands Oversubscribed Series A to $4M of Equity Financing','',''; 'Honda Civic Hatchback Wins 2017 Hispanic Motor Press Autos del Año© Award in the Compact Car Category','',''; 'Among Global Firms, Sustainability Disclosure Increased Slightly','',''; '"Art Olympia 2017", el segundo concurso de arte abierto internacional, tendrá lugar en Japón en 2017','',''; 'Sappi Honored by RISI with 2016 PPI Award for Creative Paper Campaign','',''; 'The Final Rule - United States DOL Regulations Regarding Overtime Pay','',''; 'Marsha Linehan wins Grawemeyer Award for Psychology','',''; 'Project A investerer i Onlineprinters: Vækstbranche onlinetryk','',''; 'W.T.B. Financial Corporation Declares Common Shareholder Dividend','',''; 'U.S. Supreme Court Requested to Review Retroactive Michigan Repeal of Multistate Tax Compact','',''; 'San Francisco and the Southland Dominate California's List of the Top 100 Independent Restaurants','',''; ''Tis the Season to be Safe, Not Sorry','',''; 'New Vaporizing Technology, qmos™, set to Revolutionize Vaping and E-Cigarette Industries','',''; 'Chinese Music app NetEase Cloud Music rolls out Mac 1.5 Edition, Making it China's First Online Music Product to Support Touch Bar','',''; '"Art Olympia 2017", el segundo concurso de arte abierto internacional, tendrá lugar en Japón en 2017','',''; 'Global Water Softeners Market By Type (Salt Based Water Softeners and Salt Free Water Softeners), By Application Sector (Residential, Commercial & Industrial), By Region, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2011-2025','',''; 'USW Supports Carrier Corp. Continuing Domestic Production','',''; 'Global biopharma investment kicks off at Biotech Showcase™ 2017 in January','',''; 'Project A investe in Onlineprinters: nel settore in crescita della stampa online','',''; 'Election Results Boost North American Stock Funds in November 2016, Morningstar Canada Data Show','',''; 'OPEC Agreement Adds to 'Trump Rally'','',''; 'Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jim Brown and Bill Russell to Receive the Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award','',''; 'Bekins Northwest Acquires New Corporate Headquarters and Main Distribution Warehouse','',''; 'Cheevers And Company Announces Merger With Penserra Securities','',''; 'VaporFi Retracts Statements of Sponsorship for A Billion Lives Screening','',''; 'Members of Five Finger Death Punch, All That Remains, Sixx:A.M. and As Lions Will Come Together for All-Star Performance to Support Five Finger Death Punch Vocalist Ivan Moody in Philadelphia Tonight','',''; 'Sandi Pillsbury Gredzens is recognized by Continental Who's Who','',''; 'Black Carpenters Sue JL Schwieters Construction For Severe Race Discrimination And Harassment','',''; 'Weyerhaeuser completes sale of Cellulose Fibers pulp mills to International Paper','',''; 'MIAX Options Reports November 2016 Trading Activity; Remains #1 in Time at NBBO for Both All Option Classes and Penny Pilot Option Classes for October 2016','',''; 'Project A investeert in Onlineprinters: groeibranche onlinedrukwerk','',''; 'OneCoin ofrece dinero digital para todos mediante una criptomoneda global','',''; 'Young People "Take Back the Shelves" and Demand That Pharmacies Stop Selling Tobacco Products','',''; 'Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Earns Top Award in National Industry Best Practices Honors','',''; 'CareerBuilder and Emsi Release Best Jobs for 2017','',''; 'Carnauba Wax Market Analysis By Product (Type 1, Type 3, Type 4) By Application (Cosmetics, Food, Automotive, Pharmaceutical) And Segment Forecasts To 2024','',''; 'Amazon Web Services Names InfoReliance as an AWS Premier Consulting Partner','',''; 'Project A investerar i Onlineprinters och tillväxtbranschen onlinetryck','',''; 'International Paper Finalizes Purchase of Weyerhaeuser's Pulp Business','',''; 'Baseball's New Labor Agreement Makes Progress on Removing Tobacco From the Game, But Cities Need to Finish the Job - for Our Kids','',''; 'root9B Technologies Announces Reverse Stock Split, Corporate Name Change and Headquarters Relocation','',''; 'Richard Chambers GmbH Wins Award for Cutting Company Emissions','',''; 'Pennsylvania Revenue Department Releases November 2016 Collections','',''; 'Homes for the Holidays for Horses in Need','',''; 'IoT Institute Unveils the IoT Emerge Podcast','',''; 'Rheology Modifiers Market for Paints & Coatings, Personal Care, Adhesive & Sealants, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Pulp & Paper, and Other Applications - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 - 2023','',''; 'La société Project A investit avec Onlineprinters dans un secteur en pleine croissance : l'impression en ligne','',''; 'DaVita Launches Joint Venture with Inspira Health Network to Provide Dialysis Services in South Jersey','',''; 'Vonco Products expands capabilities of its LiquaLoc Flexibles division with capital investments','',''; 'FIU professor: Don't fall for fake news','',''; 'Olivia Lane and Love & Theft to Play Stoney's Rockin' Country During NFR','',''; 'Neovasc and Boston Scientific Reach US$75 Million Agreement','',''; 'Fitbit, bluebird bio Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Skechers, and Diamond Offshore Drilling and more offer option-trading opportunities that offer returns of more than 20%','',''; 'WATERHOUSE & DODD announces a major exhibition of sculptures and drawings by SOPHIE RYDER: "RISING"','',''; 'Expera Launches Resin-Gard™ Saturating Papers','',''; 'Social Music Platform BandLab Launches Festive Sound Pad - and 12 Days of Prizes for the Holiday Season','',''; 'Xcaliber International expands manufacturing and warehouse space','',''; 'John Hardy Debuts First U.S. Flagship And Artisan In Residence Workshop','',''; 'Hollysys Automation Technologies Announces Concord Signed a Significant Contract for Macau LRT Phase 1 Project','',''; 'InvestorsObserver releases covered-call reports for Chipotle Mexican Grill, General Motors, Noble, Southwestern Energy Company and JC Penney','',''; 'Subaru Of America, Inc. Reports Record November Sales','',''; 'TSO3 Receives 2017 Purchase Orders from Getinge','',''; 'Nanoclay Market for Packaging, Flame Retardants, Automotive, Paints & Coatings, and Other End-users - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 - 2023','',''; 'Yippy (YIPI) Announces Mutual Termination of Merger with MC+A','',''; 'Topline Results of Phase 3 Investigational Study of VONVENDI™ [von Willebrand factor (recombinant)] Meets Primary Endpoint Effectively Controlling Bleeding and Blood Loss During Surgical Procedures','',''; 'Telia Carrier Expands Availability of Services in the US through Partnership with WTG','',''; 'Interscope Records Teams Up With Bravado To Create "Wear. Music." Pop-Up Experience At Hollywood & Highland December 2nd Through January 2nd','',''; 'Mass Spectrometry Adopted by Clinical Laboratories Around the World','',''; 'GTX FX ECN Sets Volume Record','',''; 'Oil & Gas Pipelines Stocks Under Scanner -- Kinder Morgan, Williams, Energy Transfer Equity, and Williams Partners','',''; 'American Honda fija un nuevo récord de ventas en noviembre, ante la aceleración de sus ventas de autos y camiones','',''; 'Laser Material Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 - 2023','',''; 'Explosive New Book Uses Art To Spark Gun Debate','',''; 'Jerrick Expresses Interest In Potential Acquisition Of Wizard World, Inc.','',''; 'See Oregon Forests in a Whole New Light','',''; 'Maxor Completes Its Acquisition of Pharmaceutical Specialties, Inc. (PSI)','',''; 'Deep Learning Market by Application, End-User Industry, and Geography - Global Forecasts to 2022','',''; 'Advisory: Wajnert to retire from RAI board; Nowell elected lead director; RAI declares quarterly cash dividend','',''; 'Keith Urban's Acclaimed Albums 'Golden Road,' 'Get Closer' And 'Fuse' To Be Released On Vinyl For First Time Ever This Friday, December 2','',''; 'CATO Reports November Same-Store Sales Down 10%','',''; 'The Next Biggest Industry Could Potentially Be Cannabis','',''; 'OneChicago Announces Trading Volume for November 2016','',''; 'HUD Rule to Make Public Housing Smoke-Free Will Protect Vulnerable Children and Families','',''; 'Sustainable Alternatives to Polyvinylidene Chloride-coated Films Create New Growth Opportunities and Transform the Food Packaging Markets in Western Europe and North America','',''; 'India Internet of Things Market (2016-2022) - World Bank & Asian Development Bank (ADB) to Provide Loans For Smart City Project - Research and Markets','',''; 'The Prix Galien Russia Selection Committee Honors Excellence in Scientific Innovation at 2016 Prix Galien Russia Awards Gala','',''; 'Sblended Brings New Class of Gradients to Adobe Photoshop','',''; 'GenVec Effects 1-for-10 Reverse Stock Split','',''; 'Texas housing demand diversifies amidst steady home sales growth in 2016','',''; 'Rolling Stone To Rock Houston For Big Game Weekend 2017','',''; 'Mazda informa sus ventas para el mes de noviembre','',''; 'Smart Polymers Market Size Projected to Reach $20.02 Billion by 2025: Grand View Research, Inc.','',''; 'The Lancet Respiratory Medicine Publishes RAPID Extension Study Data on Effect of Zemaira® [Alpha1-Proteinase Inhibitor (Human)] in Patients with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (AATD)','',''; 'Above Ground Treated Wood Warranties - Clarification and Enhancements','',''; 'Fintech Telecom and Affiliates Announce Settlement of Tender Offer for Class B Shares and ADSs of Telecom Argentina','',''; 'Porsche Reports November 2016 Retail Sales','',''; 'ALTSLA to Host West Coast's Top Alternative Investors March 22','',''; 'IBS Software formaliza un acuerdo a largo plazo con Asiana Airlines','',''; 'Global NanofibersMarket:Trends Analysis & Forecasts to 2021','',''; 'Asset Acquisitions & Product Development Fueling Revenue Growth Potential In Cannabis Sector','',''; 'Beven P. Livingston, Ph.D., PT, ATC, is recognized by Continental Who's Who','',''; 'The World's Largest Tissue Event is set to take place in Milan from 10-12 April 2017','',''; 'New Study Explores The Diversity of Phytocannabinoids of Different Botanical Origin','',''; 'Tamarack Biotics Signals Intent To Implement SurePure Technology','',''; 'Research Reports on Department Stores Equities -- J.C. Penney, Macy's, Kohl's, and TJX Cos.','',''; 'Riata Capital Group Invests in WSS, Category-Leading Hispanic-Focused Specialty Retailer','',''; 'Carnival Corporation Among "50 Best Companies for Diversity" Per Black Enterprise Magazine','',''; 'Global High Pressure Processing Market: Trends Analysis & Forecasts to 2021','',''; 'IBS Software schließt Langzeitvertrag mit Asiana Airlines','',''; 'Boston Scientific Announces Agreement to Acquire Neovasc Advanced Biological Tissue Capabilities','',''; 'NLS Pharma Named Winner Of A Prestigous 2016 Healthcare & Life Sciences Award','',''; 'Polymer Coated Fabrics Market Worth 26.92 Billion USD by 2026','',''; 'Research Reports Coverage on Services Stocks -- Myriad Genetics, Qiagen, INC Research, and La Quinta','',''; 'IT Sector Employment Inches Up in November, CompTIA Analysis Reveals','',''; 'Hyundai Motor America Reports Record November Sales','',''; 'Intersections Inc. to Cease Operations of Pet Health Monitoring Business to Concentrate Resources on Identity and Privacy Protection Service Opportunities','',''; 'How These Textile Stocks are Faring? -- Michael Kors, Lululemon Athletica, PVH Corp., and Ralph Lauren','',''; 'Today Show "Steals & Deals" Features Personalized Stationery 70% Off','',''; 'Zion Oil & Gas Gets "Go Ahead" to Drill Oil Well in Israel','',''; 'Luye Pharma annonce la clôture de l'acquisition des activités de systèmes transdermiques d'administration de médicaments d'Acino','',''; 'EastGroup Properties Announces 148th Consecutive Quarterly Cash Dividend','',''; 'Research Reports Initiation on Healthcare Stocks -- NuVasive, Smith & Nephew, Nxstage Medical, and Cesca Therapeutics','',''; 'BMW Group U.S. Reports November 2016 Sales','',''; 'Brick-and-Mortar Stores Fail to Keep Pace with Online Channels Over Thanksgiving Weekend','',''; 'US Material Recovery Business to Grow 5.6% Annually Through 2020','',''; 'IBS Software signe un contrat à long terme avec Asiana Airlines','',''; 'Technical Roundup on Data Storage Devices Stocks -- Brocade Communications Systems, Western Digital, Seagate Technology, and Nimble Storage','',''; 'Royce Value Trust, Inc. (NYSE-RVT) declares Fourth Quarter Common Stock Distribution of $0.27 Per Share','',''; 'Kia Motors America Announces Record November Sales','',''; 'TricorBraun Holdings, Inc. Announces Acquisition by AEA Investors LP','',''; 'Solid Holiday Demand In The U.S. For GoPro HERO5','',''; 'Research Reports Coverage on Biotech Stocks -- Celldex Therapeutics, Amicus Therapeutics, Navidea Biopharma, and Concordia','',''; 'Hoegh LNG Partners LP Announces Pricing of Upsized Public Offering of 6,000,000 Common Units','',''; 'Nielsen and Label Insight Announce Strategic Alliance to Bring Label Transparency to Consumer Packaged Goods Companies and Retailers','',''; 'FS Investments BDCs Close on Nearly $1 Billion of Middle Market Commitments in the Third Quarter','',''; 'Mercedes-Benz Reports November Sales Of 30,363 Units, Up 1.1%','',''; 'NLS Pharma zum Gewinner des prestigeträchtigen Healthcare & Life Science Awards 2016 erklärt','',''; 'Genesys hat Übernahme von Interactive Intelligence abgeschlossen und schafft weltweit führendes Unternehmen für Omnichannel Customer Experience','',''; 'Altagamma Italian Experiences by IC Bellagio','',''; 'Luster's SCurl® Launches New Beard Products','',''; 'Industrias chilenas aceleran la conexión con el sistema JUMORE E4B para oportunidades de negocios','',''; 'DecisionPoint Systems Reports Results For The Quarter Ended September 30, 2016','',''; 'Telepizza chega ao Irã','',''; 'Genesys clôture l'acquisition d'Interactive Intelligence et crée la première société de solutions d'expérience client omnicanal au monde','',''; 'NLS Pharma désignée vainqueur d'un prestigieux Healthcare & Life Sciences Award 2016','',''; 'Mitsubishi Motors Reports November Sales','',''; 'Bridging the Digital Divide in Argentina with Satellite Technology','',''; 'Telepizza llega a Irán','',''; 'New Tool Turns Every Live Event Into a Job Interview','',''; 'Research and Markets - Global Sports Supplements Market - Analysis, Technologies & Forecasts to 2022 - Key Vendors are Herbalife, Glanbia & Universal Nutrition','',''; 'Technical Reports on Food Wholesale Equities -- Sysco, Hain Celestial, US Foods, and United Natural Foods','',''; 'Storage Made Easy announces a collaboration with OpenIO, the most flexible object storage solution on the market','',''; 'National Black MBA Association® Announces Collaboration with Prospanica® To Present 39th Annual National Conference in Philadelphia','',''; 'Genesys concreta la adquisición de Interactive Intelligence para crear la empresa líder del mundo en soluciones de experiencia de cliente omnicanal','',''; 'Luby's Celebrates 70 With H-E-B; Landmark Cafeteria Chain To Roll Out Famed Mac & Cheese Into The Frozen Food Aisles Of More Than 270 H-E-B Stores Around Texas','',''; 'Mazda Reports November Sales','',''; 'The 2016 World Fertility Index is Now Available','',''; 'Marriott International Sells The St. Regis San Francisco; Retains Long-term Management Agreement','',''; 'Research Reports Initiation on REIT Stocks -- Digital Realty Trust, Equity Commonwealth, DuPont Fabros Technology, and Liberty Property Trust','',''; 'This holiday season give the gift of health','',''; 'Kabam And Hasbro Unveil 'TRANSFORMERS: Forged To Fight'','',''; ''A Lillian Smith Reader' Re-Introduces a Pioneer Civil Rights Leader','',''; 'Car Sales Quicken and Trucks Continue Momentum as American Honda Sets New Sales Records in November','',''; 'Genesys completa la compra de Interactive Intelligence y crea el líder de soluciones de atención al cliente omnicanal','',''; 'ProQuest Selected as NICE Framework Content Provider for the NHS','',''; ''Tecnologia proporciona igualdade na concorrência', diz CEO da SAP Brasil em SEMINÁRIO MULHERES LÍDERES','',''; 'EdR Begins Construction on Collegiate Housing Community Adjacent to the University of Hawai'i','',''; 'Computer Systems Stocks Under Scanner -- HP Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell Technologies, and Diebold','',''; '$200,000 Medal Of Gen. Von Steuben, Discovered In Country Auction, Offered For Sale','',''; 'Herman Miller Schedules Second Quarter Fiscal 2017 Conference Call and Webcast','',''; 'First Colebrook Bancorp, Inc. Announces Quarterly Dividend','',''; 'eBags Breaks Records on Cyber Monday 2016','',''; 'City of Hope and Translational Genomics Research Institute combine to advance precision medicine and speed translational research','',''; 'Genesys completa a aquisição da Interactive Intelligence para criar a empresa líder do mundo em experiência do cliente omnichannel','',''; 'INROADS Awarded $100,000 from The Coca-Cola Foundation','',''; 'Draeger's Supermarkets Increases Profitability with Janam Mobile Computers','',''; 'How These Silver Stocks are Faring? -- Hecla Mining, First Majestic Silver, Coeur Mining, and Silver Wheaton','',''; 'Genesys slutför förvärvet av Interactive Intelligence med syfte att skapa världens ledande företag av lösningar för kundupplevelser inom alla kanaler','',''; 'FCA US Reports November 2016 U.S. Sales','',''; 'Detallazos para todos con Best Buy','',''; 'Bibigo's Build-Your-Own Bibimbap Opening at Del Amo Fashion Center','',''; 'Mymetics Starts Research Project with Sanofi for Influenza Vaccines','',''; 'Rafael Lizardi named next CFO of Texas Instruments; Current CFO, Kevin March, to retire in October 2017','',''; 'Ellis Park To Use Exacta Historic Horse Racing System','',''; 'Big November Gains at Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac Keep GM the Fastest Growing Automaker','',''; 'Genesys rondt acquisitie van Interactive Intelligence af en wordt wereld's leidend bedrijf voor omnichannel customer experience oplossingen','',''; 'Big Lots Announces Quarterly Dividend On Common Stock','',''; 'Vuzix Announces Closing of $14,500,000 Common Stock Offering','',''; 'Allied Integrated Marketing's Multicultural Practices Continue To Flourish And Evolve To New Audiences','',''; 'Telepizza llega a Irán','',''; 'Accedian se asocia con Facebook en el proyecto Telecom Infra (TIP)','',''; 'SRDx - La eliminación inteligente de polvo y rayajos para usuarios de Photoshop','',''; ' Now Offers Fast, Durable Widmer T2E Electronic Embosser','',''; 'Toyota Motor Sales Reports November 2016 Sales','',''; 'Dynamic Communities Announces Focus 2017 event','',''; 'Genesys Completa l'Acquisizione di Interactive Intelligence per Creare la Principale Società di Soluzioni per la Customer Experience Omnicanale','',''; 'Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference will open soon, and give wings to science and technology','',''; 'Photographer's New Book Celebrates Basketball Hall of Famer Allen Iverson','',''; 'Shoppers and Health Groups Hold Over 65 Store Manager Meetings and Demonstrations Against Toxic Chemicals Found in Dollar Tree Products','',''; 'SRDx - Fonction anti-poussière maligne pour les utilisateurs de Photoshop','',''; 'CEITEC Chooses 8051 IP From CAST for Embedded Security Controller Platform','',''; 'Telepizza Arrives in Iran','',''; 'Omnicell's Performance Center Integrates with Hospira's Infusion Pump Software','',''; 'A Declutter Plan for the New Year','',''; 'Crowd Analytics Market Worth 1,142.5 Million USD by 2021','',''; 'How to survive 4 years of Donald Trump','',''; 'Genesys finalizuje przejęcie Interactive Intelligence, tworząc czołową światową firmę specjalizującą się w wielokanałowych rozwiązaniach do obsługi klienta','',''; 'Industrial Automation and Wireless IoT','',''; 'Christmas Central Launches New Website Design for Stress-Free Holiday Decorating','',''; 'BAKO DIAMOND SERIES Rental LED Displays to Feature at InfoComm MEA 2016 in Dubai','',''; 'NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund Announces the Regular Monthly Dividend','',''; 'How These Semiconductor Stocks are Faring? -- Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, GigPeak, Entegris, and Tessera Technologies','',''; 'Integrated Drive Systems Market Worth 38.27 Billion USD by 2022','',''; 'Avec le partenariat EY-SandSIV, l'analyse dynamique globale de l'expérience client devient réalité','',''; 'A Declutter Plan for the New Year','',''; 'One Network to Showcase Network Marketplace Cloud-Based Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Operations Solution at DoD Maintenance Symposium','',''; 'Beachbody® Releases Explosive New MMA Workout, CORE DE FORCE™','',''; 'WISE Announces Nominees for the 2017 WISE Women of the Year Award','',''; 'iam8bit Unleashing ART BOSS, Showcase For Games Industry Art In Partnership With The 2017 Game Developers Conference','',''; 'LightInTheBox Reports 10% YoY Sales Growth on Black Friday','',''; 'Boston Market Launches "31 Days Of Giving" Online To Celebrate Its 31st Anniversary','',''; 'Research and Markets - Global 3D Bioprinting Industry to Reach $581.8 Million by 2022 - Leading Players are 3D Biotek, Biobots & Envision TEC','',''; 'Globus Medical and UMB Financial Set to Join S&P MidCap 400; HomeStreet to Join S&P SmallCap 600','',''; 'A Declutter Plan for the New Year','',''; 'MusclePharm Announces Hiring Of New Chief Financial Officer','',''; 'Winners of the 2016 IEEE Maker Project Competition Announced','',''; 'Webroot Selected for CRN's Internet of Things 50 List','',''; 'The Avon Foundation For Women Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Collaborative To Create Sexual Assault Action Plans On College Campuses','',''; 'Embracing Digital Amid the FinTech Challenge to Carry the Conversation at HMG Strategy's Upcoming 2016 Financial Services CIO Executive Leadership Summit','',''; 'NaviPack Announces the Release of the Most Affordable and Useful LiDAR Navigation Module for Drones, Robots and Autonomous Devices','',''; 'A Declutter Plan for the New Year','',''; 'CEVA, Inc. to Present at Barclays Global TMT Conference and Exane BNP Paribas' Disruptive Tech Investor's Conference','',''; 'Domestic Violence Warriors Desperate for Private Funding','',''; 'CoreCompete First Partner to Earn All Major SAS® Competencies','',''; 'IDC MarketScape Report Positions Canon as a Leader in High-Speed Production Inkjet Market','',''; 'Bureau Veritas Recognized as Top Employer in Taiwan and Hong Kong','',''; 'India Enterprise Network LAN Equipment Market By Type (Switches, Routers, Gateways, Cables & Ethernet, NIC Adapters, Hubs & Others), By End Use (IT & Telecom, BFSI, Healthcare, etc.) Competition Forecast and Opportunities, 2011 - 2021','',''; 'A Declutter Plan for the New Year','',''; 'Zebra Technologies Makes CRN's Internet of Things 50 List','',''; 'Cycle Training Wales Wins National Social Enterprise Award','',''; 'Microsemi Receives "Best Quality Partner Award" from Huawei','',''; 'Women Want to Have Sex More Often When Using Intimacy Products','',''; 'UniPixel Announces Production Updates and Milestones','',''; 'Securus Acquires PHD Medical's Corrections Telemedicine Assets in All Cash Transaction','',''; 'A Declutter Plan for the New Year','',''; 'Sanmina's Salt Lake City Facility Awarded AS9100C Certification For Defense And Aerospace Manufacturing','',''; 'MediaTek Helio X23 & X27 Set New Benchmark in User Experience','',''; 'Epson Helps Deck the Halls with Holiday Memories, Big-Screen Content and More','',''; 'The Colorado School of Public Health's Center for Global Health Opens Birthing Center in Rural Guatemala','',''; 'A Declutter Plan for the New Year','',''; 'Hollysys Automation Technologies Announces Ground-Based High-Speed Rail Signaling Contract Win for Harbin-Jiamusi and Jiujingqu Lines','',''; 'Pizzeria Uno Enters E-Commerce Pizza Market with the Original '43 Deep-Dish Pizza','',''; 'AIRHAWK® Announces Release of The "AIRHAWK® Office Chair Cushion"','',''; 'TSV Stacked Memory Patent Landscape','',''; 'KBKG Launches New Residential Cost Segregation Software','',''; 'New Axon Signal Magazine Connects TASER Smart Weapons To Wearable Cameras','',''; 'Orlando's 17 New "Must-Sees" Coming In 2017','',''; 'Nanowear receives FDA clearance for its transformative remote diagnostic monitoring device differentiated by novel cloth-based nanosensor technology (SimplECG™)','',''; '5th Annual Gander Mountain First Ice Expo Returns to Wausau Saturday, Dec. 10','',''; 'Synopsys Completes Acquisitions of Cigital and Codiscope','',''; 'Media Alert: Actifio, Lifescript and Pure Storage Discuss How Copy Data Virtualization Powers Rapid Data Access at Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference','',''; 'Hackpack, The Convertible Commuter to Office Work Bag, Surpasses 100% Funded Mark on Kickstarter','',''; 'Secure Messaging by APrivacy','',''; 'Merge VR expande la distribución en Europa y Asia','',''; 'Global Squash Equipment Market 2016-2020','',''; 'Research and Markets - Global System-in-Package Market 2016-2020: Growth of OSAT Vendors with Amkor Technology, ASE, JCET, SPIL & UTAC Dominating','',''; 'Global Big Data Market 2015-2020','',''; 'Data Center Rack Server Market Worth 90.56 Billion USD by 2021','',''; 'On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina Turns Traditional Celebration Cocktails Upside Down!','',''; 'E FUN Nextbook Flexx 9 2-in-1 Tablet Available at Walmart®','',''; 'Chrysalis Coaching & Consulting Wins Elite Businesswoman Award','',''; 'Merge VR Expands Distribution into Europe and Asia','',''; 'More Growth for Brands and Retailers: MyFavorito and 500 Startups Team Up to Supercharge B2C CRM','',''; 'Intergraph® Process, Power & Marine Releases CADWorx® 2017','',''; 'e-con Systems Announces its Smallest Low Power System-On-Module','',''; 'Move Over $5 - $4 is the New Value Leader in Town','',''; 'Asia's Top Cosmetics Review Site @cosme Announces THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2016','',''; 'DeepRadiology Announces the World's First Fully Autonomous Radiology Interpretation System','',''; '12/1/16: Verizon declares quarterly dividend','',''; 'Merge VR dehnt Vertrieb auf Europa und Asien aus','',''; 'LiT Coolers To Kick-Off Nationwide Introduction With Select ESPN Events Bowl Games','',''; 'GUESS?, Inc. opens first Retail Store in Asunción, Paraguay','',''; 'Red Lobster Celebrates the Holidays with Limited-Time, Seasonal Offerings','',''; 'ANSYS Names Industry Veteran Rick Mahoney To Lead Worldwide Sales','',''; 'When Making a Holiday Gift List, Check it Twice for Batteries','',''; 'Modular PXIe Digitizers for wideband applications','',''; 'Merge VR étend sa distribution en Europe et en Asie','',''; 'Quantum Purchases $5.4 Million of November 2017 Convertible Notes','',''; 'Game On: W Hotels Worldwide Blazes Into Sin City With W Las Vegas','',''; 'Compunetics Appoints Burhan Capar to Manage PCB Fabrication Business','',''; 'Qualcomm Announces Intent to Support New Amazon Web Services Greengrass Platform','',''; 'DTS Expands Selection Of Home Entertainment Titles Featuring DTS:X Audio With Complete "Bourne" Film Collection, Including The All-New "Jason Bourne"','',''; 'WorkWave Acquires GPS Heroes, Expanding Its Client Base And Telematics Offerings','',''; 'R.J. Brunelli & Co. Announces Leases For Dollar Tree, Verizon TCC, AAMCO, Max Challenge, Massage Envy, And Others','',''; 'Research and Markets - Global Emergency Lights Market 2016-2020: ABB, Acuity Brands, Beghelli, Daisalux, Legrand, R. STAHL & WISKA are the Industry's Shining Lights','',''; 'Holiday Shopping 2016: Mobile Wins and Black Friday Goes Digital','',''; 'Qualcomm Announces Intent to Support New Amazon Web Services Greengrass Platform','',''; 'Project A invierte en Onlineprinters: La impresión en línea, un sector en crecimiento','',''; 'Open Practices and Policies for Research Data in the Marine Community','',''; 'Microsemi to Present at Raymond James Technology Investors Conference and Barclays Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference','',''; 'Australian DevOps business to open office in US in 2017','',''; 'Trump breaks US stance with direct Taiwan call','',''; 'Vlada sprejela novi protitobačni zakon / podražitev cigaret','',''; 'Family Feud: Maras-Rooneys, better known as Giants-Steelers (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'ChipMOS Will Resume Its Trading at the Taiwan Stock Exchange on December 1, 2016 (Taiwan Time)','',''; 'Global Cloud-Based Contact Center Market 2016-2021: Disaster Recovery, Faster Deployment and Flexibility of Cloud Solution & Need for Compliance Management Drives the $15 Billion Industry - Research and Markets','',''; 'Se crea el Edge Computing Consortium para profundizar la transformación digital','',''; 'Janša ima več sledilcev na tviterju, kot je naklada Dela, Večera ali Dnevnika / #fakeshit','',''; 'Fading Vikings, losers of 6 of 7 games, almost out of time (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'How fast is your internet? How MLab uses CC0 data for the public interest','',''; 'ChipMOS and Tsinghua Unigroup Agree to Form Joint-Venture and Terminate Earlier Private Placement Plan','',''; 'LivePerson sees record-breaking 530 million visits over Cyber Weekend, up 11% over last year','',''; 'I premiati PDU con tecnologia con alta densità di attacchi (HDOT) PDU ora con rilevazione alimentazione per attacco','',''; 'Beseda leta / sodelujte z vašimi predlogi','',''; 'Silva's Week 13 Matchups (Rotoworld)','*http%3A//',''; 'Instant svet, instant ljudje, instant odnosi, instant življenje','',''; 'Arrowroot Capital Leads $16.5 Million Investment In MedNet Solutions','',''; 'Jason Witten's receptions streak ends at 130 games after catch wiped out (Shutdown Corner)','*http%3A//',''; 'SAS a Leader in 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools','',''; 'Cowboys blunt Viking's late rally to win 11th straight (AFP)','*http%3A//',''; 'How a Facebook Designer Thinks - Julie Zhuo (Facebook)','',''; 'Zimmer absence yields smooth transition, another Vikes loss (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'Wilber's big play keys Cowboys' 11th straight victory (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'Dose: Cowboys Hold Off Vikings (Rotoworld)','*http%3A//',''; 'Cowboys hold on against Vikings for 11th straight win (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'Vikings coach Mike Zimmer out vs. Cowboys after eye surgery (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'Cowboys beat Vikings 17-15 for 11th straight win (Reuters)','*http%3A//',''; 'Football-Cowboys beat Vikings 17-15 for 11th straight win (Reuters)','*http%3A//',''; 'Saints wary of Lions' penchant for performing in the clutch (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'A couple of controversial calls go Dallas' way, and the Cowboys escape with a win (Shutdown Corner)','*http%3A//',''; 'Vikings QB Bradford returns from hard hit by Cowboys (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'PageGate, NotePager Net and WebGate Support - RE: Verizon has modified their SMTP gateway','',''; 'Vikings get WR Diggs, CB Newman back to face Cowboys (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'PageGate, NotePager Net and WebGate Support - RE: Verizon has modified their SMTP gateway','',''; 'NFL-National Football League roundup (Reuters)','*http%3A//',''; 'PageGate, NotePager Net and WebGate Support - RE: Verizon has modified their SMTP gateway','',''; 'Robinson knocking down passes for NFC North-leading Lions (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'PageGate, NotePager Net and WebGate Support - RE: Verizon has modified their SMTP gateway','',''; 'Eurozone jobless rate below 10% for first time since 2011','',''; 'CBS adds live NFL games to its streaming video service (Reuters)','*http%3A//',''; 'PageGate, NotePager Net and WebGate Support - RE: Verizon has modified their SMTP gateway','',''; 'Rehab isn't helping, so Bears' Jay Cutler to have season-ending surgery (Shutdown Corner)','*http%3A//',''; 'UK manufacturing sector growth 'slows in November'','',''; 'PageGate, NotePager Net and WebGate Support - RE: Verizon has modified their SMTP gateway','',''; 'Without Zimmer, Vikings set to tackle Elliott, Cowboys (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'PageGate, NotePager Net and WebGate Support - RE: Verizon has modified their SMTP gateway','',''; 'Mike Zimmer will step aside with bad eye, let Mike Priefer coach Vikings on Thursday (Shutdown Corner)','*http%3A//',''; 'Bank governor Mark Carney warns on household debt','',''; 'Vikings coach Mike Zimmer will miss Thursday night home game against Dallas after emergency eye surgery (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'Breeze�s Week 13 IDP Breakdown (Rotoworld)','*http%3A//',''; 'Matchups: Cowboys @ Vikings (Rotoworld)','*http%3A//',''; 'Wednesday's Sports in Brief (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'Emergency eye surgery makes Zimmer uncertain for Thursday (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'Cowboys 1 win from franchise-best streak of 11 straight (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'Swan shot 21 times in 'appalling' attack in Hay-on-Wye','',''; 'Denbigh father-of-three died from chainsaw wounds','',''; 'No regrets over public cancer fight, Irfon Williams says','',''; 'Surging Cowboys bring a line to make Vikings envious (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'Cardiac rehabilitation uptake on the rise in Wales','',''; 'Severn bridge tolls January price rise announced','',''; 'Salvage operation after ship fire off Anglesey coast','',''; 'A449 fatal crash biker Neil Cottrell 'will be missed'','',''; 'Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer is having emergency eye surgery, leaving him uncertain for Cowboys game (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'Soldier murder: Brecon man guilty of killing Matthew Boyd','',''; 'Bagillt A548 road reopens after car and motorbike crash','',''; ''Missing brothers' found 'safe and well' on Anglesey','',''; 'NatWest bank to close nine branches across north Wales','',''; 'IS conflict: 1,950 Iraq security forces killed in November','',''; 'Recorded suicides see sharp annual rise in Wales','',''; 'Mother's drink-drive warning after death of son Arran Coen','',''; 'Powys Council seeks views on 10-year footpaths plan','',''; 'Syria conflict: Russia proposes safe corridors for Aleppo','',''; 'Mercedes-AMG E63 driven: 'This monster is clearly bonkers. The fastest ever made, it will leave you in awe'','',''; 'Brexit: Liam Fox promises full support for Welsh firms','',''; 'Anglesey lifeboat crews remember stricken Nafsiporos rescue','',''; 'Aberystwyth scientists hoping to find life on Mars','',''; 'Wales organ donations 'encouraging' in year after consent law','',''; 'Telegraph Cars top 7 must-drive European bridges','',''; 'Syria conflict: US coalition admits killing civilians in Manbij','',''; 'Motorcyclist seriously injured in A4080 Anglesey crash','',''; 'Pantycelyn halls: Student numbers 'must rise for funding bid'','',''; 'The Wolseley Hornet soft-top that got Britain buzzing','',''; 'North Wales' rail improvement call backed by 400 companies','',''; 'Dan Lydiate: Wales flanker out with knee ligament damage','',''; 'New Severn Crossing tolls – prices increased for 2017','',''; 'Gylfi Sigurdsson: Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino hails 'perfect' Swansea player','',''; 'Syria conflict: Clown of Aleppo 'dies in air strike'','',''; 'Charting for Success!','',''; 'India's own credibility will be at stake if Indus Waters Treaty is violated, says Pakistan','',''; 'Trump unlikely to 'insert' himself in Kashmir issue: Expert','india/Trump-unlikely-to-insert-himself-in-Kashmir-issue-Expert/articleshow/55746334.cms',''; 'Bruno Manga: Cardiff City defender set to leave in January, says Neil Warnock','',''; 'Blogger Jacqui Thompson could lose home to pay legal bill','',''; 'Pakistanis in US are a divided, disconcerted lot','',''; 'Did Donald Trump say all those 'fantastic' things about Nawaz Sharif?','',''; 'Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 belonging to Sir Henry 'Enry' Cooper up for auction ','',''; 'Renault Twingo GT driven: is this the most fun you can have in a city car?','',''; 'India takes tongue-in-cheek dig at Pakistan claims over Donald Trump call','india/Looking-forward-to-Donald-Trump-helping-Pakistan-deal-with-terrorism-says-India/articleshow/55728041.cms',''; 'Italia: ¿Por qué es decisivo el referéndum constitucional de este domingo?','',''; 'FDA approves Jardiance to reduce cardiovascular death in adults with type 2 diabetes','',''; 'Nafsiporos rescue: Greek officer's 'thanks' 50 years on','',''; 'Fight or flight','',''; 'Asthma Among Employed Adults, by Industry and Occupation — 21 States, 2013','',''; 'What to Do When iTunes Won’t Recognize Your iPhone','',''; 'Will never accept terrorism as ‘new normal’ of India-Pakistan relationship, says India','india/Will-never-accept-terrorism-as-new-normal-of-India-Pakistan-relationship-says-India/articleshow/55729121.cms',''; 'Servel asegura que tendrá padrón electoral “depurado” para 2017','',''; 'Food regulators seize adulterated milk products for food safety violations','',''; 'Blogger Jacqui Thompson: 'Council decides if I lose home'','',''; 'Terror in Taiz','',''; 'Ring WINDOWS 8 OS 1-800-681-7208 Tech Support Phone Number For Support','',''; 'Progress with Scale-Up of HIV Viral Load Monitoring — Seven Sub-Saharan African Countries, January 2015–June 2016','',''; 'Brexit: Every part of UK deserves our support, Liam Fox says','',''; 'End of an era for Audi as quattro GmbH changes its name','',''; 'US Congress seeks to condition portion of Pakistan funding','',''; 'Dinamarca: Planta de tratamiento de aguas se alimenta de energía con biogas de aguas servidas','',''; '$49 Windows tablets, $1,000 PC discounts, and 50','',''; 'Cardiac rehab services in Wales 'still inconsistent'','',''; 'Pakistan says Donald Trump called Nawaz Sharif 'a terrific guy' with 'a very good reputation'','',''; 'Directorio de Teletón: Entre la “solidaridad” y la colusión de farmacias, Penta y las coimas de LAN','',''; 'One of the best iPhone games gets a long-awaited update','',''; 'Cancer campaigner: 'Daddy will die sooner than most people'','',''; 'Pakistan's Supreme Court questions money trail of PM Sharif's London flats','',''; 'Taller “Los Artistas Perdidos” expone en Galería BAJ Metropolitana','',''; 'Notes from the Field: Large Tuberculosis Contact Investigation Involving Two Hospitals — Okaloosa County, Florida, 2014','',''; 'WhatsApp is about to stop working for millions of smartphone users','',''; 'Soldier murder: Matthew Boyd's death 'destroyed' family','',''; 'Pakistan asks UN to play role in resolving Kashmir issue','india/Pakistan-asks-UN-to-play-role-in-resolving-Kashmir-issue/articleshow/55706279.cms',''; 'Citación Asamblea General Ceals','',''; 'Pakistan can't afford to have bullet trains: Railway minister','',''; 'Paul Thurrott’s Short Takes: December 2','',''; 'Notes from the Field: Adverse Reaction After Vaccinia Virus Vaccination — New Mexico, 2016','',''; 'Iván Fuentes guarda silencio ante fiscal por caso de financiamiento irregular','',''; 'Carmarthen's historic Guildhall looks to the future','',''; 'Announcement: National Influenza Vaccination Week — December 4–10, 2016','',''; 'WhatsApp to end support for MILLIONS of phones','',''; 'TAG, peajes y otros favores: Los “milagrosos” contratos de las autopistas','',''; 'QuickStats: Percentage of Adults Aged ≥18 Years Who Cannot or Find It Very Difficult to Stand or Be on Their Feet for About 2 Hours Without Using Special Equipment, by Age Group and Sex — National Health Interview Survey, United States, 2015','',''; 'Canfod corff yn Sir Benfro wrth chwilio am ddynes ar goll','',''; 'Windows Surface Phone, Snapdragon 835, New Microsoft Display','',''; 'Arqueólogos hallan estructura de un antiguo templo al dios del viento en Ciudad de México','',''; 'Notifiable Diseases and Mortality Tables','',''; 'Athro o Landudno yn euog o droseddau lluniau plant','',''; 'Paula Bolatti realiza provocativa sesión de fotos y la comparte en redes','',''; 'Upgrade or say goodbye to Whatsapp','',''; 'Dathlu Cymreictod ar draws y byd','',''; 'Cuestionan asesoría de Longueira en proyecto hidroeléctrico en Aysén: “En el camino podría terminar preso”','',''; 'Shareholders press Microsoft CEO Nadella on mobile strategy','',''; 'Comisión de Deportes plantea Ministro Squella nuevo impulso a proyecto que aumenta horas de actividad física en colegios','',''; 'Funcionarios de Conycit denuncian despidos masivos','',''; 'Cosas que sólo pasan cuando eres la hermana mayor','',''; 'Museo Histórico Nacional homenajeará a Sonia Montecino por su obra “Madres y huachos”','',''; 'Era lesbiana y la asesinaron a tiros. Luego la policía bajó sus pantalones para verificar su sexo','',''; 'Gobierno confirma como prioridad proyecto de ley de migraciones','',''; 'Christmas tree fails','',''; 'Gambia: Cae dictador que llevaba 22 años en el poder','',''; 'Gobierno destacó iniciativas que se desarrollan en favor de los migrantes','',''; 'Winter wonder','',''; 'INDH entregó nuevos testimonios secretos de la Comisión Valech I','',''; ''A selfless gift'','',''; 'Salvajes celebraciones de graduación: sexo en público, orgías y desnudos (Fotos)','',''; 'Bancada PC-IC: “Hemos dado los primeros pasos en la priorización”','',''; 'EEUU: Trump asegura que no continuará “derrocando regímenes”','',''; 'Farage: Populist movements aren't racist','',''; 'Estudiantes llevan pasas a ministra Delpiano para que no olvide promesa de gratuidad','',''; 'John Kerry meets with Pope Francis','',''; 'Trump and Clinton aides discuss fake news','',''; 'Conoce la trágica leyenda de “La casa de la Tía Toña”…¡Pobres niños!','',''; 'Interview with James Gleick about his new book on the history of Time Travel','',''; 'Barriers, Opportunities, and Strategies for Urban Ecosystem Restoration: Lessons Learned from Restoration Managers in Rhode Island, U.S.A.','',''; 'Encontraron al “niño ángel” que ayudó en el primer rescate de la tragedia del Chapecoense','',''; 'I'm a gay priest','',''; 'Congressional Science Committee tweets link to Breitbart climate denial by self-confessed bullshit artist','',''; 'City Kitchen: Perfecting a Whole-Wheat Dinner Roll','',''; 'Documenting Models for Interoperability and Reusability (proceedings)','',''; 'Colombia comenzó la repatriación de los cuerpos de la tragedia del Chapecoense','',''; 'Cat vs. Mailman','',''; 'Banks on edge ahead of Italian referendum','',''; 'Sobol’ sensitivity analysis for stressor impacts on honeybee colonies','',''; 'From Somalia to U.S.: Ohio State Attacker’s Path to Violence','',''; 'Out of 8 companies surveyed, only Twitter would rule out helping Trump build a database of Muslims','',''; 'VIDEO: Golazo de Alexis Sánchez a Real Madrid es elegido el mejor de los clásicos en España','',''; 'Hungry City: Sichuan Dry Pot, from Subtle to Scorching, at MaLa Project','',''; 'Sandy Hook group releases powerful PSA','',''; 'Chemical Transformation System: Cloud Based Cheminformatic Services to Support Integrated Environmental Modeling (proceedings)','',''; 'Ohio State Attacker May Have Been ‘Inspired’ by Al Qaeda, F.B.I. Says','',''; 'This Loot Crate mystery box will make you feel like a kid again—$50 off','',''; 'What to Cook: What to Cook This Weekend','',''; 'Estos son los árboles-tumba en los que ‘entierran’ bebés. Parece horrible pero el motivo…','',''; 'Mom: Daughter cooked to death in sweat lodge','',''; 'Trump's pick to lead Treasury tried to kick woman out of her house over 27 cents','',''; 'Environmental Models as a Service: Enabling Interoperability through RESTful Endpoints and API Documentation','',''; 'Spirits of The Times: Rye Whiskeys, Young and Bucking for Manhattans','',''; 'La bella modelo que murió en la tragedia aérea del Chapecoense durante su primer vuelo como copiloto','',''; 'How to star in your next vacation video','',''; 'How to block telemarketers','',''; 'Design and Implementation of a REST API for the Human Well Being Index (HWBI)','',''; 'On the Runway: Fashion Steps Up at Standing Rock','',''; 'Betony, a Three-Star Restaurant in Midtown, Will Close','',''; 'Chilavert culpó a la Conmebol del accidente sufrido por el Chapecoense','',''; 'Lives: When Immigration Agents Came Knocking','',''; 'Trump sends clear message on post-election tour','',''; 'Biomarker analysis of American toad (Anaxyrus americanus) and grey tree frog (Hyla versicolor) tadpoles following exposure to atrazine.','',''; 'Tumblr of tweets from Trump supporters who regret voting for Trump','',''; 'Trump Backers Go to Court to Block Vote Recounts in 3 States','',''; 'Jennifer Lawrence sorprendió a todos con un ‘particular’ look en el estreno de Passengers','',''; 'San Bernardino victim: I thought this was it','',''; 'Boing Boing Gift Guide: Toys and more!','',''; 'Irving Fradkin, Founder of Dollars for Scholars Program, Dies at 95','',''; 'China: Política, comercio y protagonismo en Latinoamérica','',''; 'Judge John Hodgman: Judge John Hodgman on the Existence of Dragons','',''; 'Steering clear of pesticides when buying veggies','',''; 'Update: Weighing a Last-Minute Trip to Cuba','',''; 'Phenotypic screening for developmental neurotoxicity: mechanistic data at the level of the cell','',''; 'Ohioans Cheer Trump on ‘Thank You’ Tour','',''; 'On the Runway: DKNY Designers and C.E.O. Leave. Where Does It Go Next?','',''; 'The Tender Side of Edward Albee','',''; 'Florida atheists pair public nativity scene with a combustible Trump-themed Distrestivus pole','',''; 'Oriana Marzoli dedicó polémico Twitter a Luis Mateucci','',''; 'Tip: How to Keep Bees','',''; 'Reggie Bush on McKnight death: It makes no sense','',''; 'Assessing the Developmental Neurotoxicity of 27 Organophosphorus Pesticides Using a Zebrafish Behavioral Assay','',''; 'Broadway Home Looks Likely for ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’','',''; 'Why does long-term zero-g hurt astronauts' eyes? Mystery solved','',''; 'Using the parallelogram approach to estimate human percutaneous bioavailability for novel & legacy brominated flame retardants','',''; 'Michael James Delligatti, Creator of the Big Mac, Dies at 98','',''; 'Eat: A Shamelessly French Chicken in Cider','',''; 'Beloved Aleppo clown killed in airstrike','',''; 'Update: Want to Check Out Canada? Hotels and Resorts Are Ready','',''; 'Peter Gabriel confirma tercera edición del Festival WOMAD Chile: será gratuito y tributará a Violeta Parra en sus 100 años','',''; 'This 61-year-old potato farmer won an ultramarathon in 1983','',''; 'Judge to Slager jury: Keep working','',''; 'Cooking with Fire: The Mutagenicity- and PAH-Emission Factors of Solid-Fuel Cookstoves','',''; 'Q AND A: Best Eating in New York? A Food Historian Has Some Advice','',''; 'Accidente del Chapecoense: aseguran que la Conmebol ya tomó una decisión sobre el título de la Sudamericana','',''; 'Gambia’s President, in Power 22 Years, Loses Election','',''; 'Tony-Winning Play ‘The Humans’ Will Close on Broadway Jan. 15','',''; 'All the City’s a Stage','',''; 'Ousmane Sow, Sculptor of Larger-Than-Life Figures, Dies at 81','',''; 'This LEGO Addams Family Mansion needs to happen','',''; 'The Stone: I Am a Dangerous Professor','',''; 'Country star smacks fan during show','',''; 'Talk: Why Iggy Pop Traded In His Sports Car','',''; 'Gambians Choose Between Ruler of 22 Years and a United Opposition','',''; '¿Qué hay detrás de la salida de ASIPES de Luis Felipe Moncada?','',''; 'Evaluating Quality of Aged Archival Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Samples for RNA-Sequencing','',''; 'Review: Teenagers Sing to Survive in ‘Ride the Cyclone’','',''; 'DDoS attack on Finnish automated buildings disabled heating controls','',''; 'En Santiago lanzarán este viernes segunda novela sobre el “caso Aysén”','',''; 'The Thread: The 11.20.16 Issue','',''; 'Fetal Origins of Life Stage Disease: A Zebrafish Model for the Obesity Epidemic','',''; 'A resort island that travels to you','',''; 'Theater Listings for Dec. 2-8','',''; 'Marina Abramovic describes her harrowing 1974 performance of Rhythm 0','',''; 'California Today: California Today: Meet Your Next Attorney General','',''; 'Ahora acusan de evasión fiscal a Cristiano Ronaldo','',''; 'Use of high-throughput and in vivo data to support read-across predictions','',''; 'Mont Péko Journal: Ousting Squatter Farmers to Save Forest, Ivory Coast Sets Off New Crisis','',''; 'Airline offers mini-apartments in the sky','',''; 'Las fotografás en “Chantaje” que demuestran el plagio de Shakira a Rihanna','',''; 'Nancy Meehan, 85, Evocative Dancer and Choreographer, Dies','',''; 'Night Out: Joe Jonas Finally Feels Like Himself','',''; 'How Blue Turned to Green: Blue Man Group at 25 Years','',''; 'Science fiction vintage Japanese matchbox art mashup prints','',''; 'The impact of variation in scaling factors on the estimation of internal dose metrics: a case study using bromodichloromethane (BDCM)','',''; 'The Ethicist: Should I Call My Friend Out for Her ‘Service Dog’ Scam?','',''; 'Review: 5 Short Plays, Up-Close and Unsettled, Purposely','',''; 'Conozcan a la “sugar baby”, después de compartir 5 años de vida con hombres ricos','',''; 'Night Out: Night Out: Joe Jonas','',''; 'Watch Houdini the dog outsmart humans','',''; '30-year satellite image timelapses of notable places','',''; 'Progressive Increase in Disinfection By-products and Mutagenicity from Source to Tap to Swimming Pool and Spa Water: Impact of Human Use','',''; 'Tunisia Seeks Foreign Investment to Cement Democratic Gains','',''; 'Bites: A Restaurant Marks a Newly Creative City in Southern France','',''; 'Who’s Taping Whom? Paranoia Infuses Brazil’s Scandal-Ridden Politics','',''; 'How Banza, a Chickpea Pasta Start-Up, Thrives on Attention','',''; 'Carta abierta al ministro Valdés','',''; 'Sebastian Leone, Borough President Who Championed Brooklyn, Dies at 91','',''; 'How the government could kick Trump out of his own hotel','',''; 'Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016','',''; 'Homophobe-in-chief Mike Pence rented a house in DC, so his new neighbors are flying rainbow flags','',''; 'Gambia’s Leader Vowed to Rule for a Billion Years. A Vote Will Test That.','',''; 'Celebrating Shoes With Rihanna','',''; 'Stanley Rother, U.S. Priest Killed in ’81 in Guatemala, Is Declared a Martyr','',''; 'Frugal Family: Five Ways to Shop for the Best Vacation Package','',''; 'He Works Day and Night for the Nets. And the Other Nets.','',''; 'Social Q’s: What Do I Do About My Selfish Friends?','',''; 'Alrededor de 70 artistas participarán en Gala Artística Inclusiva en Valparaíso','',''; 'China's We Chat "shadow-bans" messages with forbidden keywords, but only for China-based accounts','',''; 'Canada Today: Pipeline Expansion, Musical Comedy and Identity','',''; 'Art, at High Altitudes','',''; 'Bernie Sanders: Trump just used your taxes to reward Carrier for offshoring American jobs','',''; 'Unbuttoned: Is All Fur Bad Fur?','',''; 'Review: Put on a Vest. Summon Magic. Beware of Moles. Save an Island.','',''; 'El insólito gol de un árbitro en Egipto','',''; 'Claims of Child Sexual Abuse in English Soccer Grow','',''; 'Holiday Gift Guide: Wireless headphones','',''; 'Knicks 106, Timberwolves 104: Knicks Outlast Timberwolves as Carmelo Anthony Hits Late Jumper in Win','',''; 'APNewsBreak: Union backed out of deal to add 26th player (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'Air plants in sea urchin shells','',''; '‘Hamilton Mixtape’ Performed Live From Richard Rodgers Theater','',''; 'The Holiday Windows of Manhattan','',''; 'Gastó US$1.600 para hacerse agujeros en la mejillas porque quería hoyuelos como su hijo de 11 años','',''; 'CNN Films: Enlighten Us Trailer','',''; 'In Canada, Feeling ‘Robbed’ of Indian Identity, and Benefits','',''; 'Modern Love: The Modern Love Podcast: Dan Savage Reads ‘DJ’s Homeless Mommy’','',''; 'Athletics sign 1B Yonder Alonso to $4M contract for 2017 (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'Washington data scientists: a chance to figure out how to use your skills for good','',''; 'More, More, More: That’s How They Like It','',''; 'Review: ‘Not That Jewish,’ but Funny Just the Same','',''; 'Nico Rosberg anunció su retiro tras ganar el campeonato de la Fórmula 1','',''; 'How a Trump Administration Could Reshape the Internet','',''; 'Questions over Syrian's 10-year jail sentence','',''; 'Colombia’s Congress Approves Peace Accord With FARC','',''; 'Catcher Rene Rivera, Mets agree to $1.75 million, 1-yr deal (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'Classical Music Listings for Dec. 2-8','',''; 'Foraging: Five Places to Shop in Tokyo','',''; 'New Zealand celebrates Dubai 7s win with haka','',''; 'Hamilton's eerie relevance to this moment in America's terrifying political journey','',''; 'A Producer Spearheads a Collective to Help Hispanics in Theater','',''; 'Critical Shopper: Where Enthusiasts of the Freeze Go for a Winter Coat','',''; 'Russian Central Bank Loses $31 Million in Cyber Attack','',''; 'Desempleo se mantiene estable a costa de la precarización del trabajo','',''; 'Asus Transformer Mini review: This 2-in-1 delivers good-enough computing on the cheap','',''; 'Jazz Listings for Dec. 2-8','',''; '26 Ways That Skiing Gets Better This Season','',''; 'Animated laughing sailors','',''; 'Will Trump's plan quell concerns?','',''; 'Yeah, He Influenced Dylan and Carlin','',''; 'Scouting Report: Fair Hopping, Parties and Shopping at Art Basel Miami Beach','',''; '34 Spaniards detained in tennis match-fixing investigation (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'ZTE ZMax Pro review: A budget-friendly behemoth of a smartphone','',''; 'Cinco Premios Nobel Alternativo compartirán con comunidad valdiviana','',''; 'President-Elect Jovenel Moïse of Haiti Vows to Create Plan to Channel Aid','',''; 'Pop & Rock Listings for Dec. 2-8','',''; 'Premature celebration: balancing a club on your nose','',''; 'Kamau: Old age 'scares the hell out of me'','',''; 'HP Spectre x360 review: Faster, smaller, and better than before ','',''; '¿Premonitorio? Un tripulante del avión del Chapecoense dejó un extraño mensaje en Facebook','',''; 'Yannick Noah to remain France Davis Cup captain for 2017 (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'Can Augmented Reality Make Motorcycles Safer?','',''; 'As a Distracted Brazil Mourns, Lawmakers Gut a Corruption Bill','',''; 'Critic's Notebook: ‘A Gun Show’ Raises Questions Beyond the Music','',''; 'Microsoft's "Holoportation" will virtually beam you into another room ','',''; 'How to carry a refrigerator while riding a bike','',''; 'Boy with cancer granted 'blow stuff up' wish','',''; 'Serena Williams: Women 'must continue to dream big' (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'Siguen los grandes gestos de Atlético Nacional: se dejará ganar si la Conmebol lo hace disputar la final ante Chapecoense','',''; 'Plextor M8Pe NVMe SSD: Looks fast, is fast','',''; 'How Computers Are Learning to Predict the Future','',''; 'Doomed Jet Carrying Brazilian Team Reportedly Ran Out of Fuel','',''; 'Never Too Old for a Tiara','',''; 'UK Members of Parliament exempt themselves from spying law','',''; 'Meditation for Real Life: How to Be Mindful Doing the Dishes','',''; 'SteelSeries Siberia 840 review: A minor (and optional) upgrade to the old Siberia 800','',''; 'Hallaron al “niño ángel” que ayudó a rescatar a los sobrevivientes de la tragedia del Chapecoense','',''; 'Boîte: Paul Sevigny Reopens Sway Lounge in SoHo','',''; 'Trump May Have Just Built His First Bridge to Silicon Valley','',''; 'Milos Raonic parts ways with coach Carlos Moya (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'President Obama sings 'Jingle Bells'','',''; '9 free ways to get the most out of Google's Play Music app ','',''; 'Astro A50 (2016) review: Better than ever, but the competition's still catching up','',''; 'Profesor de periodismo de la PUCV podría ser destituido tras denuncia de acoso sexual','',''; 'How to defer Windows 10 updates','',''; 'Two-time Wimbledon champ Kvitova, Pliskova exchange coaches (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'British politicians exempt themselves from warrantless spying under the Snoopers Charter','',''; 'Trump backers: People trust him','',''; 'Up Next: An Art World Player With a Warhol Pedigree','',''; 'Could This Browser Extension Be the Answer to Fighting Fake News?','',''; 'Republican congressmen question value of asteroid redirect mission','',''; 'Dodgers agree to 1-year deals with Van Slyke and Hatcher (Yahoo Sports)','*http%3A//',''; 'Trump Spokesmonster Scottie Nell Hughes: 'There's No Such Thing as Facts'','',''; '[FOTOS] Las musculosas piernas de Shakira que se robaron el show en la red carpet de los 40 Music Awards','',''; 'Sony X930D 4K UHD TV review: Color and HDR done the Sony way.','',''; 'A Close Call for Chapecoense's Demerson','',''; 'Facebook Will Use A.I. to Flag Offensive Live Streams','',''; 'Hulu is now offering its originals and Bond in 4K','',''; 'My keynote from the O'Reilly Security Conference: "Security and feudalism: Own or be pwned"','',''; 'Le Pro3 review: Flagship specs, low cost, and a horrible user experience','',''; 'Dolly Parton Pledges $1,000 a Month to Families Made Homeless by Tennessee Fires','',''; 'Jennifer Lawrence sorprendió a todos con un particular look en el estreno de Passengers','',''; 'Science Committee Tweets Climate-Change Denying Article','',''; 'Pirelli’s Reality Check: Portraying Beauty at Any Age','',''; 'FCC accuses AT&T and Verizon of violating net neutrality','',''; 'Album Review: John Legend: Love Songs That Bow to Dark Shadows','',''; 'Dems Want Info on Russian Role in Election Declassified','',''; 'El efecto Trump sobre el modelo chileno','',''; 'The Public Editor: Friday Mailbag: Videos, Photos, Tweets and Adjectives','',''; '2016 claims another victim: Your privacy','',''; 'With 28,000 LEDs, It’s Lights! Lights! Lights! Action!','',''; 'Tech Fix: Two Sous Vide Gadgets Face Off in a Kitchen Showdown','',''; 'La razón por la que esta chica de 18 años puso en venta su virginidad','',''; 'New App: 'White House Go'','',''; 'Professional football is the latest victim of a giant data leak','',''; '‘L’Amour de Loin’','',''; 'Super Mario on Your iPhone is Literally a Game Changer','',''; '12 Fotografías espeluznantes que desafían toda explicación','',''; 'The Atlas robot is getting better at chasing you down','',''; '¿Estás de acuerdo?: Estas son las 10 peores canciones del 2016, según la revista “Time”','',''; 'Hacking an Entire City Might Be Easier Than You Think','',''; 'MIT's AI figured out how humans recognize faces','',''; 'Daniil Trifonov at Carnegie Hall and ‘Salome’ at the Met','',''; 'Alejandra Zina: “Se maneja mucho de lo inconsciente cuando estás escribiendo”','',''; '3 Apps to Help You Monitor Teens Activities Online','',''; 'For Bon Iver, a Perfectionist 10','',''; 'Foxconn exec faces 10 years for stealing 5,700 iPhones','',''; '¿Miedo a los insectos? Este es el más grande del mundo (Fotos)','',''; 'The Nokia Phone Is Poised for a Comeback','',''; 'Facebook exec says it has 'a responsibility' to fight fake news','',''; 'Gujarat High Court ruling gives relief to etailers like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal','',''; '#Chapecoense: Filtran dramático video que muestra el momento del rescate de Erwin Tumiri','',''; 'On World AIDS Day, Apple Pledges More Support','',''; 'Climate change could spark major humanitarian crisis, experts say','',''; 'Flipkart's fashion unit Myntra bets on artificial intelligence to drive growth','',''; '¿Cuántos esclavos “trabajan para ti”? La triste realidad de la esclavitud del siglo XXI','',''; 'Claudia Conserva sorprende a sus seguidores de Instagram con fotografía sin maquillaje','',''; 'Why didn't Google make Chromebooks a priority this holiday season?','',''; 'Demonetisation: Myntra not mulling big discounts to boost sales','',''; 'Molestia causa negación de nacionalidad por gracia a Tompkins: Comparan su caso con el de Paulmann y O’Reilly','',''; 'UberPool coverage area doubles in London','',''; 'Yoga Gurus: The leaders behind India's hottest consumer products','',''; 'Rs 2.5 lakh crore won't come back into banking system: SBI','',''; 'Netflix Binging Just Got So Much Easier','',''; 'Learning and STEM toys we love','',''; 'Angie Jibaja criticó a la prensa peruana por publicar mentiras sobre los medios chilenos','',''; 'Demonetisation: Retailers at popular shopping hubs still accepting old currency','',''; 'Demonetisation will destroy 12% of black economy: India Ratings','',''; 'Once a Sci-Fi Staple, Cloaking is Becoming a Reality','',''; 'Intel and Amazon team up to help developers build Alexa devices','',''; 'Esta es la terrible verdad de TODO lo que hacen para que tú tengas Nutella, ¿Seguirás consumiéndola?','',''; 'The Neediest Cases: Raising 2 Young Children by Herself, in a Space That Feels Not Big Enough','',''; 'Borrowers in Maharashtra, MP and UP stop repaying MFI loans on waiver rumour','',''; 'KPIT acquires auto engineering services firm in Germany','',''; 'Protecting Your Internet Presence in the Age of Trump','',''; 'The House Science Committee is retweeting bad science','',''; 'Encontraron al “niño ángel” que ayudó en el primer rescate de la tragedia del Chapecoense','',''; 'Demonetisation: NHAI forgoes toll worth about Rs 1,238 crore','',''; 'Lady Gaga sorprendió a sus seguidores posando con lencería de “Victoria’s Secret” luego del desfile','',''; 'Anjan Mukhopadhyay appointed executive director at Bhel','',''; 'RBI may cut interest rate by 50 bps on December 7: HDFC CEO','',''; 'Internet Back-Up Creating Copy in Canada After Election','',''; 'Pros and cons: Our quick verdict on the new MacBook Pro','',''; 'JSW infra plans to sell 10 per cent stake: CEO Capt BVJK Sharma','',''; 'Diputados aprobaron Convención Interamericana que protege derechos humanos de los adultos mayores','',''; 'India Ratings lowers GDP forecast to 6.8% post demonetisation','',''; 'Google Chrome now defaults to HTML5 for most sites','',''; 'Idea Money’s wallets get fatter on load surge','',''; 'Chrome Extension Changes 'Alt-Right' to 'White Supremacy'','',''; 'Sowing of rabi crops rises 27% despite note ban','',''; 'Government buys time to amend its petition on combo drugs ban','',''; 'Fiscalía habría dado plazo hasta el lunes a Bancard para entregar mails con hijo de Piñera','',''; 'India projected to grow 7.6 per cent in 2017: UN report','',''; 'Crude jump: Subsidies unlikely to overshoot budget estimate','',''; 'Nuclear power most sustainable energy source: IAEA official','',''; 'Cybercrime network 'Avalanche' shut down in global sting','',''; 'SEC Slaps Tesla's Wrist Over Accounting Practices','',''; 'Banks not accepting pre-2005 Rs 1,000 notes','',''; 'Pharma companies bat for settlement out of court on FDC issue','',''; 'SAP launches real-time data analytics tool that works on voice commands','',''; 'All 11 RInfra toll plazas to go cashless from midnight','',''; 'ONU acusa a Teletón chilena de mostrar a personas con discapacidad como “objetos de caridad” y no como “sujetos de derecho”','',''; 'Cash shortage may slowdown GDP to 6.5% in Oct-Dec quarter: Nomura','',''; 'ATF price cut by 3.7%, LPG hiked by Rs 2 per cylinder','',''; 'Demonetisation: In planting season, trust and credit in full bloom in fields','',''; 'Essar Power commissions Hazira unit, completes 270mw project','',''; 'SBI Life Insurance may float IPO next year, says CEO','',''; 'The Engadget Podcast Ep 16: Feds Watching','',''; 'Japanese tech major Horiba opens Rs 100-crore centre in Chakan','',''; 'NASA Is Sending This Spacecraft on a Galactic Obstacle Course','',''; 'Common service centres to assist merchants in digital payments','',''; 'Lupin, Eli Lilly join hands for insulin launch','',''; 'ICYMI: Pinchers more powerful than dog jaws','',''; 'Un compuesto del vino puede ayudar en tratamientos contra la obesidad','',''; 'De-legalisation of currency erases Rs 1.5 trillion from FY17 GDP, growth to fall to 3-year low','',''; 'CCI approves Rosneft buyout of Essar Oil','',''; 'Sheela Foam IPO sees subscription of five times on last day','',''; 'Veggie wholesale rates crash, retail prices only dip in cities','',''; 'Wipro to sell EcoEnergy unit for $70 million','',''; 'Shipping ministry allocates Rs 110 crore towards coastal community development','',''; 'Sun Pharma in race for UK buyout in hospital-initiated & emergency care segment','',''; 'Drone Assist app tells UK pilots where it's safe to fly','',''; 'Científicos observan un cúmulo de galaxias naciendo en una nube gigante de gas frío','',''; 'Demonetisation: BofA cuts India's current fiscal growth forecast to 6.9%','',''; 'India invites global bids for filling strategic oil storage','',''; 'Sheela Foam gathers pace, subscribed 28%; issue closes today','',''; 'Centre adds 42 new seed varieties to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development list','',''; 'Jharkhand close to signing PPAs for 1.1 GW of solar power after delay','',''; 'Lupin partners Eli Lilly to market diabetes drug 'Eglucent'','',''; 'Sustancia de los hongos mágicos prueba su eficacia en tratamientos contra depresión, ansiedad y angustia','',''; 'Demonetisation took a toll on manufacturing sector growth in November: PMI','',''; 'Sugar prices expected to remain firm in the near term: IRCA','',''; 'Petrol price up by Rs 0.13 per litre, diesel price decreased by Rs 0.12 per litre','',''; 'Plex can pull media from Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive','',''; 'Delhi High Court quashes government ban on over 300 medicines like Corex, Saridon','',''; 'Declaración Primer Encuentro Continental de Mujeres y Feministas de ALBAMovimientos','',''; 'Fitch: India's fuel demand to benefit refiners, E&P to stay weak','',''; 'AngelList buys tech discovery site Product Hunt','',''; 'Microsoft, IBM, Intel refuse to hand over family jewels to China','',''; 'Delhi High Court verdict on combination drugs ban likely today','',''; 'Infrastructure sector growth jumps to 6-month high of 6.6% in October','',''; 'Traders making Rs 2.5 crore turnover a day from Kadalekai Parishe','',''; 'Francia: ¿Quién es el candidato de la derecha para las próximas presidenciales?','',''; 'Chemists officially add new elements to the periodic table','',''; 'Oil cos profitability to remain weak in 2017: Fitch','',''; 'Fiscal Deficit at 79.3 per cent of BE in October on Non-Tax revenue growth','',''; 'Amazon tries again with AppStream because customers didn't like it','',''; 'The Morning After: Friday, December 2, 2016','',''; 'Gobierno y Nueva Mayoría fijan criterios y mecanismos para establecer prioridades legislativas','',''; 'Diputado Pilowsky valora iniciativa de Hacienda de “autorizar inversión de parte del Fondo de Contingencia Estratégico en negocios y proyectos de Codelco”.','',''; 'Senador De Urresti presenta proyecto que obliga a alcaldes y concejales asumir cargos antes de renunciar','',''; 'Apple blames air for iPhone 6S's narcolepsy','',''; 'Windows 10 market share growth just barely has a pulse','',''; 'Salió con un hombre casado y terminó pagando las consecuencias (FOTOS)','',''; 'Amazonian Athena gifts the AWS team with the wisdom of SaaS on PaaS','',''; 'Reimagine with us, the FT's printed virtual reality guide to Dublin','',''; 'Office 365 deployments don't secure themselves?','',''; 'Hija de Paul Walker compartió emotivas imágenes del recuerdo con su padre [+ FOTOS]','',''; 'King's College London staggers from outage, replaces infrastructure services head','',''; 'HMS Queen Lizzie to carry American jets and sail in support of US foreign policy','',''; 'Chap creates Slack client for Commodore 64','',''; 'Guillier, Piñera, Lagos… ¿Y la izquierda qué?','',''; 'Imagine every mistake you can make with a new software rollout...','',''; 'Si quieres desaparecer de internet, esta web es para ti','',''; 'Diputadas PS llaman al gobierno a dar prioridad a agenda de género y aborto tres causales','',''; 'Exclusive: Team Trump's net neutrality guru talks to El Reg','',''; 'Qubes goes commercial to keep its secure VM-focused OS dream alive','',''; 'Revelan primeras imágenes de la nueva serie de la gitana “Perla” [+ FOTOS]','',''; 'Educación sexual: una pieza clave y ausente en la prevención del VIH/SIDA','',''; 'Axel Springer boss defends Facebook in fake news controversy','',''; '¡Increíble! La Barbie humana mostró su cara real (FOTO)','',''; 'Internet of Things alliance LoRa: Licence to WAN? Yes please','',''; 'Las experiencias religiosas activan los mismos circuitos cerebrales que las drogas y el sexo','',''; 'HPE UK preps the redundancy ride as Chrimbo looms','',''; 'Seguidores del Everton obligan a Koeman a cambiar su árbol de Navidad','',''; 'Microsoft refuses to join the Zero Outage brigade, Google and AWS keep mum','',''; 'LAB ESCÉNICO 2017: Más de 100 actividades gratuitas de formación artística','',''; 'Corte confirmó maltrato a Lorenza solo por ser Mapuche','',''; 'Brexit means Brexit: What the heck does that mean...','',''; 'EU court to determine how Uber's business should be defined','',''; 'Building IoT London: More speakers, workshops added to programme','',''; 'Esta modelo “plus size” se “desnudó” en el metro de Nueva York para dar una fuerte lección (vídeo)','',''; 'Sysadmin figures out dating agency worker lied in his profile','',''; 'Categórico fallo de la Suprema en favor de Lorenza Cayuhán: Parto engrillado fue atentatorio, vejatorio y discriminador','',''; 'Online lending, payments startups can apply for bank-like status','',''; 'Trump's FCC will soak net neutrality in gas and toss in a lit match','',''; 'Estas fotografías te harán sentir incómod@, pero no podrás dejar de verlas','',''; 'Portable headphones that make the best gifts','',''; 'Soon only Ticketmaster will rip you off: Concert scalper bots face US ban','',''; 'Mujer descubre que se salvó de morir luego de ver esta fotografía','',''; 'Here’s how to spot fake news','',''; 'Still too much discretion when it comes to that 'terrorism' stuff, repeats David Anderson QC','',''; 'Credo Mobile reveals FBI sought customers’ phone records','',''; 'Trabajadores de Simsa JM le quiebran la mano a empresa y conquistan demandas laborales y sociales','',''; 'It’s Brexploitation! Microsoft punishes UK for Brexit with cloud price-gouging','',''; 'Samsung share plummets – but it’s not because of the Burning Note','',''; 'Ho ho? Oh, no! It's too warm for Boston holiday wonderland','',''; 'Donald Trump secures his ties with scotch tape','',''; 'J&J ordered to pay $1 billion for faulty hip implants','',''; 'La foto ‘prohibida’ de Jennifer Lopez que no quiere que veas','',''; 'Post-IPO Pure doing all right, says NVMe is the new flash','',''; 'Macaw poses in man's mug shot after unlucky court appearance','',''; '‘Hamilton’ CD features songs by Alicia Keys, Sia, Usher','',''; 'Siria: Alepo, cada vez más cerca del final del sitio','',''; 'Business News Roundup, Dec. 2','',''; 'LeEco Le Pro 3: Low-cost, high-spec Droid takes on the big boys with a big fat batt','',''; 'European Council agrees to remove geoblocking','',''; 'Man charged with burglary after being stuck in pizzeria vent','',''; '‘La La Land’ named best film by New York film critics','',''; 'Después de 40 años sale a la luz el capítulo censurado del Chavo del 8. Puedes verlo aquí','',''; 'SolarCity to open Florida facility','',''; 'Retiring worker sends exit survey complaints to 2K employees','',''; 'Social media has failed us and the nation','',''; 'Congrats America, you can now safely slag off who you like online','',''; 'Gratuidad vía becas genera dudas sobre el destino de reforma a la educación superior','',''; 'AngelList buys Product Hunt','',''; 'NSW government innovates, with visa workers taking over IT roles','',''; 'New York-made beer to be sold in China starting next year','',''; '49ers’ defensive lineman Chris Jones has dealt with pain','',''; 'Raiders GM McKenzie gives updates on Mario Edwards Jr., Aldon Smith','',''; 'Selena Gomez rules Instagram; Conan tweets; Starbucks CEO to quit','',''; 'Netflix and fill – our coffers: Canada mulls taxing vid streaming giant 5% of subs cash','',''; 'Chip Kelly’s protege gets Oregon questions; Quinton Patton returns','',''; 'Vic Tafur’s NFL picks for Week 13','',''; 'Part-time school administrator in New Jersey paid $850 a day','',''; 'Airbnb agrees to limit private rentals in London, Amsterdam','',''; '49ers’ Chip Kelly says he’s not returning to Oregon','',''; 'Raiders mend their sinful ways, draw fewer flags','',''; 'A selection of first sentences from new books, Dec. 4','',''; 'Dam! Eager beaver knocks over store's Christmas decorations','',''; 'Olympic hero Michael Phelps looks to dip his toes in tech','',''; 'Google turns on free public NTP servers that SMEAR TIME','',''; 'Bust to keeper? 49ers’ McDonald making big plays in contract year','',''; 'Homeowner's sign to prostitutes: 'Do not walk by this house'','',''; 'Khalil Mack-of-all-trades does it all for Raiders’ defense','',''; 'Dear Abby: Man drains family savings to fund failed enterprise','',''; 'Rams’ Jeff Fisher tells Eric Dickerson: Don’t expect favors','',''; 'Bloomberg optimistic at start of climate change summit','',''; ''AWS is fast, punches above its weight, stings Oracle, but no knockout'','',''; 'Fantasy football: Leaving points on the bench is no fun','',''; 'Horoscope for Friday, 12/2/16 by Christopher Renstrom','',''; 'School district temporarily pulls classics after complaint','',''; 'Marin’s Darcy McFarlane returns with UNC soccer for NCAA semis','',''; 'Ship traffic, December 2','',''; 'For environmental dogs, sniffing out doody is their duty','',''; 'How A’s are affected by baseball’s new labor agreement','',''; 'Business News Roundup, Dec. 1','',''; 'Criss charms hometown crowd in Feinstein’s show','',''; 'New York man caught speeding had license suspended 46 times','',''; 'Big Mac creator dies, Twin Peaks shrinks, Levi’s shoots from hip','',''; '‘Hamilton’ single tickets go on presale Monday','',''; 'New York City woman finds lost wedding ring in trash dump','',''; 'AWS CTO: 'I truly hated the relationship with software tool vendors'','',''; '53-pound snapping turtle saved from pipe','',''; 'Sundance unveils diverse slate of competition films','',''; 'American supremacy, space, liability, funding, openness – AI gurus lay it all out to US senators','',''; '‘Moana’ a Disney hit, but portrayal irks some Pacific Islanders','',''; 'Blame wages and turtle doves: '12 Days' now costs $34,363','',''; 'Commercial pilot lands 2nd career in fine arts','',''; 'Finally. BlackBerry lobs out new BB10 OS update','',''; 'Friendly otter jumps onto kayak, joins birthday celebration','',''; 'Darlene Love brings holiday show back to the Nourse','',''; 'This Week In Race: Dog Whistles, Dreamers And Dead Dictators','',''; 'Prosecutors Agree To Drop Assault Charges Against Former Cleveland QB Johnny Manziel','',''; 'Renewed calls for Tesla to scrap Autopilot after number of crashes','',''; 'Americans Don't Trust Scientists' Take On Food Issues ','',''; 'Crisis Counselor Recalls Losing Fiancé In San Bernardino Attack','',''; 'Wearable eats wearable: Fitbit 'to buy Pebble' with a steal of a deal','',''; 'Why U.S.-Philippine Relations Could Improve Under Trump Presidency','',''; 'Brit upstart releases free air traffic app for drone operators','',''; 'A Million Dollar Prize For A Doctor Who Goes The Extra Mile','',''; ''Bloomberg' Reporter Enlists Experts To Become An Instagram Influencer','',''; 'Are Food Allergies On The Rise? Experts Say They Don't Know','',''; 'Past Advisers Outline Challenges Of Presidential Transitions','',''; 'On This 'Tree Of Treasures' There's No Such Thing As An Ordinary Ornament','',''; 'Fresh Air Remembers Country Superstar Charlie Rich','',''; 'Prosecutors Agree To Drop Assault Charges Against Former Cleveland QB Johnny Manziel','',''; 'Trump's Pick For Defense Secretary Known For Independent Thinking','',''; 'ISIS Drove Them From School. Now The Kids Of Mosul Want To Go Back','',''; 'Women Face The Unpredictable In 'Jackie,' 'Things To Come'','',''; 'Fresh Air Remembers Artist William Christenberry, Chronicler Of The Rural South','',''; ''A Poem For Peter' Recalls One Unforgettable 'Snowy Day'','',''; 'Jury In S.C. Police Shooting Trial Says It Is Struggling To Reach Verdict','',''; 'This Week In Race: Dog Whistles, Dreamers And Dead Dictators','',''; 'Ohio State Student Reporter Recalls Previous Interview With Attacker','',''; 'Is Trump's Deal With Carrier A Form Of Crony Capitalism?','',''; ''Jackie' Captures The Brittle Sadness Of A First Lady In Mourning','',''; 'In Prison And Outside, He Found His 'Iota Of Light': A Mentor Named Fred','',''; 'Week In Politics: Trump Begins 'Thank You' Tour In Indiana','',''; 'Sky: Stuff your quad play – customers want separate bills','',''; ''Bloomberg' Reporter Enlists Experts To Become An Instagram Influencer','',''; 'In Prison And Outside, He Found His 'Iota Of Light': A Mentor Named Fred','',''; 'Pop Culture Happy Hour: 'Gilmore Girls' And 'Moana'','',''; 'NVMe too brigade update: DDN sees limited appeal in NVMe fabrics','',''; 'Trump Returns To Campaign Tone In First Post-Election Rallies','',''; 'For Advertisers, Fake News Is Not The Biggest Problem','',''; 'Movie Review: 'Jackie' Stars Natalie Portman As Jacqueline Kennedy','',''; 'Legal Battles Over Abortion Continue In States Across U.S.','',''; 'Keith Ellison's Bid To Lead The DNC Faces Increasing Resistance','',''; 'Instagramps: Long-Distance Grandpa's Art Carries His Love Across The World','',''; 'Through 'The Eyes of My Mother' We See A Young Woman Grow Into A Vicious Killer ','',''; 'Trump's Dispute With Las Vegas Hotel Employees Poses Potential Conflict','',''; 'Nokia restores ‘Phones’','',''; 'Trump's Defense Pick Challenges Rules Regarding Civilian Control Of The Military','',''; 'Uber Now Tracks Passengers' Locations Even After They're Dropped Off','',''; 'Sandy Hook Gun Lawsuit Heads To Connecticut Supreme Court','',''; 'A Parisian Woman's Tightly Woven Sense Of Self Begins To Unravel In 'Things To Come' ','',''; 'Jury In S.C. Police Shooting Trial Says It Is Struggling To Reach Verdict','',''; 'Lab-Grown Diamonds Come Into Their Own','',''; 'Obama Administration Appeals Judge's Ruling To Block Overtime Pay Rule','',''; 'When Private Grief Meets Public Duty: The Intimate, Hypnotic 'Jackie' ','',''; '5 Fact Checks From Trump's Cincinnati 'Thank-You Tour' Kickoff','',''; 'Judges Have More Power In Granting Warrants To Hack Digital Devices','',''; 'S.C. Jury Deliberates Case Of Ex-Police Officer Who Killed Motorist','',''; 'In The Dark Crime Thriller 'Old Stone,' A Taxi Driver Turns Amateur Detective','',''; 'No Internet Connection? No Problem. Netflix Adds Offline Viewing','',''; 'Ginger Rogers And The Case Of The Authorized Editions','',''; 'Judges Have More Power In Granting Warrants To Hack Digital Devices','',''; 'Not A Hack: U.S. Office Of Government Ethics Tweets At Trump','',''; ''Manchester By The Sea' Director Probes The Drama And Humor Of Grief','',''; 'Blocking Supplies To Pipeline Protesters Would Be 'Huge Mistake,' N.D. Governor Says','',''; 'Once skeptical, Osseo parent group happy with district's racial equity policy','',''; '2 New Works Confront The Refugee Crisis With Empathy And Humanity','',''; 'U.S. Imposes Nationwide Ban On Smoking In All Public Housing ','',''; 'All they want for Christmas? A special session deal','',''; 'Prosecutor Says N.C. Officer Acted Lawfully In Shooting Death Of Black Man','',''; 'EPA proposes rule requiring mines to cover clean-up costs','',''; 'Supreme Court Tests Whether Detained Immigrants Have Right To Hearing','',''; 'As Minnesota gets new refugee allocation, a primer','',''; 'How President Trump Could Help Deepwater Oil Prospects','',''; 'Justice Department Announces New Package Of Federal Prison Reforms','',''; 'New study: Vast majority of people who are depressed do not seek help','',''; 'The NHL's Best Teams For The Money','',''; '14 Surprising Facts About Health Savings Accounts (HSA)','',''; 'Warmest fall on record; season’s coldest air next week','',''; 'Ask Larry: Disabled and Later Widowed? Don't Miss the Enormous Widows Benefit Freebee!','',''; 'Grand Gulf Nuclear, Source Of 20% Of Mississippi's Power, Gets License Renewed Until 2044','',''; 'Jury deadlocked on cop shooting the world saw','',''; 'How Trump, GOP Will Maul Medicare','',''; 'Downtown Twin Cities investments displace low-income renters','',''; 'OPEC's Dead Cat Bounce','',''; '4 Ways For Baby Boomers To Benefit From Rising Interest Rates','',''; 'Mills drops push for MN 8th District race recount','',''; 'How Bad Will Donald Trump Be For Renewable Energy?','',''; ''University Of Missouri-St. Louis Psychologist And Gerontologist Records, Studies Life Stories'','',''; 'Mexico's Deep-Water Oil Round: The Time Of Truth For Energy Reform?','',''; 'Wisconsin election recount begins; Michigan's is challenged','',''; 'Will Millennials Be Able To Retire? Following These 3 Tips May Help','',''; '4 Things Successful Leaders Need To Know About Their Own LinkedIn Profile','',''; 'Trump Slump: Economic Growth One Percent Lower In 2017 From Policy Changes','',''; 'Reconsidering the great Christmas lie','',''; 'Why It's Time For Emergency Fund 401(k)s','',''; 'The Changing U.S. Political Climate May Make Room For A Lot Cleaner Coal Plants','',''; 'Woman pulled from building rubble in Sioux Falls, search continues for missing man','',''; '3 Stupid Mistakes Smart People Make In Second Interviews','',''; 'Ask Larry: ​I'm 68. Can I Still Raise My Retirement Benefit?','',''; 'A Paper Tiger Roars And The Oil Market Soars','',''; 'Unemployment rate drops to 4.6 percent, lowest level since 2007','',''; 'How The Great Recession Left A Lasting Legacy On Millennial Families','',''; 'Morocco Continues Renewable Push with 100% Pledge','',''; 'Enjoy heartbreak? Be a school bus driver','',''; '5 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Retirement','',''; 'Despite OPEC's Output Cut Oil Market Rebalancing Has Some Distance To Run','',''; 'Bitterness overwhelms as Trump and Clinton campaign staffers face off at Harvard','',''; 'Five Tips To Retire Before 50','',''; 'A Simple Formula To Help Leaders Reduce Overwhelm','',''; 'Shooter Who Killed Ex-NFL RB Released Without Charge','',''; 'Three Year Timeline Offered to Move Eastern Med Gas to Global Market','',''; 'Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker expects little change after recount','',''; '5 Ways To Play The OPEC Production Cut','',''; 'Russia Is Eager To Add South Africa To Its Impressive Backlog For New Nuclear Plants','',''; 'Mostly cloudy stretch; chance of Sunday flakes','',''; 'The U.S. States With The Most Student Debt [Infographic]','',''; 'Why You Might Want To Wait A Year If You're Considering Roth Conversion In 2016','',''; 'Coal down in Italy as Commodity Loses Favor across Europe','',''; 'Hot-dog tiaras and other '70s Dinner Party' delicacies','',''; 'Ho ho? Oh, no! It's too warm for Boston holiday wonderland','',''; 'Russia emergency teams look for debris of crashed spacecraft','',''; 'The Latest: In wildfires, son says parents 'died happy'','',''; 'Can U.S. Equities 'Melt-Up' Continue Amid Trump's Early Messages','',''; '10 Ways To Manage Your Energy At Work','',''; 'Forecast shows state budget remains steady','',''; 'Psychiatric hospital worker charged with molesting patients','',''; 'Russia: Space ship malfunctions, breaks up over Siberia','',''; 'Death Toll Grows to 13 in Devastating Tennessee Wildfire','',''; '10 Reasons To Convert To A Roth IRA','',''; 'Macaw poses in man's mug shot after unlucky court appearance','',''; 'The Happiest Companies To Work For In 2017','',''; 'Duluth Christmas tree thief strikes','',''; 'OPEC Announcement Sets The Table For Bringing Stability To Oil Prices','',''; 'Nations OK European Space Agency's mission to Mars in 2020','',''; 'Mindful Money: Three Simple Psychological Tricks To Hack Your Holiday Spending','',''; 'Vets Descend on Standing Rock: We'll Protect Protesters','',''; 'The Latest: Hundreds attend vigil for slain officer','',''; 'Man charged with burglary after being stuck in pizzeria vent','',''; 'MLB changes World Series home-field format rules (Reuters)','*http%3A//',''; 'The Happiest Companies To Work For In 2017','',''; 'Positioning Your Portfolio For President Trump','',''; 'Police hail parents who found, disarmed son at Utah school','',''; 'Buzz Aldrin recovers in New Zealand after polar evacuation','',''; 'Genworth's CEO On The Future Of Long-Term Care Insurance, Public Coverage, And Going Private','',''; 'For environmental dogs, sniffing out doody is their duty','',''; 'Woman faces murder charges after body found in driveway','',''; 'Baseball-MLB changes World Series home-field format rules (Reuters)','*http%3A//',''; 'Police Release Gunman Who Killed Ex-NFL Player','',''; 'U.S. Cities With The Fastest-Growing Economies','',''; 'Lyles, Rockies agree to $3,175,000, 1-year deal (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'The Empire Strikes Back: It's Way Too Soon To Write Oil's Obituary','',''; 'Study: Biggest tornado outbreaks are spawning more twisters','',''; 'Extraordinary Smokies wildfire moved fast on path to city','',''; 'Can Mentoring Change Aging In America?','',''; 'Le bébé qui parle','',''; '10 U.S. Cities With The Fastest-Growing Economies','',''; 'Red Rider themes by moonmilk','',''; 'Brazil's Corrupt Congress Will Never Stop Petrobras Investigation','',''; 'Thomas Edison's lab door key, lightbulbs up for auction','',''; 'Win A Holiday Getaway For The Kindest Person You Know','',''; 'Lawyers: Shooting suspect too immature for death penalty','',''; 'Ohio St. admin derided over call for compassion for attacker','',''; 'Five Year-end Planning Mistakes To Avoid','',''; 'Retiring worker sends exit survey complaints to 2K employees','',''; 'Terreur sur la ligne','',''; 'How Workers In Their 50s And 60s Can Thrive In Today's Fast-Changing World','',''; 'Spike back to minors after filling in as Rangers 3B coach (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; '5 Ways To Play The OPEC Production Cut','',''; 'EPA to require mines to offer cleanup assurances','',''; 'Ask Larry: ​Is Money From An Invention Count​ed​ Under The Social Security Earnings Test?','',''; 'Chef credited with inventing General Tso's chicken has died','',''; 'Police: Thief stole 86 lb. bucket of gold flakes worth $1.6M','',''; '01 birdie - vampire deer by pyramid termite','',''; 'What's A Performance Improvement Plan? I Just Got Mine','',''; 'Massive New Energy Use Data Resource Coming This January','',''; 'Homeowner's sign to prostitutes: 'Do not walk by this house'','',''; 'Tanning company fined for storing dangerous waste','',''; 'The Middle Of The Night by chococat','',''; 'NASA spacecraft embarks on ring-skimming mission at Saturn','',''; 'Obamas Light National Christmas Tree for the Final Time','',''; 'Police: Decomposed body found in homeless camp','',''; 'Harold Hamm Gains $3B As OPEC Deal Pops Shares Of America's Oil Frackers','',''; 'New York-made beer to be sold in China starting next year','',''; 'After new regulations, Oklahoma's shakes calm down a bit','',''; 'MLB players, owners reach tentative labor deal (The Associated Press)','*http%3A//',''; 'Trump, backers ask courts to halt or block 3 state recounts','',''; 'Seattle to open 3 new sites to house homeless','',''; 'OPEC Agrees To Crude Oil Production Cuts But Will It Matter?','',''; 'New York man caught speeding had license suspended 46 times','',''; 'Hot Stove Digest: Don't believe those Edwin Encarnacion rumors (Big League Stew)','*http%3A//',''; 'San Bernardino recalls terror attack with silence, speakers','',''; '4 Common (But Preventable) Reasons Your Millennial Employees Are Tuning You Out','',''; 'Podcast: Dexter Fowler takes us inside his free-agency experience (Big League Stew)','*http%3A//',''; 'Energy Stocks Sparkle As OPEC Delivers On Production Cuts','',''; 'These 15 Acts of Kindness Will Make You Happy Cry','',''; 'The Devil Is In The Details But The Angels Are In The Vision','',''; 'If Wrigley Field were made of gingerbread, would you eat it? (Big League Stew)','*http%3A//',''; 'The Oil And Gas Situation - November 2016 Edition','',''; 'Your Guide To Making Unrelated Experience Look Relevant On Your Resume','',''; 'Saudi Arabia Pulls Off Deal To Cut OPEC Oil Production','',''; 'Uni-Select Inc.: FinishMaster acquires Autobody Supply Co., adding nine locations in Ohio','',''; 'IEA Projects a 75% Increase In Oil Prices By 2020','',''; 'How To Attract And Retain Millennials And Get Them To Do Their Life's Best Work For You','',''; 'Student Sues Walden U.: 'I Wasted Six Years of My Life'','',''; 'Uni-Sélect inc.: FinishMaster acquiert Autobody Supply Co., ajoutant neuf emplacements en Ohio','',''; 'OPEC News Leaks Already Moving Markets, Prices Spike','',''; 'Why You're Not Getting Promoted: 4 Career Growth Mistakes','',''; 'John Kerry Visits Pope Francis Before Rome Security Summit','',''; 'The Top 6 Communication Skills That Will Get You Promoted','',''; 'How To Compete With The Younger Generation When You Can Only Work 9-5','',''; 'ViXS Systems Sets Date for Release of Q3 Fiscal 2017 Results','',''; 'Martin Shkreli Price-Hike Drug Reproduced by Schoolkids','',''; 'How Leaders Can Optimize Their Employees' Working Conditions','',''; 'DIAGNOS annonce l'octroi d'options d'achat d'actions','',''; 'DIAGNOS Grants Stock Options','',''; 'Konica Minolta lance une nouvelle version de Dispatcher Phoenix ECM : efficacité assurée pour les clients dans l'ensemble de leur l'entreprise','',''; 'Dundee Corporation Announces the Sale of the Assets of Its Capital Markets Business to New Employee-Owned Entity','',''; 'Wildfire Destruction Revealed From Above','',''; 'Konica Minolta Releases New ECM Edition for Enterprise-wide Efficiency','',''; 'Shareholders Approve Plan of Arrangement With Cardtronics PLC','',''; 'New America Energy Corp. (OTC: NECA) Announces Appointment of Director of Acquisitions','',''; 'The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland Celebrates the Holiday Season With Holiday and Teddy Bear Teas and the Ultimate Christmas Day Brunch','',''; 'Stingray Musique lance un lecteur Web gratuit','',''; 'Laser Derm & Wellness Centre announces a name change to Laser and Skin Care MedSpa','',''; 'Stingray Music Launches Free Online Music Player','',''; 'Medical News Today: Drinking plenty of fluids when ill may do more harm than good','',''; 'What Is My Life Expectancy If I Have Lupus?','',''; 'Historian and activist reveal long and forgotten history of Toronto's poor people's resistance','',''; 'Financial 15 Split Corp. Completes Overnight Offering of $38,250,000','',''; 'Lucara Addresses Recent Botswana Media Reports','',''; 'Rubicon Minerals Announces Creditor Approval of Restructuring Plan','',''; 'Ontario Building Trades endorse approval of pipeline projects that will create jobs across country: Dillon','',''; 'Déclaration de ressources Éco-Niobium Inc. relativement son projet de développement durable à Oka','',''; 'Hamilton-Brantford Building & Construction Trades Council welcomes pipeline announcement','',''; 'Medical News Today: Magic mushroom compound may help ease cancer-related depression ','',''; 'Horizonte Minerals Closes Second and Final Tranche of £9 Million Fundraise for Araguaia Feasibility Study','',''; 'Helius Medical Technologies and HealthTech Connex Announce Preliminary Research Results','',''; 'Medical News Today: Daily aspirin could save lives of older Americans at risk of heart disease','',''; 'Columbus Gold Announces Adoption of Shareholder Rights Plan','',''; 'Medical News Today: Bone Bruise: Symptoms, Treatment, and Outlook','',''; 'Farm or pasture, not as critical as ownership of new Ottawa hospital, Liberals' plan will downsize services, union suggests','',''; 'Prevention of RNA viruse replication','',''; 'Canadian #BuilderTech: Future Proof Real Estate with World-Class Canadian Technology Solutions for Builders and Renovators','',''; 'Researchers develop novel wound-healing technology','',''; 'Medical News Today: Why are some musicians better at sight-reading?','',''; 'Enzyme research provides a new picture of depression','',''; 'Psoriasis on the Eyelids: Symptoms and Treatment','',''; 'Medical News Today: Does vitamin D level at birth predict risk of MS? ','',''; 'TECSYS Reports Financial Results for Second Quarter of Fiscal 2017','',''; 'Depression vs. Sadness: How to Tell the Difference','',''; 'Back to the start: Re-activation of embryonic genes leads to muscle aging','',''; 'Namaste Establishes Channel on Peeks Social Commerce Platform','',''; 'The Future of Transportation in Ontario: Building Today for Tomorrow's Economy','',''; 'Tanager Energy Announces Success With Joffre Well','',''; 'Sprott Resource and Adriana Resources to Hold Conference Call to Discuss Proposed Business Combination','',''; 'Speak Up for Justice -- Almas Jiwani Pins Down Critical Issues Facing Women at the 2nd International Women & Justice Summit in Istanbul, Turkey','',''; 'Crystal Exploration Inc.: Private Placement','',''; 'Finalists Announced for 13th Annual BC National Non-Fiction Award','',''; 'Genetic link to fatal health condition could aid future treatment','',''; 'Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc: Purchase of Shares by a PDMR','',''; 'Highland Copper Announces Debt Conversion','',''; 'Mettrum's Provides Update on Voluntary Recall','',''; 'Survey of New York City soil uncovers medicine-making microbes','',''; 'Excalibur Joins OTCQB','',''; 'Gene discovered to cause rare, severe neurological disease','',''; 'INVESTOR ALERT: Levi & Korsinsky, LLP Notifies Shareholders of Avid Technology, Inc. of a Class Action Lawsuit and a Lead Plaintiff Deadline of January 20, 2017 -- AVID','',''; ' Names Alan Black as Chief Financial Officer','',''; 'Great Lakes Graphite Positions for Growth with Committee Appointments','',''; 'Our closest worm kin regrow body parts, raising hopes of regeneration in humans','',''; 'McMaster TAs and RAs negotiate to improve working conditions on campus','',''; 'Turquoise Hill Resources announces Oyu Tolgoi suspends concentrate shipments due to border crossing matters','',''; 'Highland Copper Extends White Pine Acquisition Closing and Reports AGM Results','',''; 'The Economic Club Presents: Canadian Oil and Natural Gas: Fuel for a Better Future','',''; 'Reunion Gold Announces Option Agreement for the Haute Mana gold project','',''; 'National Exempt Market Association Names New President','',''; 'Barrick Announces Final Results and Settlement of $650 Million Debt Tender Offer','',''; 'Horizonte Minerals Plc - TR-1: Notification Of Major Interest In Shares','',''; 'Phoenix-Based Bankruptcy Attorneys Provide Advice For Keeping Holiday Spending In Check & Avoiding Debt -- Oswalt Law Group','',''; 'Saint Jean Carbon Announces Amendment to the Terms of Flow-Through Share Private Placement and Commencement of Unit Private Placement','',''; 'American Lithium Adjusts Private Placement Financing and provides Clayton Valley acquisition update','',''; 'Study suggests handwashing compliance in child care facilities is insufficient','',''; 'American Lithium Finds Flaws in Reported Results at Fish Lake Valley Projects, Nevada','',''; 'Hudbay Announces Pricing for US$1.0 Billion Aggregate Principal Amount of Senior Notes','',''; 'UNAIDS presents UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon with leadership award for his commitment to the response to HIV','',''; 'Evaluating mitochondrial replacement in families with mitochondrial disease','',''; 'Salazar Grants Stock Options','',''; 'Naia Rare Diseases Announces Investigational New Drug Application Submission to Initiate Clinical Trials of NB 1001 for Short Bowel Syndrome','',''; 'RCPCH responds to launch of sudden unexpected death guidelines','',''; 'Starrex Updates Previous Disclosure on Restatements and Refilings','',''; 'Stop smoking! Quitting at any age reduces the risk of death after 70','',''; 'Toddlers may know when you are not telling the truth, say Singapore and US experts','',''; 'Shares for Debt Transaction and Update on Private Placement','',''; 'Heart attack risk over eight times higher for younger smokers','',''; 'Sunset Cove Mining Announces Name and Ticker Change and Website Update','',''; 'Milestone Scientific, Inc. Announces Distribution for Epidural Instrument and Disposable Kit in the United Arab Emirates and Other Countries','',''; 'Altiplano Announces Option to Purchase Orogrande Property, Idaho','',''; 'Jama Software Announces Live Traceability Product Updates','',''; 'Tajiri Resources Corp.: TSX Venture Approval for CDN$1,246,500 Non-Brokered Private Placement and Shares for Debt Transaction','',''; 'IWS Interview on Bloomberg TV','',''; 'Angkor Gold Announces Appointment of Terry Mereniuk as Interim CFO','',''; 'Fairfax Announces Quarterly Dividend on Series C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K and M Preferred Shares and Quarterly Dividend Rate for Series D, F, H and J Shares','',''; 'Integra Gold obtient 35,51 g/t d'or sur 3,80 m sur la structure C4 à Triangle et 12,33 g/t d'or sur 2,10 m sur la structure C5 (teneurs non coupées)','',''; 'Platinex Inc. Receives Final TSXV Approval of Private Placement','',''; 'Beaufield drills the Rouleau Gold Zone','',''; 'Live Reindeer CAM at Christmas Casino in Rising Sun, Indiana','',''; 'Aer Lingus and the Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support Announce Visual Guide for Air Travel that Assists Individuals with Autism','',''; 'Hotel Arts Barcelona Mixes Up Holiday Celebrations American Style','',''; 'See What a Pop-Up Holiday Hotel Looks Like at the Fairfield Inn & Suites Washington, DC/Downtown','',''; 'NGEx Announces Books Closed on $10 Million Private Placement','',''; 'Rambler Metals and Mining PLC: Result of AGM','',''; 'Year of Uncertainty Impacts Travel to Paris Amid Modest Travel Growth to Europe','',''; 'AK Steel Announces Price Increase For Carbon Steel Products','',''; 'Nascent Project: Open Source Scanning Electron Microscope','',''; 'Nouvelle équipe de direction chez Stelmine','',''; 'Mountain China Resorts Reports 2016 Third Quarter Financial and Operational Results','',''; 'Biologically Inspired Sensors Turned Into Silicon','',''; 'Allegiant Travel Company Announces the Pricing of the Reopening of Its 5.50% Senior Notes Due 2019','',''; 'New management team at Stelmine','',''; 'Blynk with Joy','',''; 'Wallace View – Grizzlies 95, Magic 94','',''; 'Duncan Park Announces Option to Lease the Morningstar Property, Nevada, USA','',''; 'Abacus Drive is a Speed-to-Torque Game-Changer','',''; 'Grizzlies bounce back with win over Magic, 95-94','',''; 'Grind City GameDay: Grizzlies vs. Magic','',''; 'Get To Know Voltage Regulators with a 723','',''; 'Allegiant Travel Company Announces the Reopening of Its 5.50% Senior Notes Due 2019','',''; 'Cartier recoupe trois zones d'or visible en forage sur le projet Mine Chimo','',''; '7 Segment Display Using Neopixel Rings','',''; 'Postgame press conference: MEMvORL','',''; 'Grizzlies fight but fall to Raptors','',''; 'Cartier Intersects Three Visible Gold-bearing Zones on Chimo Mine Property','',''; 'Black Magic Probe: The Best ARM JTAG Debugger?','',''; 'Holiday Engagement? Host a Wedding in Gaithersburg Marriott's New Ballroom and You Could Earn a Free Honeymoon','',''; 'Memphis Grizzlies and Mississippi Riverkings host ‘Gritmas’ night on Friday, Dec. 9 at Landers Center','',''; 'Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc: Purchase of Shares by a director of the company','',''; 'Bennett Hospitality and Salamander Hotels Plan Fall 2017 Opening Hotel Bennett in Charleston, South Carolina','',''; 'Graphite One kommentiert Entwicklung am Aktienmarkt','',''; 'The Grind City Getup - 11/30/16','',''; 'The Cost Of Business Travel','',''; 'AVEW HOLDINGS Inc. Acquisition Status of Azrock Holdings LLC - a Precious Metals Recovery and Smelting Company','',''; 'Hawks Assign DeAndre' Bembry To D-League','',''; 'sbe Completes Acquisition Of Morgans Hotel Group','',''; 'Valterra Reports on Corporate Matters','',''; 'How to Elevate the Discipline of Revenue Management','',''; 'Miami HEAT at Portland Trail Blazers Game Preview ','',''; 'Miami Visits SLC on Thursday Night','',''; 'Preview: Kings (7-11) at celtics (10-8)','',''; 'Leading Edge Materials Discovers Lithium Mineralization in Outcrop at Bergby Project, Sweden','',''; 'Amazon's Cyber Monday Week Sale Continues With Deals on Headphones, littleBits and Spalding','',''; 'Hotel Investment Climate Remains Favorable Despite Interest Rate Increases, Cornell Study Suggests','',''; 'Difference Capital Announces Special Meeting Results','',''; 'The Roundup - Jazz 110, Heat 111','',''; 'Joerger Praises Cousins' Approach as Kings Prep for Celtics','',''; 'Goran Dragic and Where to Find Him','',''; '5 Things To Know: Porzingis-Towns Round II at MSG as Knicks Look to Sweep Season Series','',''; 'SVG, with a little help from his staff, pushes right buttons as Pistons turn a corner','',''; 'Silver Spruce Resources Acquires Second Project and Provides Pino de Plata Update','',''; 'Bloomingdale's Launches 2016 Friends & Family Sale','',''; 'The Effect of a Rise in Interest Rates on Hotel Capitalization Rates | By Jack B. Corgel','',''; 'Kings Strength and Conditioning Staff Push Technological Boundaries','',''; 'The East’s busiest, toughest schedule – all without their leading scorer – and Pistons .500 at NBA quarter pole','',''; 'Fill In The Blank - George Hill','',''; '德拉季奇和哪个区域最适合他','',''; 'NYK 106, MIN 104: Porzingis’ 29 and Melo’s Clutch Bucket Lifts Knicks Over Wolves','',''; 'Spencer Fane Announces Combination with Berenbaum Weinshienk','',''; 'Midland débute une nouvelle campagne de forage sur le projet aurifère Patris','',''; 'Walmart Continues its 2016 Cyber Week Sale with Holiday Deals','',''; 'Magic vs. Grizzlies: Postgame Report','',''; 'Game Preview: Raptors vs. Lakers','',''; 'Boogie Mops Wet Court in Philly','',''; 'Hyatt Regency Brand Returns To Sydney, Australia','',''; 'Detroit Pistons Announce "Best Of Seven" Series To Celebrate Final Season At The Palace','',''; '周五球星问答:维纳-艾灵顿','',''; 'Emptying the Noggin — Pure and simple, a complete whooping','',''; '5 Things To Know: Porzingis and Towns Square Off in Knicks-Wolves First Tilt','',''; 'Midland commences new drilling campaign on the Patris gold project','',''; 'Jodie Meeks Making Progress Recovering From Foot Injury','',''; 'Amazon Adds HBO and Cinemax on Amazon Channels','',''; 'Game Rap: Raptors 120, Grizzlies 105','',''; 'Philadelphia vs Sacramento Game Postponed','',''; 'Postgame Quotes - November 30, 2016','',''; 'Game On: W Hotels Worldwide Blazes into Sin City with W Las Vegas','',''; 'Friday Facts: Wayne Ellington ','',''; 'Finding Mr. Wright','',''; 'NV Gold Engages Drill Contractor and Initiates Program for Cook's Creek Property','',''; 'Frank Vogel Tells His Players Defense Travels','',''; 'Amazon's Cyber Monday Week Sale Continues With Deals on Adidas NBA Apparel, Fila Jackets and Classic Toys','',''; 'Preview: Kings (7-11) at Sixers (4-14)','',''; 'AC Hotels By Marriott® Design's World's First Gin & Tonic Glass','',''; 'Pistons hit .500 in completing eye-opening road back-to-back sweep at Boston','',''; '迈阿密热火客场111比110险胜犹他爵士比赛回顾','',''; 'Highland Closes First Tranche of Financing and Raises $3 Million','',''; 'Magic Hope to Build Momentum Off Spurs Win','',''; 'Fitbit to Acquire Pebble Smartwatch Company','',''; 'Pistons Mailbag - November 30, 2016','',''; 'El Centro, California Welcomes Latest Hampton Inn by Hilton','',''; 'The Roundup - Jazz 120, Rockets 101','',''; 'HEAT 111 - Jazz 110 Game Recap','',''; 'Film Room: Magic's Defense Smothering Against Spurs','',''; 'CORRECTION: Probe Metals Options the Cadillac Break East Property from Alexandria Minerals Corporation','',''; 'Macy's Launches 2016 Friends & Family Sale','',''; 'Augusta Welcomes New Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton','',''; 'Postgame Quotes - November 29, 2016','',''; '迈阿密热火与犹他爵士的比赛前瞻(12/1/16)','',''; 'Trader Joe's Launches Ugly Sweater Cookie Kit','',''; 'Magic vs. Spurs: Postgame Report','',''; 'A Talk with Kira Zakharova of Villa Elena in Yalta | By Phil Butler','',''; 'Pistons break through on road, rout Charlotte despite Drummond’s ejection','',''; 'Renoworks Increases Private Placement Financing Up to $1 Million','',''; 'Miami HEAT at Utah Jazz Game Preview ','',''; 'Martin Heidegger','',''; 'Amazon's Cyber Monday Sale Continues With Deals on Thermos Products, Pet Beds and More','',''; 'Magic Assistant Chad Forcier Helped Develop Kawhi Leonard Into Player He Is Today','',''; 'Troymet Reviews Wildcat Drill Plans','',''; 'DoubleTree by Hilton Welcomes New Hotel in Mexico’s Capital','',''; 'HEAT 106 - Nuggets 98 Game Recap','',''; 'ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK Elevates Mobile User Experience with Free OCR','',''; 'Gertrude Stein','',''; 'GMV Minerals Inc. Announces Drill Program Update','',''; 'The First Radisson Blu Hotel Opens in Coimbatore, the “Manchester of South India”','',''; 'Abraham Lincoln','',''; 'Sprott Resource and Adriana Resources Announce TSX Venture Exchange Acceptance of Pricing of $15 Million Private Placement','',''; 'Certive Solutions Inc. Provides Corporate Update','',''; 'Epicor BisTrack Expands SaaS Footprint with Avalara Sales Tax Automation Certification','',''; 'Whistle Messaging, Inc. Announces New Appointments to Board of Directors','',''; 'Americans' Obesity Weighs Down U.S. Economy by $1.4 Trillion','',''; 'Japan Gold Granted Prospecting Rights for its Eboshi Project','',''; 'ServiceMaster Announces Two Key Executive Promotions','',''; 'Text Messaging Helps Grow Restaurant Business | By Alexa Lemzy','',''; 'Probe Metals Acquires Strategic Property at Val-d'Or East Project and Announces Equity Investment in QMX Gold Corporation','',''; 'AETHOS Consulting Group Shares 2017 Predictions, US | By Keith Kefgen and Dave Mansbach','',''; 'Probe Metals optionne la propriété Cadillac Break Est de Alexandria Minerals Corporation','',''; 'Dr. Deepak Chopra Successfully Brings Life-Size HumaGram(TM) Technology to JIYO in Partnership with ARHT Media and NetDragon','',''; 'AETHOS Consulting Group Shares 2017 Predictions, EMEA | By Chris Mumford and Thomas Mielke','',''; 'Probe Metals Options the Cadillac Break East Property from Alexandria Minerals Corporation','',''; 'AETHOS Consulting Group Shares 2017 Predictions, Asia-Pacific | By Georgianne Fsadni','',''; 'Terra Cotta Sculpture (Philadelphia, PA)','',''; 'Probe Metals acquiert une propriété stratégique au projet Val-d'Or Est et annonce un investissement dans QMX Gold Corporation','',''; 'STR: US hotel results for week ending 26 November','',''; 'Écorché: Head Structrue and Facial Expression (Philadelphia, PA)','',''; 'First Mining Provides Corporate and Exploration Update','',''; 'Foundry: An Introduction (Philadelphia, PA)','',''; 'TerraX Samples Up to 66.7 g/t Au in Grab Samples on a New Mineralized Structure at Sam Otto, Yellowknife City Gold Project','',''; 'Stone Carving (Philadelphia, PA)','',''; 'Alexandria Minerals To Partner With Probe Metals on Eastern Portion of Cadillac Break Properties','',''; 'Police: Marksman killed gunman after child ran to porch','',''; 'Figure and Portrait Modeling (Philadelphia, PA)','',''; 'Black Friday and Cyber Monday Gives Reality Check on Limits of Old-School Databases','',''; 'Metal Sculpture (Philadelphia, PA)','',''; 'AP Top News at 5:29 p.m. EST','',''; 'Bodies of Brazil soccer team killed in plane crash head home','',''; 'QMX Announces Strategic Investment by Probe Metals and Sale of Non-Core Exploration Property','',''; 'Eastmain Resources Drilling at Clearwater Continues to Confirm and Extend Mineralization','',''; 'Chains and branded skin: California kidnap case baffles cops','',''; 'Media outlets release tax arrangements made by top players','',''; 'Fantasy Football Coach Mobile Game Ready for Global Launch','',''; 'EXCLUSIVE: Tim Matheson Has No Problem Playing the President—but It May Depend on Which One','',''; 'Pilot Gold Reports Continued Drilling Success at Goldstrike Oxide Gold Project in Utah','',''; 'Packers list Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews as questionable','',''; 'Libya's Tripoli sees worst militias clashes in 2 years','',''; 'EXCLUSIVE: 'The Royals' Stars on Meeting the Queen, Talk Elizabeth Hurley: 'She Eats Biscuits All the Time!'','',''; 'Political donor pleads guilty to investment fraud scheme','',''; 'Nemaska Lithium augmente les ressources minérales à Whabouchi','',''; 'Philippines President Duterte phones Trump','',''; 'Emma Stone Recalls the 'All That' Audition That Went All Wrong, Plays 'Whisper Challenge' With Jimmy Fallon','',''; 'Our 13 Biggest 'Westworld' Questions Ahead of the Season 1 Finale','',''; 'Nemaska Lithium Increases Mineral Resource at Whabouchi','',''; 'Francois Hollande: A leader perhaps too 'normal' for France?','',''; 'We Talk About Gender Diversity, But What We Really Mean Is This','',''; 'Dustin Johnson, Hideki Matsuyama tied for lead in Bahamas','',''; 'Tiffani Thiessen Recalls Drinking Wine in Paris at 16 With 'Saved By the Bell' Co-Star Mark-Paul Gosselaar','',''; 'EXCLUSIVE: Jewel Gets Protective of Her Father, Atz, on 'Alaska: The Last Frontier'','',''; 'Yankees GM Brian Cashman rappels down the One Landmark Square building in Stamford, CT','',''; 'Randgold Resources: Block Listing Six Monthly Return','',''; 'In Macedonia's fake news hub, teen shows AP how it's done','',''; 'Mississippi Power says it's likely to miss Kemper deadline','',''; ''Gilmore Girls' Star Matt Czuchry Reveals 'Bittersweet' Advice for Logan After Emotional Finale','',''; 'Lady Gaga Surprises Fans With London Show, Explains How She Plans to Protect LGBTQ Rights','',''; 'Yogi Berra Museum to host sports memorabilia appraisal on Dec. 3','',''; 'Rangold Resources Limited: Block Listing Six Monthly Return','',''; 'Indonesia blasphemy protest draws 200,000; ends peacefully','',''; 'Spokeswoman: Trump spoke Friday with president of Taiwan, country US broke diplomatic ties with in 1979','',''; 'Derek Jeter says golf is the most frustrating sport he's ever played','',''; 'Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Reveal Name of Baby No. 2 -- See What They Picked!','',''; ''Full House' Creator Jeff Franklin Purchases Original Tanner House in San Francisco','',''; 'Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc: Confirmation of Arrangements for the Sale of Gold','',''; 'Adulation of Fidel Castro runs deepest in rural eastern Cuba','',''; 'Colombia repatriates dead as airline's licensing questioned','',''; 'Major League Baseball players, owners have reached verbal agreement on new labor deal','',''; 'EXCLUSIVE: Tim Matheson Has No Problem Playing the President—but It May Depend on Which One','',''; '7 Things the 'Gilmore Girls' Bosses Revealed About the Revival's Surprising Ending ','',''; 'Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc Purchase of Shares by a director of the company','',''; 'In remarkable shift, peace marks S. Korean uprising _ so far','',''; 'Colombia repatriates dead as airline's licensing questioned','',''; 'Gleyber Torres named Arizona Fall League's best prospect by Baseball America','',''; 'Jennifer Aniston Explains Why She Wants to Keep 'Friends' in the Past','',''; 'Watch Victoria Beckham Completely Slay the Mannequin Challenge','',''; 'Colombia repatriates dead as airline's licensing questioned','',''; 'Rambler Metals and Mining plc: Three Month Ending October 31, 2016 - Production Results','',''; 'Aaron Judge, Tyler Austin among 2016 Yankees' organizational All-Stars','',''; 'Jennifer Aniston Is Ready to Return to TV: 'There's More Opportunity for Women'','',''; 'EXCLUSIVE: 'The Royals' Stars on Meeting the Queen, Talk Elizabeth Hurley: 'She Eats Biscuits All the Time!'','',''; 'Trump, backers ask courts to halt or block 3 state recounts','',''; 'Perseus Mining Limited settles dispute with former Amara mining contractor','',''; 'Footballers Kick Off New Skin Care Brand','',''; 'Run Up Them Bands with OGB Song of the Year','',''; 'Chrissy Metz Talks About Possibility of Losing Weight Fast for 'This Is Us' Role','',''; 'Bruno Mars Unveils '24K Magic' Music Video Staring Lip-Syncing Victoria's Secret Angels -- Watch!','',''; 'Rockcliff Purchases Near Surface Unmined High Grade Zinc Deposit','',''; 'EXCLUSIVE: Watch 50 Cent Hilariously Try to Cook on 'Patti LaBelle's Place' Premiere: 'Chef Boyar-fifty!'','',''; 'Trump, backers ask courts to halt or block 3 state recounts','',''; 'Katie Holmes Reacts to Secret Marriage Rumors, Calls Daughter Suri Her 'Inspiration'','',''; 'With Election Over Holiday Gifting Becomes Top Of Mind','',''; 'Family Promise Serves Record Number of People Impacted By Homelessness in Morris County, N.J.','',''; 'Minera IRL Limited Announces AGM Results','',''; 'EXCLUSIVE: Victor Ortiz and Jasmine Tookes Teach Samantha to Embrace Her 'Girl Power' on 'Life in Pieces'','',''; 'Kaia Gerber Shares Sweet Bike Photo With 'Ride or Die' Mom Cindy Crawford','',''; 'Dolphins' Albert and Tunsil expected to play at Baltimore','',''; 'Council of Residential Specialists and Move For Hunger Announce Collaborative Effort to Help Feed Families In Need Nationwide','',''; 'Filo Mining Share Capital and Voting Rights Update','',''; 'EXCLUSIVE: 'Killing Fields' Season 2 Finds Links to Other Unsolved Cases','',''; 'Broncos rule Trevor Siemian out against Jaguars','',''; 'EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Lautner Says He's 'Looking Forward' to Being a Dad Someday','',''; 'HousingWire Names ReverseVision President and CEO John Button a 2016 Vanguard Award Winner','',''; 'Paladin Energy Limited: Update on Strategic Process / Funding','',''; 'EXCLUSIVE: Luke Hemsworth Is Living His Dreams in the US -- and on TV','',''; 'Gambia's president concedes defeat after election loss','',''; ''Moonlight' Star Mahershala Ali Expecting First Child!','',''; 'HousingWire Names Simplifile President Paul Clifford a 2016 Vanguard Award Winner','',''; 'Africa's Richest King Visits Nigeria On Official Trip','',''; 'Trump And His Supporters Challenge Recount Efforts In 3 States','',''; 'Rise Announces Extension of Property Acquisition Closing','',''; 'Kelly Ripa Gives Update on 'Live!' Co-Host Search, Calls Anderson Cooper 'The One That Got Away'','',''; 'Media outlets release tax arrangements made by top players','',''; 'FormFree CEO Brent Chandler Receives HW Vanguard Award from HousingWire Magazine for Mortgage Industry Leadership','',''; 'Anne Hathaway Sports Super Sexy, Cleavage-Baring Dress on 'Ocean's Eight' Set','',''; 'A Defining Moment Of Trust For Donald Trump','',''; 'Milo Ventimiglia Reveals Real-Life 'This Is Us' Inspiration, Talks Ending of 'Gilmore Girls'','',''; 'Media outlets release tax arrangements made by top players','',''; 'Mid America Mortgage CEO Jeff Bode Named Mortgage Industry ‘Vanguard’ by HousingWire Magazine','',''; 'Hilary Duff: 'I Feel Like I Was Judged for Having a Baby Too Soon'','',''; 'Trappers injured while trying to capture alligator','',''; ''Nashville' Debuts First Season 5 Footage in New Trailer: What Happened to Juliette?','',''; 'IWS Announces Private Placement Financing','',''; 'ARMCO COO Phil McCall Recognized as Mortgage Industry ‘Vanguard’ by HousingWire Magazine','',''; 'Andrew Garfield Admits He Still Loves Emma Stone','',''; 'The Men of 'This Is Us' Continue to Tug at Our Heartstrings by Doing Pushups With Each Other on Their Backs','',''; 'Source Exploration Closes First Tranche of Non-Brokered Private Placement','',''; 'Republican lawmaker defeated at 90 says he's not retiring','',''; 'Trimble Local Schools to see substantial savings through energy service agreement with Energy Optimizers, USA','',''; 'John Legend Talks Daughter Luna's First Christmas: It's 'Going to Be Really Exciting'','',''; 'Did 'Friends' Invent the Mannequin Challenge Over a Decade Ago? ','',''; 'Brady on Gronk: 'We've still got a lot of good players'','',''; 'Titanium Issues Restricted Share Units and Deferred Share Units','',''; 'Nationwide Appraisal Network Hires Monica Bankus as VP of Operations, and Establishes a New Platinum Standard for Customer Experience','',''; 'Jennifer Lawrence Reveals How She Prepared for Kissing Scenes With Chris Pratt in 'Passengers'','',''; 'Ireland's Edge: Decision Center For EMEA And EU Data Strategies','',''; ''Arrow': Secrets Behind the Nostalgic (and Sentimental!) 100th Episode','',''; 'Kirkland Lake Gold Announces Management Updates','',''; 'APNewsBreak: Union backed out of deal to add 26th player','',''; 'New Millennial Parent Expectations Fuel The Evolution Of Museum Experiences','',''; 'Irina Shayk Recreates Sexy 'Ghost' Scene for 'Love' Magazine's Advent Calendar','',''; 'Lucara Share Capital and Voting Rights Update','',''; 'Judge says Dallas police and fire pension vote can happen','',''; 'How Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Inspired Us To Dream Bigger','',''; 'Mariah Carey Gets Candid on James Packer Split, Bryan Tanaka Romance: 'You Gotta Keep on Pushing'','',''; 'The Latest: Judge allows recount to continue in Wisconsin','',''; 'Champion Iron Limited to Redeem Remaining Outstanding Exchangeable Shares','',''; 'Hewlett Packard Enterprise Goes After Amazon Public Cloud In Enterprise Storage','',''; 'Gwyneth Paltrow Pranks Unsuspecting Customers With Failed Spray Tans and Epic Facials','',''; 'Updated Share Capital and Voting Rights for Lundin Mining','',''; 'Descending the summit: Sports stars who retired early','',''; 'Natalie Portman Shows Off Baby Bump at 'Jackie' Premiere in Washington, DC','',''; '17 Important Innovation Lessons From One Of The World's Great Architecture Firms','',''; 'Lakeshore Learning Materials chooses HighJump Warehouse Management System','',''; 'Lucara Provides Operating Outlook for 2017','',''; 'EXCLUSIVE: David Oyelowo on Daniel Craig's Rigor and Why 'Othello' Is Still as Relevant as Ever','',''; 'The Power Of Intrapreneurship In Driving Innovation','',''; 'Social Media Posts That Changed the Game in 2016: From Kim Kardashian's Naked Selfie to Taylor Swift's New Man','',''; 'Lundin Mining Provides Operating Outlook','',''; ''Swift Playgrounds' Adds 'Hour Of Code' Challenges For Children (And Parents)','',''; 'Amanda Seyfried Claims She Can 'Smell the TV' While Pregnant','',''; 'NGEx Share Capital and Voting Rights Update','',''; 'A 100-Day Action Plan For Starbucks' New CEO: Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants','',''; 'Watch Kristen Stewart Get Down and Dirty in New Rolling Stones Music Video','',''; 'Dodgers avoid arbitration with Van Slyke, Hatcher','',''; '2017 DEACOM DISCOVER User Conference Details Revealed','',''; 'Lundin Mining Announces Approval of Dividend Policy','',''; 'MCM Expo Group 2016 Visitor and Exhibitor Numbers','',''; 'First Case of Zika-Linked Glaucoma Diagnosed in Infant','',''; 'Dodgers look to fill holes at Winter Meetings','',''; 'Michael Slager jury yet to reach verdict, to return Monday','',''; 'Donald Trump and the Taiwanese President Just Had an Unprecedented Phone Call','',''; 'And we thought vinyl was dead','',''; 'Pangolin Diamonds Corp. Announces Proposed Private Placement','',''; 'Use of Needle Exchange Programs Up Dramatically in 10 Years: CDC','',''; 'Peace & glove: Owners, players reach CBA deal','',''; 'Trump didn't save as many Carrier jobs as he claimed','',''; 'This Trailer Mashup Will Make You Feel All the Feelings About This Year’s Movies','',''; 'Senior guilty of murder','',''; 'Morumbi Achieves Progress Milestone on El Mochito Acquisition','',''; 'BTL Group Announces First Significant Revenue and Completion of Warrant Exercise Incentive Program','',''; 'Here Are Some Constitutional Plot Twists Hollywood Should Consider','',''; 'Contract tender deadline looms for 7 Dodgers','',''; 'Couple rewrites 'Baby It's Cold Outside' to emphasize importance of consent','',''; 'Trump Announces Secretary Of Defense Pick And Attacks Media In First Rally Since Election','',''; 'Ressources Géoméga inc. : Résultats de l'Assemblée annuelle et nomination d'un nouvel administrateur pour Innord','',''; 'Donald Trump speaks with Taiwan's President','',''; 'Aerobic Exercise May Help Guard Against Dementia','',''; 'Kristin Stewart Feels the Need for Speed in the Rolling Stones’ New Music Video, ‘Ride ‘Em On Down’','',''; 'Big Brother watching in UK','',''; 'Geomega Resources Inc.: Annual Meeting Results and New Director Nomination for Innord','',''; 'First Brexit, then Trump, now Italy faces its political shockwave','',''; 'Web-Based Help for Insomnia Shows Promise','',''; 'Hall of Fame photo exhibit coming to Dodger Stadium','',''; 'Woman and Her Dog Saved From Rubble After South Dakota Building Collapse','',''; 'Two of Manson's followers arrested for Tate's murder in 1969','',''; 'Western Uranium Corporation Provides a 2016 Shareholder Review and Update','',''; 'Fewer Americans Struggle With Medical Bills: Report','',''; 'DirecTV Now Isn’t The Cord-Cutting Solution You’re Looking For','',''; 'Death of ex-NFL player Joe McKnight came during road-rage incident','',''; 'BC Views: Polluting the climate change debate','',''; 'Pacific Ridge Grants Incentive Stock Options','',''; 'U.S. to Ban Smoking in Public Housing','',''; 'Jury Remains Deadlocked in Michael Slager’s Trial Over Walter Scott’s Death','',''; 'Skiers count the cost of living 'White Circus' dream','',''; 'Michigan's unemployment rate increased in October in 16 of 17 labor markets','',''; 'Graphite One Responds to Market Activity','',''; 'How ‘Proximity’ Helped Elect Donald Trump President','',''; 'The NFL is now hiring','',''; 'Man charged with attempted murder after stabbing woman in the neck','',''; 'The Quebec Government Confirms Receipt of Focus Graphite's Technical Documents in Support of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for its Lac Knife Natural Flake Graphite Project','',''; 'Suspect Arrested in New Orleans French Quarter Shooting That Killed 1 and Wounded 9','',''; 'Inside the mind of 'Mad Dog' Mattis','',''; '6-Foot-Wide Asteroid is the Smallest Ever Found','',''; 'Man accused of threatening to kill woman, previously guilty in 2009 French Quarter murder','',''; 'Fireworks Soundtrack During MVMCP Outside Park?','',''; 'eMaint Selected As Finalist for Plant Engineering Product of the Year 2016','',''; 'Hundreds of United States Armories Are Contaminated With Lead: Report','',''; 'Trump risks talking to Taiwan ','',''; 'The Best Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016 Photos','',''; 'Robby Mook: Trump benefited from Russia 'intervening in the election'','',''; 'IBI Group Inc. Announces Redemption of 6.00% Convertible Unsecured Subordinated Debentures Due June 30, 2018','',''; 'Stabbing suspect's charges upgraded to murder','',''; 'Express Transportation','',''; 'Grace Elizabeth Models at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016','',''; 'Howard Dean drops out of DNC chair race','',''; 'Raj Chowdhry Announces Holdings in AsiaBaseMetals Inc.','',''; 'Handicap pass','',''; 'Pair caught having sex in car charged with prostitution','',''; 'Seismic Wins Silver in Best in Biz Awards 2016','',''; 'Fertility Treatments Marketed in U.K. Without Proof They Work: Study','',''; 'Alanna Arrington Sexiest Photos from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016','',''; 'The heartwarming tale of how a parrot ended up in this mugshot','',''; 'Les Porteurs de titres de Pershimco approuvent le Plan d'Arrangement avec Orla Mining Ltd.','',''; 'credit card deposit','',''; 'This four-legged robot hopes to help in earthquake recovery','',''; 'Vegetarian Diets Called Good for People and the Planet','',''; 'Democrats want Russian hacking intelligence declassified','',''; 'Brooke Perry Hottest Photos from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016','',''; 'A Dirty Little Secret: Hand-Washing Spotty Among Day Care Staffers','',''; 'Pershimco Securityholders approve the Plan of Arrangement with Orla Mining Ltd.','',''; 'Where to Buy Authentic Baseball Jersey?','',''; 'Bear dens in crawl space','',''; 'Hipster or hatemonger? The trendy young face of Austria's alt-right','',''; 'CES 2017: BenjiLock Named Innovation Awards Honoree','',''; 'Ressources Sirios inc. : Résultats de l'assemblée générale annuelle et extraordinaire des actionnaires','',''; 'Health Tip: Using a Fitness Tracker','',''; 'All Star Music vs. Pop Century','',''; 'Wednesday links','',''; 'Sirios Resources Inc.: Results from the annual and special meeting of shareholders','',''; 'CES 2017: AllGo Embedded Systems Receives Innovation Award Honoree','',''; ' Obama blocks proposed takeover Germany's Aixtron ','',''; 'Sandy Hook PSA warns of subtle signs of gun violence','',''; 'Illuminations Fireworks boat rental','',''; 'Just Like Mom','',''; ' United Airlines will pay $2.4 million to settle with SEC ','',''; 'Databricks Expands Platform for Turnkey Production Apache Spark Deployments in the Cloud','',''; 'CES 2017 to Showcase Gaming Laptops with Nvidia GTX 1050','',''; 'EPA boss: Here's the good news about climate change (yes, that exists)','',''; 'WDW Weather Forecast - December 1-17, 2016','',''; 'Shooting sends 1 to hospital','',''; 'What interns and new grads really get paid at top tech companies','',''; ' Municipal-bond week in review: Yields climb again ','',''; 'Continental Precious Minerals Inc. Announces Results of Annual General Meeting','',''; 'Herieth Paul is an African Queen at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016','',''; ''Mariah's World' lives down to expectations on E!','',''; 'December Campfire Movie Schedule','',''; 'Find Out If Your iPhone 6S Is Eligible For Free Battery Replacement By Using Apple’s Web Tool','',''; 'Sunset Cove Mining announces Approval for Acquisition of the Houlton Woodstock Manganese Property, the filing of its Technical Report, Terms of the Option Agreement and Corporate Updates','',''; ' How the Dow Jones industrial average fared on Friday ','',''; 'Iraq: Death toll climbs as urban warfare slows battle for Mosul','',''; 'ESA commits half a billion to its next Mars lander despite predecessor’s crash','',''; 'Positive Quote Of The Day December 2016','',''; 'Smart money showing up in some surprising places for NFL Week 13','',''; 'Congrats: Best of 2016 Contest Segment 4 ','',''; 'Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd. Announces Closing of Business Combination Creating A New Mid-Tier Gold Producer','',''; ' Rally ebbs as investors seek safety after weak wage data ','',''; 'OPEC deal sends oil spiking 14% in 3 days','',''; 'NES Classic and Hatchimals In Stock at ToysRUs Stores on Sunday','',''; 'A sneak peek at Propel’s battling Star Wars drones','',''; 'Cat Attack Athletic Leggings','',''; 'Cleese leads tributes to Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs','',''; 'Universal 1 1/2 days...which Park on what Day? Restaurants?','',''; 'Inventus Announces Closing of Transaction with Endurance','',''; 'Seth MacFarlane has a theory on why Hollywood hates on Trump','',''; 'Apple Said to Use Drones for Mapping Better Than Google Maps','',''; ' Business Highlights ','',''; 'As acquisition talk surfaces, Pebble stays quiet about Time 2 shipping','',''; 'Public pounding Cowboys in Thursday night affair against Vikings','',''; 'Cheryl proud to find she's a bona fide Geordie in Who Do You Think You Are?','',''; 'Looking for Disney "spirit jersey"','',''; 'Rapier Gold Announces Exercises of Warrants','',''; 'Beloved clown who comforted children in war-torn Aleppo killed in strike','',''; '2018 Toyota Camry to Debut in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show','',''; 'Cowboys-Vikings spread doesn't move with Zimmer out, but what's the head coach worth? ','',''; 'Women lead the 'The Illusionists' on Broadway this time','',''; 'Snapchat will make Los Angeles a stronger tech hub','',''; ' Princess Cruises given record fine for dumping oil at sea','',''; 'O'Hana','',''; 'Commission launches Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition to help Europeans in their career and daily life','',''; 'Extension of Castelo De Sonhos Continues to Show Higher Grades','',''; 'Valery Kaufman Walks at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016','',''; 'Daily fantasy advice: High-priced options to fade in Week 13','',''; ' Public Storage and Ascena climb; Starbucks and Schwab fall ','',''; 'Find out which Coronation Street stars can't miss the soap on Christmas Day','',''; 'Hands On With DirecTV Now, AT&T’s new streaming service for cord cutters','',''; 'Spock Trek the Halls Tee','',''; 'The best dive sites of Baja California','',''; 'Western Troy to Appeal Genivar Litigation Verdict','',''; 'UK Blue Badge holders can no longer get their temporary permit in advance','',''; 'How to Find The Right DUI Attorney in Arizona -- Oswalt Law Group','',''; 'Transport Scotland turns to IoT mapping to keep roads clear in cold snap','',''; ' Markets Right Now: A post-election rally runs out of gas ','',''; 'NFL's biggest betting mismatches: Week 13','',''; 'Vice President Biden to be Colbert's guest on 'Late Show'','',''; 'No New Smartwatch in 2016 Says Head Of Global Product Development At Moto','',''; 'Bill Gates Fast Facts','',''; 'Copy and paste trick could unlock iOS 10 devices in Lost Mode','',''; 'Santa Claws is Coming to Town Tee','',''; 'DVC lounge to open throughout 2017','',''; 'Mindoro Files Third Quarter 2016 Financial Results','',''; 'Clevest Extends Cityworks Interface Under Their Development Partner Program','',''; ' Jobs report shows Trump to inherit solid but uneven economy ','',''; 'Thursday Night Football betting preview: Cowboys at Vikings','',''; 'Television 1 hour ago 7:01 p.m.Your guide to the hottest Holiday movies','',''; 'New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe Spied Uncovered','',''; 'Insults fly when Trump, Clinton aides meet','',''; 'Facebook invests $20M to catalyze affordable housing development in Menlo Park','',''; 'Excalibur Closes $2.3 Million Financing and Receives Approval for Name Change to Metalla Royalty and Streaming Ltd.','',''; 'Esri offers customers on-demand deployment and managed services in Cloud','',''; ' Recalls this week: dehumidifiers, espresso makers ','',''; 'Planet Earth II is two-way therapy for viewers, says Sir David Attenborough','',''; 'MLB to announce new partnership','',''; 'Beddit 3 knows if you’ve been sleeping. It knows if you’re awake.','',''; 'Moto Announces Mophie Battery And Incipio Car Dock Mods','',''; 'City Park Advocates to Get More Power in 2017','',''; '10 Things to Know for Thursday','',''; 'Hackers steal 2 billion rubles at Russia's central bank','',''; 'Xiao Wen Ju Sexiest Photos from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016','',''; 'Nigeria’s Black Friday sales test the e-commerce models of startups Jumia and Konga','',''; ' BP to push ahead with big oil project in the Gulf of Mexico ','',''; 'ICT Influencers Roundtable Discussion Highlights','',''; 'Pandora shares up 11% on acquisition report','',''; 'TV channels the holiday spirit with Frosty, Elf and Mariah','',''; ' US rig count up 4 this week to 597; Texas adds 7 ','',''; 'Russia: Foreign hackers are trying to take down our banks','',''; 'Exploration Khalkos inc. : Financement complété près de 1.3 M$','',''; 'Common ground: City Council vote looms on Manhattan Beach's Downtown Specific Plan','',''; 'Facebook blocks links to B.S. Detector, fake news warning plugin','',''; 'Top StoryNew on Netflix December2016','',''; 'Nico Rosberg: World champion retires to stun Formula One','',''; 'Khalkos Exploration Inc.: Financing completed close to 1.3 M$','',''; 'Transportation Management Benefits From eGIS','',''; 'Links for 2016-11-30 []','',''; 'AWS shoots for total cloud domination','',''; 'NBC boss and hit-making producer Grant Tinker dies at age 90','',''; ' Incoming Treasury Sec. Mnuchin steps down from Sears board ','',''; 'F1 world champion Nico Rosberg retires: Tributes, humor ... disbelief','',''; 'The Best Walmart Cyber Week Deals','',''; 'SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Levi & Korsinsky, LLP Notifies Shareholders of Agria Corporation of a Class Action Lawsuit and a Lead Plaintiff Deadline of January 9, 2017 - GRO','',''; 'Maya Gold & Silver Inc. Announces the Filing of its Financial Statements and MD&A for the Third Quarter Ended September 30, 2016 and an Amendment to the Loan Facility With EBRD','',''; 'These online maps are tracking the outbreak of violence and harassment in America','',''; 'Emotibot wants to help chatbots know how you really feel','',''; 'Amanda Seyfried expecting first child with Thomas Sadoski','',''; 'The FCC's cable box plan is doomed','',''; 'Sui He Takes China to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016','',''; 'Timmins Gold Corp. Closes C$20 Million Bought Deal Offering of Units','',''; 'INVESTOR ALERT: Levi & Korsinsky, LLP Notifies Shareholders of TerraVia Holdings, Inc. of Commencement of a Class Action Lawsuit and a Lead Plaintiff Deadline of January 17, 2017 - TVIA','',''; 'NFL games come to CBS’s streaming service, starting this Sunday','',''; 'Announcing the Disrupt London Hackathon sponsor prizes, and last chance for tickets','',''; 'Trump transition points toward presidency with new norms','',''; 'Machine Learning Used by Netflix and Google can help Planetary Research','',''; ' Ford recalls 680,000 cars; seat belts may not hold in crash ','',''; 'Alset Updates Progress on Re-Sizing Concessions and Drilling Permits','',''; 'INVESTOR ALERT: Levi & Korsinsky, LLP Notifies Shareholders of Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. of a Class Action Lawsuit and a Lead Plaintiff Deadline of January 17, 2017 -- ALXN','',''; 'Amazon isn’t playing nice with Plex’s new cloud service','',''; 'Scarlet Witch Chiffon Back Tank - Exclusive','',''; 'Magnetic Brain Stimulation can Activate Forgotten Memories','',''; '"Candid Camera's 8 Decades of Smiles!" comes to the Ridgefield Playhouse on Friday, Dec. 2.','',''; ' Italian vote weighs on markets despite upbeat US jobs data ','',''; 'It Takes a Village: Intersections between Geospatial Professionals, Governments and Educators','',''; 'Platinex Closes Additional Transaction to Expand Shining Tree Gold Property','',''; 'INVESTOR ALERT: Levi & Korsinsky, LLP Notifies Shareholders of Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc. of a Class Action Lawsuit and a Lead Plaintiff Deadline of January 17, 2017 -- LGND','',''; 'DC Bombshells 2-Pack Boxer Briefs - Exclusive','',''; 'Izabel Goulart Stuns at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016','',''; 'The periodic table gets four new official additions','',''; 'Cops believe Manhattan couple's deaths are a murder-suicide','',''; 'Putting Drones to Work at a Global Firm: Insights from POWER Engineers','',''; ' US unemployment rate falls to nine-year low of 4.6 percent; employers add 178,000 jobs ','',''; 'Explor recoupe 2,187 % cuivre sur 9,66 mètres sur la propriété de cuivre Chester','',''; 'Uber accused of helping drivers break taxi laws in Danish test case','',''; 'Actress Evan Rachel Wood on Twitter: a I have been rapeda','',''; 'Esri Announces Additional Presenters for Geodesign Summit 2017','',''; 'Auntie SparkNotes: How Can I Get to Know This Person?','',''; 'K92 Drilling Significantly Upgrades Predicted Grade and Contained Ounces in First Two Planned Production Stopes','',''; 'INVESTOR ALERT: Levi & Korsinsky, LLP Notifies Shareholders of Lannett Company, Inc. of a Class Action Lawsuit and a Lead Plaintiff Deadline of January 17, 2017 -- LCI','',''; 'Coordinates: Digital Mapping and 18th C Visual, Material, and Built Cultures','',''; 'QUIZ: How Perfect Is Your Grammar?','',''; 'Didi’s CTO explains why China’s ride-sharing giant has a data advantage','',''; 'Sarah Jessica Parker couldn't date on Tinder','',''; 'Explor Intersects 2.187% Copper Over 9.66 Meters on the Chester Copper Property','',''; 'Next-Gen Data Center Upgrade Helps Durham, N.C., Lay Smart City Foundation','',''; 'TechCrunch Disrupt London Hackathon is tomorrow, get your tickets and meet our MCs','',''; 'How to Ask for an Extension on Your Paper','',''; 'GT Gold's Saddle Gold Target Delivers Outstanding Gold-in-Soil Values','',''; 'McKim & Creed Awarded For Engineering Excellence','',''; 'QUIZ: Would You Last As a Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor?','',''; 'Harley Quinn Vegan Leather Corset Top','',''; 'Midas Gold Drilling Confirms Scale of Mineralizing System at its Stibnite Gold Project, Idaho','',''; 'Open Thread for the Weekend of December 2!','',''; 'Odyssey Resources provides a corporate update','',''; 'What Greek God Should You Date?','',''; 'How are Drones Being Used in the Classroom?','',''; 'Zenyatta; Test Results from Dr. Arao (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan) Reveal Easy & High-Yield Conversion of Albany Graphite to Graphene Supporting Positive Results from Israel and Canada','',''; 'Here's Everything You Need to Know About Dumbledore & Grindelwald','',''; 'The "Harass Map" Of Hate Crimes In The U.S. Is Needed To Help Stop Post-Election Violence','',''; 'Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc: Sale of Shares by an Officer of the Company','',''; 'Is the Wife of Bath Feminist?','',''; 'The top 5 conditions affecting communities, according to new BCBSA tool','',''; 'GoviEx Announces Sprott-Led Private Placement','',''; 'Open Thread for December 1!','',''; 'Common Ground: Solving the Survey-GIS Gap','',''; 'Arena Minerals Commences JOGMEC Joint Venture Work Program','',''; 'Auntie SparkNotes: I'm Afraid My Boyfriend Hates Me for Cheating','',''; 'Now in preview, ArcGIS Maps for Power BI brings new ways to visualize spatial data','',''; 'Auryn Appoints Premier Mining Financier, Michael Kosowan to its Board of Directors','',''; 'The Importance of GIS in Emergency Management','',''; 'New Pacific Reports 2016 Annual General Meeting Results','',''; 'Advisory: Avaya Canada to Participate in 'How Big Data Is Transforming Our Health Care System' Webinar','',''; 'Esri Offers Customers On-Demand Deployment and Managed Services in the Cloud','',''; 'Integra Gold renforce son expertise en exploitation minière souterraine avec la nomination de Raynald Vézina au conseil d'administration','',''; 'Hammy','',''; 'Integra Gold bolsters its Underground Mining Expertise with the Appointment of Raynald Vezina to its Board of Directors','',''; 'THE STEAMED DEER: Ode to Space','',''; 'Six Easy Pieces (Modern Library Nonfiction #88)','',''; 'NuLegacy Drilling Expands Iceberg Gold Deposit','',''; '4Pk Exquisite Hotel Essentials Pillows','',''; 'Cloud Foundry Welcomes SUSE as Platinum Member','',''; 'Randgold Resources: Total Voting Rights','',''; 'Ask Bunkee','',''; 'Boom State Colorado Looks to Technology to Solve Traffic Woes','',''; 'Randgold Resources: Total Voting Rights','',''; 'There Can Be Only Pun: It's Snow Time!','',''; 'Ford Foresees Urban ‘Mobility Revolution’','',''; 'EPA’s Surprise Move to Keep Strict MPG Rules','',''; 'TCL 50-inch 4K Smart TV','',''; 'Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?','',''; 'Burns & Levinson Wins $6 Million Appeal For Client in Post-Divorce Dispute','',''; 'Bill to Speed Medical Innovations Passes House','',''; 'How to Create Consistently Valuable Content for Your Blog','',''; 'Audio Technica M50x with Bluetooth Adapter','',''; 'Nestlé Reformulates Sugar and Says It Will Use Less in Its Candy','',''; ' 宗教的体験で活性化する脳部位はギャンブルや愛と同じ――fMRI解析結果をユタ大研究チームが発表 ','',''; '小岛工作室新作《Death Stranding》PV 第二弹释出','',''; 'Microsoft Xbox One 500GB wGears of War','',''; '三星 Gear S3 双版本抵港迎圣诞','',''; 'Study: Handwashing Compliance in Child Care Facilities is Insufficient','',''; ' 米ニコラ・モーター、水素燃料電池トラックNikola One実車を初公開。1000馬力、大画面タッチパネルや全方向センサー搭載 ','',''; 'U.S. Auto Safety Agency Wants You to Complain More','',''; '新产品 VP 有望为 Twitter 带来更强社交属性','',''; ' スマホも充電できる自転車用USB発電機がサンコーから。ペダルを漕ぐだけで発電、出力は5V/500mA ','',''; '据报苹果借助无人机来改进地图资料','',''; 'Air Traffic System Glitch Causes Flight Suspensions in Hong Kong','',''; ' レノボ6型スマホPHAB2 Proは本日発売、4万9800円。GoogleのAR技術Tangoを初搭載 ','',''; 'U.S. Regulator’s Letter to GM Highlights Scrutiny of Driver-Assist Systems','',''; ' Ogaki Mini Maker Faire 2016、電子工作部の出展内容はこちら。移動式取材装置「背負い式市松 足軽Engadget」いきなり実践配備(予定) ','',''; '摩托罗拉短时间内不会出新手表了','',''; ' 「大炎上男」が「1錠9万円」に釣り上げたHIV薬、オーストラリアの高校生が約230円で作り出すことに成功 ','',''; 'Advanced Robotics Shaping the Future of Manufacturing','',''; 'Oculus Rift 的 Touch 控制器在上架之时,就能玩到 53 款 VR 内容。','',''; 'Power From Fish Scales?','',''; 'Transport Canada Lags in Responding to Vehicle Safety Issues, Auditor General Finds','',''; ' VR向け足コントローラ、3DRudderが日本発売決定。2万円弱で12月中旬発売、両足を載せて傾きと回転で入力 ','',''; 'Moto 为 Mods 配件系列増添一个 Mophie 电池和汽车充电架','',''; ' iPhone 6s「突然シャットダウン問題」の対象機種検索ページが公開、シリアル番号入力だけで確認が可能に ','',''; 'Customizing Education','',''; 'B&O 为自己的无线耳罩耳机加入降噪功能','',''; 'GM Developing Air Filtration System Specifically for China','',''; ' 30分充電で7時間動作を謳う2in1PC、DynaBook Vシリーズ発表。1.1kgながらフル充電で17時間動作 ','',''; '苹果更新 Product (RED) 产品线至新 iPhone 配件','',''; 'South Korea Moves to Ban Sales of Nissan Models Over Fabricated Reports','',''; 'NASA 的 Cassini 土星探测任务即将来到尾声,将在最后时刻再搏一波资料','',''; ' iPhoneのロックを解除せずに情報を見られる「ウィジェット」でスマートに予定を確認:iPhone Tips ','',''; 'China Arrests Managers After Plant Collapse Kills 74','',''; ' ISSへ向かったプログレス補給機が制御不能。大気圏に降下し焼失の模様。ISSクルーには当面影響なし ','',''; '更高标准,欧盟希望在 2030 年前降低 30% 能源使用率','',''; 'Firm’s Supersonic Challenge: Revive Speedy Travel at a Low Price','',''; ' 12月の金曜はミスドが無料!ソフトバンクの「SUPER FRIDAY」、第3弾が本日スタート ','',''; 'Fitbit 准备收购 Pebble?','',''; 'Chewie We're Home Ladie's Tee','',''; '通过这台电子阅读器就能把手绘作品数字化','',''; ' 月500円で映画見放題の「dTV」、PCブラウザ版がようやく刷新。Chromeでも視聴可能に ','',''; 'Here's how much Ikea staff are getting for Christmas','',''; '任天堂 NES Classic 的用户有升级无线手柄的选项了!','',''; ' DeNA守安社長「認識が甘かった」──WELQ騒動受けMERY除く全キュレーションメディアを閉鎖 ','',''; 'Sweden has fourth happiest workers in the world: report','',''; 'Salt Lake City Refugee Resettlement; Christmas Music Tells the Story; Packing Meals for the Hungry','',''; 'Sweden threatens action to stop Facebook 'hate and lies'','',''; '回到未来化为真实,Nike HyperAdapt 自绑鞋带运动鞋动手玩','',''; ' 1997年打上げの探査機カッシーニ、土星の輪を何度も横切るラストミッション開始。グランドフィナーレは2017年4月 ','',''; 'Sweden's pioneering free press act turns 250','',''; ' ペット用品も進化! 注目のペット用ウェアラブル5選 ','',''; 'Android 恶意程序会自动下载 app 来提升 Google Play 排名','',''; 'Treatment significantly reduces chemotherapy-induced hearing loss in children','',''; 'This is what Sweden's new Icehotel looks like','',''; 'Moto Z 系列将获得谷歌的 Tango AR 技术?','',''; 'Novel anti-PSMA imaging agent quickly identifies prostate cancer lesions','',''; ' 世界100万台以上に感染のAndroidマルウェアGooligan、さらに拡大中。Google Playストアから勝手にアプリを導入 ','',''; 'Cataracts linked to increased odds of depression in older adults','',''; 'YouTube 支持 4K 直播了','',''; 'Beware ice, Swedes warned after string of accidents','',''; ' 動画:原宿に巨大な木製ピタゴラ楽器が出現、ネスレのBluetoothコーヒーマシンを使ったXmasイベント12月2日開始 ','',''; 'Swedish study: Virtual reality relieves phantom limbs','',''; 'GoPro 再裁员,而且关掉了娱乐部门','',''; ' 使用済みの紙をオフィスで再生! EPSONの製紙機『PaperLab A-8000』発売開始 ','',''; 'Netflix 正式加入离线播放功能了','',''; 'Christmas recipe: Swedish saffron buns with almonds','',''; ' 電気自動車なのに充電プラグ無し、そのワケは? 日産ノート e-POWER登場 ','',''; '全新的 Windows 版 PowerPoint 能让你跟同事更好地即时协作','',''; 'Man fined after peeing on three women in one go','',''; ' 活動量計のFitbit、スマートウォッチのPebbleを買収間近の報。Pebbleブランドは廃止へ ','',''; 'Child punished for not saying 'amen' at Swedish preschool','',''; '英特尔新设自驾车技术事业群','',''; 'Making graphene using laser-induced phase separation','',''; 'Alpha blockers more effective for large kidney stones','',''; 'Fantastic Beasts Newt's Scarf and Pendant Set - Exclusive','',''; 'How Swedes would vote if an election were held today','',''; ' 「誤変換約30%削減」を謳うATOK 2017と一太郎2017が来年2月に発売。ATOKは10年ぶりに変換エンジンを一新 ','',''; 'More than cookie sellers, Girl Scouts enter music industry','',''; '魅蓝 X 与 Pro 6 Plus 联袂登场','',''; 'Microbubbles and ultrasound open the blood-brain barrier to administer drugs','',''; ' プレゼント:campino audio ハイレゾ対応Bluetoothスピーカーが1名に当たる。チャンネル登録者対象、応募締切12月9日 ','',''; 'These are the Spotify hits Swedes listened to in 2016','',''; 'Throwing new light on printed organic solar cells','',''; 'New mothers preoccupied with their problems can find it more difficult to respond to their babies','',''; 'The top 10 songs and albums on the iTunes Store','',''; '跳出彩蛋,Facebook Messenger 正式加入游戏功能','',''; 'Confidence in Sweden's police is sinking: poll','',''; ' iPhoneが拡大鏡に変身! 細かい文字がスタイリッシュにスイスイ読める:iPhone Tips ','',''; 'Quantum obstacle course changes material from superconductor to insulator','',''; 'Proposed Restriction for Russian Online Video Services to Hit Google Play and iTunes','',''; '懒人褔音,Android 版 SwiftKey 新增剪贴板功能','',''; ' ほぼ7インチの巨大SIMフリースマホ「ZenFone 3 Ultra」はどれくらいの大きさ? 12月9日国内発売 ','',''; ''Memorial' to be held for Sweden's giant yule goat','',''; 'Sith Class Ring','',''; 'When artistic freedom violates somebody's privacy','',''; 'Disabling critical 'node' revs up attack when cancer immunotherapies fall short','',''; 'Deep insights from surface reactions','',''; 'Assange: Sweden and UK should 'set me free'','',''; 'The latest advances in the study of blood diseases presented at annual meeting of ASH','',''; 'Katy Perry Thanks Hillary Clinton, Teases New Music in Emotional Instagram Post','',''; 'Six Christmas events to kick off December in Sweden','',''; 'It's all about delight: Why Vancouver is a multi-modal success story','',''; 'Lung function decline accelerates in menopausal women','',''; 'Four weeks to prepare cancer patients for surgery','',''; 'What's New on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon for December','',''; 'How I learned to stop worrying and love Swedish honesty','',''; 'With promising results from emerging therapies, Penn research yields hope for amyloidosis','',''; 'Photo: Autumn goes out in a blaze of glory','',''; 'Singer Marc Broussard Talks Inspiration Behind His Music and Performs 'Au Long De La Riviere'','',''; 'Car-sharing should not be for profit, says Swedish study','',''; 'December 02, 2001: Enron files for bankruptcy','',''; 'Can Cameroon end long wait for Women's Africa Cup of Nations title?','',''; 'Proposed biosimilar drug shows potential as breast cancer treatment','',''; 'Australian study recommends criminalizing drinking and walking','',''; 'Singer Marc Broussard on How He's Using His Music to Help Those in Need','',''; 'In pictures: Stockholm's new myth-busting Viking museum','',''; 'PharmaMar presents positive results with ADC MI130110 in CD13-expressing tumor cells','',''; ''Dine In Day' is a fun celebration of home cooking','',''; 'Taylor Swift, One Direction top list of highest paid musicians: Forbes','',''; 'Are homeless figures rising because of housing crisis?','',''; 'Protective barrier inside chromosomes helps to keep cells healthy','',''; 'Five most important search marketing news stories of the week','',''; 'Metabolite that promotes cancer cell transformation and colorectal cancer spread identified','',''; 'Medical journal defends article on questionable science behind US dietary guidelines','',''; 'Radiohead, Beyoncé, and Kendrick Lamar rumoured to be headlining Coachella 2017','',''; 'Fuckin' duvet covers: how do they work? ','',''; 'Dispute with Contractor on extra fee. Nothing written. How to resolve?','',''; '2017: The Year of Machine Learning, Intelligent Content and Experiences','',''; 'What makes your voice yours?','',''; 'New gene therapy for pseudarthrosis trialed at Kazan University','',''; '8 jewelry gifts starring plants ','',''; 'Prince: documentary, festival and music from the vaults on the horizon','',''; 'Star Trek Trillion Sterling Necklace - Exclusive','',''; 'Christmas Crackers with non-awful gifts','',''; 'The MeFi Mall is open for 2016','',''; '7 Timeless Reasons Why & How Content Goes Viral','',''; 'Floating foam foundation insulation system from Legalett wraps house from bottom up','',''; 'The first analysis of Ewing's sarcoma methyloma opens doors to new treatments','',''; 'Kidney disease hospitalization and mortality rates continue to decline in the US','',''; '123: NOT ME THAT DAY','',''; 'How does one handle bullying when it comes in the form of call-outs?','',''; 'Marketers now turn to social for product launches','',''; 'Vegans are furious that new British banknotes contain animal fat','',''; 'Study examines association of asbestos exposure, mesothelioma in Eastern China','',''; 'Turning off asthma attacks','',''; 'Escapism for a social justice multiclasser. ','',''; '10 mistakes businesses and brands make with social media','',''; 'A drug that inhibits the Notch signalling process is active in a range of advanced cancers','',''; '9 offbeat charity gifts that do the world good','',''; 'Manly Cat Paraphernalia?','',''; 'Advanced soft tissue sarcomas respond to new drug GDC-0575 combined with gemcitabine','',''; 'This $600 bike offers e-bike performance in a BMX format','',''; 'What is the inspiration for this style of logo design?','',''; 'Szanton receives GSA's 2016 Senior Service America Senior Scholar Award','',''; 'Clinton Aide Accuses Trump Camp of Winning by ‘Providing a Platform for White Supremacists’','',''; 'Neuroscientist studies connection between PTSD and alcohol abuse','',''; 'Save a Sample could save a lot of space in architects' offices','',''; 'Study reveals new role for Hippo pathway in suppressing cancer immunity','',''; 'Bag that is MOST SIMILAR to QueenBee Trucker bags?','',''; 'Burnes receives GSA's 2016 Senior Service America Junior Scholar Award','',''; 'Alcohol intake associated with increased risk of melanoma','',''; 'Is it possible to be a frugal and ethical shopper?','',''; 'Gay dude and straight homey out in SF.. Best nightlife for both of us!','',''; '#NoDAPL Live Blog: Demonstrators Allege Police Are Destroying Property, Limiting Freedom of Speech','',''; 'Dentist that takes Delta Dental in or around NYC's UWS','',''; 'Photo: The curious homes of the galeolaria worm','',''; 'Patients with cancer history experiencing severe heart attacks benefit from cardiac care','',''; 'How Rupert Murdoch and Fox Created the Fake News Industry','',''; 'Han Solo Leggings - Exclusive','',''; 'The office of the future will be a tiny house','',''; 'Single dose of hallucinogenic drug psilocybin relieves anxiety and depression in patients with advanced cancer','',''; 'How do I get rid of my lady 'stache?','',''; 'Donald Trump Picks Retired Gen. James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis for Defense Secretary','',''; 'Study: White deaths exceeded births in one-third of states','',''; 'Adrenaline rush: Delaying epinephrine shots after cardiac arrest cuts survival rates','',''; 'What's new in the world of menstural products?','',''; 'This 'zero fuel' electric VW bus conversion features its own rooftop solar array','',''; 'Robert Scheer Meets Blase Bonpane, a Priest Who Defied the Catholic Church','',''; 'Football Focus for BBC World News','',''; 'Study suggests possible new target for treating and preventing Alzheimer's','',''; '‘The Field of Fight’','',''; 'How do I recover from burnout enough to find the next thing?','',''; ''Nudges' an inexpensive, effective way to increase completion of health promotion programs','',''; 'London commits: All new city center single-decker buses will be zero emission','',''; 'Crystal Palace in 'mini-crisis' admits Alan Pardew','',''; 'Privately Refinancing Federally Consolidated Student Loans?','',''; 'Was 11/8 a New 9/11?','',''; '4 myths debunked about outdoor play and children's health','',''; 'iOS backup: Manual to computer or iCloud','',''; 'Do speed bumps kill?','',''; 'Who’s Really to Blame for Fake News','',''; 'England captains outline four steps to safeguarding in English football','',''; 'Hope me, everyone ELSE has too many calendars ','',''; 'How the Media Iced Out Bernie Sanders and Helped Donald Trump Win','',''; 'How schools can lead the fight against food waste','',''; 'Nico Rosberg on his 'emotional rollercoaster' in 2016','',''; 'Tracking Trump's Term','',''; 'Made in China','',''; '10 luxe DIY gifts made from old sweaters','',''; 'Tim Vine: Comedian & Sutton United fan's FA Cup pep talk','',''; 'People of the First Light','',''; 'Short-term sleep deprivation affects heart function','',''; 'Photo: Giraffe towers over an implausibility of wildebeest','',''; 'Lizzy Yarnold: I cannot wait for Pyeongchang 2018','',''; '9. Black Barbies - Nicki Minaj & Mike Will Made-It','',''; 'Advice on Parenting Books: Which Ones to Read and How to Use Them','',''; 'Bob Bradley on 5-4 win: 'I thought Swansea were jinxed!'','',''; ' LED Imitation steampunk bulbs coming to your hipster coffee shop soon','',''; 'Starter Toolkit as a Gift?','',''; 'Barcelona v Real Madrid: Are you Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale or Luis Suarez? Take our personality quiz','',''; 'Jake Dyson introduces hot new LED office lighting fixture','',''; 'Bale in but no Neymar - your Barcelona-Real Madrid XI','',''; 'Looking for recommendations for synth forums','',''; 'Kansas wildlife cameras capture strangest creatures of all','',''; '7 alternative baking flours and how to use them','',''; 'Seeking stupid arguments to fight about at lunch for fun and profit. ','',''; 'Mirrored signs could protect protesters taking a stand against Dakota Access Pipeline (Video)','',''; 'Pirate. Cat. Socks.','',''; '100-year-old lobster bought by vegan gets new lease on life','',''; 'Should I purchase carbon offset credits?','',''; 'Start “adulting school” when your kids are young','',''; 'I hear voices. Please make them stop.','',''; 'World's largest solar power plant unveiled in India','',''; 'Can I get compensation for a near-miss accident?','',''; 'Planetary Fleece','',''; 'American families share real-life strategies for managing tech use at home','',''; 'Children's books with realistic/ambiguous plots','',''; 'Portions of the brain fall asleep and wake back up all the time, Stanford researchers find','',''; 'Fix Broken Chair Leg ','',''; 'Where to get a "do not duplicate" key duplicated?','',''; 'Would you consider this sanitary?','',''; 'Petit fours in Boston area?','',''; 'Now for Wall Street's post-Trump hangover','',''; 'What is this American accent?','',''; 'Dr. House my foster kitten!','',''; 'U.S. jobless rate falls to lowest level in nearly a decade','',''; 'Second-hand bike shop in Berkeley, CA?','',''; 'As Breitbart wages "war" on Kellogg’s, advertisers flee','',''; 'How to maintain rosewood knife handles','',''; '3 solid stocks that also pay juicy dividends','',''; 'Obese children should be screened for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease -- new NASPGHAN guidelines','',''; 'How do I Christmas?','',''; 'Starbucks chief Howard Schultz to step down as CEO','',''; 'A nonstandard question about the interaction of cats and Christmas trees','',''; 'Breitbart pushes Kellogg's boycott over pulled ads','',''; 'Scottish atheist solves crimes, has steamy romance, on Mystery! ','',''; 'The big ripples from OPEC's production cuts','',''; 'Plex and Roku - Do I have this right?','',''; 'Weighing the stronger dollar's pros and cons','',''; 'Researchers examine how brain stimulation affects memory reactivation','',''; 'Winter Wonderland Roadside Attractions','',''; 'OPEC agrees to lower output to push up oil price','',''; 'Where can I find these boots?','',''; 'Star Trek Tribble Tabletop Figure','',''; 'With OPEC near a cutback deal, oil prices jump','',''; 'Where can I buy Vampire plugs (for X-mas lights) in the bay area?','',''; 'Infrastructure, jobs and wages: It's not so simple','',''; 'Good food near Beacon Hill?','',''; 'A friend of a friend is ... a dense network','',''; 'Recommend a co-working space in Portland','',''; 'Am I having a heart attack in slow motion?','',''; 'Researchers document large-scale changes in insect species inhabiting streams and rivers','',''; 'Can p → q |- ¬p ∨ q in intuitionistic logic?','',''; 'Mega Man Collectible Enamel Pin Sets','',''; 'Can you recommend a piano teacher in Toronto?','',''; 'Controlling chain conformations to enhance electronic devices','',''; 'Magnetic brain stimulation can bring back stowed memories','',''; 'Multi-institutional collaboration uncovers how molecular machines assemble','',''; 'Scripps Florida scientists identify novel compound to alleviate pain and itch','',''; 'Breaking the backbone','',''; 'Narcissistic individuals use social media to self-promote','',''; 'Could ambulatory surgical centers help bend the cost curve in US health care?','',''; 'Artificial intelligence toolkit spots new child sexual abuse media online','',''; 'ACS and Surgical Infection Society announce guidelines for prevention, treatment of SSIs','',''; 'Research team discovers a pathogen's motility triggers immune response','',''; 'Model explains barred owls' domination over northern spotted owls','',''; 'NEOMED researchers identify link between brain and bone in Alzheimer's disease','',''; 'Can DXA be used to predict fracture risk in people with diabetes?','',''; 'IUPUI chemists develop new technique that could speed drug development','',''; 'Use your words: Written prisoner interactions predict whether they'll clean up their acts','',''; 'The tree of life has its roots in Jena','',''; 'First structural map of cystic fibrosis protein sheds light on how mutations cause disease','',''; 'How it takes just 6 seconds to hack a credit card','',''; 'CRISPR editing in pancreatic cells reduced cell death and increased insulin secretion','',''; 'Multiple sclerosis: Newly discovered signal mechanism causes T cells to turn pathogenic','',''; 'Correlates of overweight and obesity among adolescents with bipolar disorder in the National Comorbidity Survey -- Adolescent Supplement','',''; 'Integrate Rational DOORS with Rational Change for collaborative requirements management','',''; 'Comparing and merging UML models in IBM Rational Software Architect: Part 10. Realign your models after migration or transformation','',''; 'Create modular performance tests to save time and increase reuse: Part 2. Tutorial','',''; '3 steps to accelerate your mobile apps with APIs by using API Connect','',''; '‘Rocky’ Turns 40','',''; 'Accept online payments on Bluemix using API Connect','',''; 'Penn State Staff Unsure What To Do With Breathtakingly Innovative Defensive Playbooks Jerry Sandusky Keeps Sending Them','',''; '5 Things To Know About James Mattis','',''; 'UML-requirements traceability using IBM Rational RequisitePro, IBM Rational Software Architect, and BIRT, Part 2: Exploring reporting','',''; 'Reason Man Turning To Religion Later In Life Must Be Horrifying','',''; 'UML-requirements traceability using IBM Rational RequisitePro, IBM Rational Software Architect, and BIRT, Part 1: Reporting requirements','',''; 'How Sleeping Memories Come Back to Life','',''; 'Italy Referendum to Set Renzi's Fate','',''; 'Yields blew out the combine when you see this','',''; 'Broken Ornament Relegated To Lonely Existence On Side Of Tree Facing Wall','',''; 'A Russian Cargo Space Ship Just Crashed','',''; 'Surprise U.K. Local Election Result Signals Vulnerability of Pro-Brexit Lawmakers','',''; 'New look and easier experience coming to Southeast Farm Press','',''; 'Best Sports Video Games Of All Time','',''; 'Transform 5250 Green Screens into Web Applications','',''; 'The Dakota Access Pipeline Fight Is the Future of Environmental Activism','',''; 'Three steps to a profitable cottonseed selection','',''; 'French President Hollande Won't Run for Re-Election','',''; 'What Smoking A Cigarette Does To The Body','',''; 'Climate Change Could Turn Britain Into a Major Wine Producer','',''; 'It might not be too late to plant annual winter forage','',''; 'EU Chill With Turkey Nears a Freeze','',''; 'Ruth Bader Ginsburg Debating Whether To Cancel Winter Vacation Climbing K2','',''; '‘Ailing’ Buzz Aldrin in Emergency Evacuation from South Pole','',''; 'Italians to Stress Test EU Financial Regulators With Referendum','',''; 'Explore local System i application development with IBM Rational Developer for System i','',''; 'How To Stay Politically Active After The Election','',''; 'The dual–dialectical conceptualization: A case of Crohn’s disease.','',''; 'German Road-Toll Plan Wins EU Approval After Tweaks','',''; 'Reddit Cracks Down On ‘Toxic’ Users','',''; '“The dual-dialectical conceptualization: A case of Crohn’s disease”:Correction to Navon (2016).','',''; 'Cotton grower says sensor-based nutrient plan saved nitrogen, money','',''; 'Investors See Opportunities in Europe's Political Stress','',''; '5 Things To Know About The Dakota Access Pipeline','',''; 'Defiance, denial, and defining limits: Helping family caregivers of individuals with dementia distinguish the tap-out from the cop-out.','',''; 'Austrian Anti-Immigrant Party Forges Ties to Trump','',''; 'PTSD Treated With Ecstasy','',''; 'Use of self-regulation principles to improve adolescent treatment adherence to the medical regimen for diabetes.','',''; 'Demystifying the automation of custom controls: Part 2. A step-by-step example of using IBM Rational Functional Tester to automate custom controls','',''; 'Putin Calls for Cooperation With U.S.','',''; 'Can Trump Follow Through On His Campaign Promises?','',''; 'An integrative trauma-based approach toward chronic pain: Specific applications to interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome.','',''; 'U.K. Would Consider Paying for EU Access','',''; 'Mom Wants One Of Those Things Your Sister Has For Christmas','',''; 'Growing through pain: An integrative approach to treating chronic pain and emotional distress.','',''; 'European Policy Makers Brace for Italian Stress','',''; 'Teaching behavioral medicine professionals and trainees an elaborated version of the Y-Model: Implications for the integration of cognitive–behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, and motivational interviewing.','',''; 'Facebook User Verifies Truth Of Article By Carefully Checking It Against Own Preconceived Opinions','',''; 'Germany's G-20 Presidency Destined to Be Difficult','',''; 'Tips For Reducing Your Screen Time','',''; 'Integrative psychotherapy of patients with schizophrenic spectrum disorders: The case of a musician suffering from psychotic episodes.','',''; 'Germany Arrests Suspected Islamist Mole in Spy Agency','',''; 'Religion Triggers Brain’s Reward Centers','',''; 'Recovery in bipolar disorders: Experienced therapists’ view of their patients’ struggles and efforts when facing a severe mental illness.','',''; 'Study: Tennis Leads To Longer Life','',''; 'Build secure Web services','',''; 'The evolving science of anger management.','',''; 'Dinner Party Conducting Full-Scale Investigation To Determine If Tip Was Included','',''; 'A CAT envelope to deliver EMDR: Cognitive analytic therapy around eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.','',''; ' The Future of Austin’s Crime Lab ','',''; 'Obama Finally Fulfills Campaign Promise To Spend One Night In Abandoned Amusement Park','',''; ' What Happens to Rape Victims? ','',''; ' Point Austin: Hours to Burn: When they promote you to “supervisor,” their hands are in your pocket ','',''; ' Public Notice: On and Off the Rails ','',''; ' Headlines ','',''; ' Quote of the Week ','',''; ' Civics 101 ','',''; 'Rational Application Development certification prep, Part 6: Debugging and testing Java applications','',''; ' New Controversy in District 10 City Council Race ','',''; ' Council: Race to the Finish ','',''; ' Grove Mediations Continue ','',''; ' Rezoning the Champions Tract ','',''; ' AISD: The More Things Change ','',''; ' “A New Beginning” for the San Antonio Four ','',''; 'Rational Application Development certification prep, Part 1: Workbench basics','',''; ' State Health Department Makes Fetal Tissue Rule Final ','',''; 'Facebook invests $20M to catalyze affordable housing development in Menlo Park - TechCrunch','',''; ' UT Faculty Finds Itself on Conservative Watch List ','',''; ' Democratic House of Non-Representation ','',''; 'The FCC thinks AT&T's policies 'harm consumers' — and it's warning Verizon, too - Business Insider','',''; 'Improved application development: Part 5, Testing and verifying with Rational tools','',''; 'Improved application development: Part 2, Developing solutions with Rational Application Developer','',''; 'ESA commits half a billion to its next Mars lander despite predecessor's crash - TechCrunch','',''; ' Under a Texas Rock ','',''; 'Improved application development: Part 3, Incorporating changes in requirements','',''; ' Death Watch: Matters of Incompetence ','',''; 'Lucy in the trees? Our ancient relative may have had strong climbing arms - Christian Science Monitor','',''; ' Fred Lewis, Friends of “the Poor” Go to War on Central Health ','',''; 'Improved application development: Part 1, Collating requirements for an application','',''; 'iOS 10.2 beta 5 is now available to download - BGR','',''; ' How Returning Lightbulbs Turned Into a Run-In With Police ','',''; 'Snapchat will make Los Angeles a stronger tech hub - TechCrunch','',''; ' The Hightower Report: The New Founder ','',''; 'Motorola isn't planning on releasing a Moto 360 successor anytime soon - Android Police','',''; 'Fish odor syndrome','',''; ' Review: Sophia’s ','',''; 'Google Fixes 12 High-Severity Flaws In Chrome Browser - Threatpost','',''; ' Cheap Eats: Hut’s Hamburgers ','',''; 'PORTER RD EB AT RT 72 HAS THE RIGHT TURN LANE CLOSED UNTIL MONDAY DECEMBER 5TH AT 3 PM','',''; 'As deaths in Midwest prove, there's no such thing as 'tornado season' - Buffalo News','',''; ' Dear Glutton: Healthy for the Holidays ','',''; ' Food Events ','',''; 'Buffer overflow exploit can bypass Activation Lock on iPads running iOS 10.1.1 - Ars Technica','',''; ' Bonnie Bishop on Who She Is and Isn't ','',''; '2017 Cat Shaming Daily Calendar','',''; ' Playback – Carnegie Bound: Gary Clark Jr. ','',''; 'ALA announces winners of the 2016 I Love My Librarian Award','',''; ' Review: All ATX Vol. 4 ','',''; ' Review: Walter Daniels ','',''; ' Review: Peckinpah ','',''; 'Project 562','',''; 'Shakespeare Goes Pop!','',''; ' Review: The Eric Bee ','',''; ' Review: Canvas People ','',''; ' Review: Wild Tinderbox ','',''; ' Review: Vallejo ','',''; ' Review: Silas Lowe ','',''; ' Review: Shawn Pander ','',''; ' Review: Jonathan Fox Band ','',''; ' Review: David Halley ','',''; ' Review: Insects vs. Robots ','',''; ' Review: Hickoids ','',''; ' Review: Robert Earl Keen ','',''; ' Review: Pretty Paper: A Christmas Tale ','',''; 'Powerful Earthquake Exposes New Land Near Kaikoura','',''; ' Bumble Offers an Alternative to Online Dating ','',''; 'Glow-in-the-Dark Clouds','',''; ' Other Worlds Austin Premieres Nathaniel Atcheson’s Domain ','',''; ' Gift Guide 2016: Haunted Holidays ','',''; 'Fires in Israel','',''; ' Gift Guide 2016: Haunted Holidays: The Haunted Bookshelf ','',''; 'Powerful Earthquake Exposes New Land Near Kaikoura','',''; ' Gift Guide 2016: Haunted Holidays: The Dead Boy Detectives ','',''; ' Gift Guide 2016: Haunted Holidays: I’ll Take You There ','',''; 'The Chesapeake Bay Watershed: Still Cloudy, With a Chance of Clearing','',''; ' Gift Guide 2016: Haunted Holidays: Elvis Lives? ','',''; ' This theatrical adaptation of the Ray Bradbury story ends up being timely and may make you step outside your bubble: Different Stages’ Fahrenheit 451 ','',''; ' Sculptures of striped tubes take on an uncanny life when photographed and reprinted by the artist: “Mayhem, Method & Medium: Mike O’Brien” at Flatbed ','',''; ' Page Two: An Immodest Proposal ','',''; ' Gay Place ','',''; ' Day Trips: Lady Justice in Comanche ','',''; ' Luv Doc: Strew Your Seed ','',''; ' Mr. Smarty Pants Knows ','',''; ' Soccer Watch ','',''; ' Maakies ','',''; 'Faith school push will not 'help results'','',''; ' Eyebeam ','',''; 'National Teaching Service dropped, government confirms','',''; 'Moreno Ranches, a Leader in the Brahman Semen and Brahman Embryos,...','',''; ' This Modern World ','',''; 'Health advisers call for minimum alcohol unit pricing','',''; ' Peppermint Tears ','',''; 'Art history A-level saved at last minute','',''; 'Parkinson's disease 'may start in gut'','',''; 'More than 250,000 are homeless in England - Shelter','',''; ''Drinking plenty of fluids' advice questioned','',''; 'Kate Bush album fails to topple Little Mix','',''; 'Unfair care home practices examined by watchdog','',''; 'Adele announces two more Wembley Stadium shows','',''; 'Stamp duty rise hits Berkeley Group demand','',''; 'Muslim families sending children to Catholic schools','',''; 'Councils urged to redesign speed bumps to cut pollution','',''; 'Greenberg Traurig’s Daniel M. Rabinovitz to Lead NITA’s Building Trial...','',''; 'Dr. Cara Downey Inks Partnership with Nobilis Health','',''; 'A sovereign state which foreign policy','',''; 'Her er det nye Gamlingen-bassenget','',''; 'Gillian Anderson campaigns against modern slavery','',''; 'Elton John charity to fund HIV testing','',''; 'Cumberbatch gives Sherlock producer Vertue top TV award','',''; 'Napoli slo Inter etter sjokkåpning','',''; 'Dette er bilen som skal ta tungtransporten vekk fra diesel','',''; 'Friday Cats Blogging','',''; 'To skutt og drept i Stockholm','',''; 'Junior doctors' training under threat, says GMC','',''; 'Gaga backs gay rights in Trump's America','',''; 'Tre arbeidsledige kvinner fra oljebransjen satser på hobbyene sine','',''; '[General] ResearchGate','',''; 'Fersk anbefaling til regjeringen: – Dropp fullskala CO2-håndtering','',''; 'Fikk Trump på tråden under Brende-møte','',''; 'Tysk magasin: Ronaldo gjemte 1,3 milliarder i skatteparadis','',''; 'Sheridan Smith cancels Royal Variety appearance after father's death','',''; 'Færre barn vil få spesialpedagogisk hjelp','',''; '[Grammar] picking them up from airport.','',''; 'Bø ble mobbet av Fourcade – nå er begge fornøyde','',''; 'Frifinnes for teknologityveri: - Man kan lure på motivene bak','',''; 'Domstol: Afghaner er et barn. Sendes trolig ut lørdag','',''; 'Harry Potter in Broadway transfer talks','',''; 'Siktet 30-åring knytter seg til Bråten-drapet','',''; 'Sociolinguistic questionnaire','',''; 'Senior MPs call for compulsory sex education','',''; 'Brit Awards: Critics' Choice shortlist announced','',''; '«Robotene trenger også følelser»','',''; 'Formel 1-mester søndag - la opp fredag','',''; 'Rogfast og Ryfast kan få penger fra bilpakken','',''; 'FTSE 100 closes down ahead of Italian referendum','',''; 'both Madrid and Barcelona','',''; 'Tobacco firms lose plain packaging appeal','',''; 'Overlevde flystyrten - vil trolig kunne spille fotball igjen','',''; 'Is there a story we should have covered in 2016?','',''; 'Sir Tom Courtenay reads Larkin's First Sight','',''; 'Denne konstruksjonen skjuler det som kan bli en fremtidig energigullgruve','',''; 'Sandnes får julegaven på forskudd','',''; 'Dobbel lykke for Jansrud og Svindal: – Ble ganske følelsesladet for oss begge','',''; '[Essay] Scored 0/21 points in this argumentative essay.','',''; 'UDs egne eksperter slo alarm allerede i 2014','',''; 'Pop star Izzy Bizu wins BBC Introducing Award','',''; 'Hijab-forbudet består på Blidensol','',''; 'Langrennsekspert: Weng er favoritt til å vinne verdenscupen sammenlagt','',''; 'ANNONSE: Denne delen av Oslo hviler på luft og knust glass','',''; 'Parents reared their children','',''; 'Kilder til VG: Det blir ingen budsjettavtale','',''; 'Gillian Anderson: 'Slavery a $150bn business'','',''; 'Savnet mann bekreftet død','',''; '[Ekstra] Mesteparten av ressursene i Barentshavet er gass. Det mener IEA kan bli for dyrt','',''; 'Iversen til VG: – Jeg har en helt ekstrem treningsintelligens','',''; 'Ray Lewis to Debut Limited Edition Bourbon','',''; '[Grammar] gerund phrase or participle phrase','',''; 'Siktet for forsikringssvindel etter brannen på Selje Hotel','',''; 'baby in the closet','',''; 'Aksjonister på gang i nabolaget til ordføreren','',''; 'Dette er grunnen til at Weng var sykt nervøs før start','',''; 'Stadig flere ingeniører har vært ledige i mer enn ett år','',''; 'Herbs: Toxicities And Drug Interactions','',''; 'a person who it is easy to cheat or make suffer','',''; 'The Daily Mail on Manuel and appeals from Aleppo','',''; 'Jansrud vant Super-G - Svindal på andreplass i comebacket','',''; 'KONKURRANSE: Julekalenderen - luke 2','',''; 'Sabi åpner i Oslo og Bergen','',''; 'Alzheimer's Protein Plaques May Also Harm the Heart','',''; 'C64 als Panzerfahrer (Andreas)','',''; 'Trump Christian','',''; 'Stjålet «Arbeit macht frei»-port funnet i Bergen','',''; 'The MobileRead Annual Reading Challenge, 2017!','',''; 'Affidavit / Solemn affirmation help','',''; 'Nærmer seg svenskeduell for Brækhus i Oslo Spektrum','',''; 'Brukte elbilbatterier blir ikke til nye','',''; 'Gjenåpner Mathallen en måned etter konkursen','',''; 'Kripos ber filippinsk politi om hjelp til å ta norske overgripere','',''; 'Whoja vu','',''; 'Kindle firmware 5.8.7 (11/30/2016)','',''; 'read books/a book on weekends','',''; 'NORGES SMARTESTE HJEM: Vinner: Norges smarteste hjem','',''; 'The revolutionary city that revived Indian pride','',''; 'Sauda Fjordhotell har gått konkurs','',''; 'much more specific','',''; 'Common Hernia Treatments','',''; 'Andrew Sachs and the conflict over his dementia 'battle'','',''; '- Matfylket Rogaland står sterkt','',''; 'F-16 har fått ny programvare. Det gir det gamle kampflyet helt nye muligheter','',''; 'believe it to of been','',''; 'Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) ','',''; 'Are You Too Sick to Work?','',''; 'Andrew Sachs tributes','',''; '297 flere arbeidsledige i Rogaland i november','',''; 'Oppdrettsgigant dropper dieselaggregat - skal spare 1 mill. liter diesel i året','',''; '[Grammar] Present Perfect Continuous vs Peresent Perfect Tenses','',''; 'Denne gjør vogntoget om til en hybridbil','',''; 'Unge jubler over billigere buss og kultur','',''; 'Fateful flight','',''; 'Email Formatting','',''; 'blubber','',''; 'TU inngår samarbeid med Bloomberg','',''; 'Charles & De fortsetter som før uten Charles Tjessem','',''; 'Lack of Sleep Takes Big Bite Out of World Economies','',''; 'Denne Audi-en skal utforske månen neste år','',''; 'Jærbanen går som normalt igjen','',''; 'Ed Sheeran jokes about cut face at hospice fundraiser','',''; 'Leucippus','',''; 'Det norske selskapet bak denne dronen solgt til amerikansk storselskap','',''; 'Mistet førerkortet etter råkjøring i pappas bil','',''; 'Democritus','',''; '[Ekstra] Yara slet med at arbeidere fikk støt av elektrisk utstyr. Løsningen fant de i en elbillader','',''; 'The Crown: Balancing Family and Calling Is a Royal Pain','',''; 'Utdanningsforbundet: Behold alle barnehagene!','',''; 'Greenberg Traurig’s Kemal Hawa Presented at the Greater Atlanta &...','',''; 'Paraconsistent Logic','',''; 'Cecilie Christ fratrer som sentrumsleder','',''; 'Scarlet Hope','',''; 'Skullcandy Crusher Wireless','',''; 'Robert Kilwardby','',''; 'Christmas contenders','',''; 'News: Why Many Colombian Protestants Opposed Peace with FARC Fighters','',''; 'Årets juleballsesong i gang, det koker og glitrer i gymsalene','',''; 'YI M1',',2817,2510460,00.asp?kc=PCRSS05039TX1K0000750',''; 'Zenefits',',2817,2492902,00.asp',''; 'Marriage and Domestic Partnership','',''; 'Cash calendar','',''; 'Pastors, Your Sermons Do Matter If You Want To See People Come To Trust Jesus','',''; 'Slik funker juleballet på ungdomsskolen','',''; 'Pearl RearVision',',2817,2510400,00.asp?kc=PCRSS05039TX1K0000750',''; 'Greenberg Traurig’s Josh Cohen Speaks at Homes Within Reach Conference','',''; 'Family matters','',''; 'YI M1','',''; 'Moral Particularism and Moral Generalism','',''; 'Rauschenberg the pioneer','',''; 'Satser 5,4 milliarder på å bygge ut Oda. 80 prosent av kontraktene ventes å gå til norske leverandører','',''; 'Kaldeste november siden 2010','',''; 'Sibling Rivalry: From Childhood to the Church','',''; 'Richard the Sophister','',''; 'Fizzics Waytap','',''; 'Kjempejulegave til Stavanger','',''; 'Verdens største flyttbare metallkonstruksjon skal hindre stråling','',''; 'How Fidel Castro's Death Will Affect Cuba's Christian Revival','',''; 'The Literal-Nonliteral Distinction in Classical Indian Philosophy','',''; 'Mind the Gap','',''; 'DirecTV Now','',''; 'Nasjonale prøver: Stavangerskolen gjør det godt','',''; 'News: Why Two Tombs Compete for Jesus' Burial','',''; 'William of Auvergne','',''; 'Melding om pipebrann','',''; 'Thriving at the Edges of the World','',''; 'Emotions in the Christian Tradition','',''; 'Dethroning Mammon','',''; 'ESET Multi-Device Security 10',',2817,2498731,00.asp',''; 'Ny bru kan stå i fare','',''; 'DirecTV Now Customers Report Login, Playback Issues',',2817,2510482,00.asp?kc=PCRSS05039TX1K0000757',''; 'Think Twice Before Buying Unofficial Apple Chargers',',2817,2510475,00.asp',''; 'Linksys EA6350 AC1200+ Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Router',',2817,2510351,00.asp?kc=PCRSS05039TX1K0000748',''; 'Business Ethics','',''; 'ESET Parental Control (for Android)','',''; 'Politiet etterlyste eieren av «Pippis hest»','',''; 'Electric Nikola One Marks 'End of Diesel Engines'',',2817,2510469,00.asp',''; 'DirecTV Now',',2817,2510439,00.asp?kc=PCRSS05039TX1K0000757',''; '10 things we didn't know last week','',''; 'Employee Fiduciary Releases Small Business 401k Plan Design Study','',''; 'Economics and Economic Justice','',''; '2016 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL','',''; 'Slik straffes sjåfører som stikker av fra trafikkuhell','',''; 'Uber Collects Location Data After a Ride Ends',',2817,2510465,00.asp',''; 'Expanding 'Netflix Tax' Draws Consumer Ire',',2817,2510374,00.asp?kc=PCRSS05039TX1K0000757',''; 'Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach','',''; '2017 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400','',''; 'Experience the White House in AR Using a Dollar Bill',',2817,2510431,00.asp',''; 'Derfor døde laksen i Håelva','',''; 'One-Third of Americans Still Lack Real Home Broadband Competition',',2817,2510492,00.asp',''; 'Why more young women are body building','',''; '2016 Lexus LX 570 ','',''; 'Causal Decision Theory','',''; 'Sony Launches PlayStation Communities App for PS4 Gamers',',2817,2510393,00.asp',''; 'Sykkelbutikk i Sandnes gikk konkurs','',''; 'Hulu Now Streaming 4K Content',',2817,2510491,00.asp',''; 'Troy, the Handcrafted Wooden Watch with Visible Skeleton and Automatic...','',''; 'Fuzzy Logic','',''; '2016 Lexus RX 450h','',''; 'Malware Resurfaces, Hijacks Government PCs in Saudi Arabia',',2817,2510490,00.asp',''; 'Razer Blade (Late 2016)','',''; 'Amazon, Intel Partner to Advance Smart Home Tech',',2817,2510487,00.asp',''; 'Netflix (for iPhone)',',2817,2382235,00.asp',''; 'American College of Bankruptcy Announces 2016 Pro Bono Grantees','',''; 'DirecTV Now Customers Report Login, Playback Issues',',2817,2510482,00.asp',''; 'What is Trusteer Endpoint Protection and do I need it?','',''; '',',2817,2488240,00.asp',''; 'Burdette & Rice Announces David Mead Selected to Guardianship...','',''; 'What is Trusteer Endpoint Protection and do I need it?','',''; 'Russian Spacecraft Explodes During ISS Resupply Mission',',2817,2510481,00.asp',''; 'Fizzy facts','',''; 'Revelation',',2817,2488249,00.asp',''; 'Report: Foxconn Manager Steals $1.5M Worth of iPhones ',',2817,2510478,00.asp',''; 'Phone Maker Blu Trades Chinese Spyware for Google Software',',2817,2510476,00.asp',''; 'How Delphi, Mobileye Are Fast-Tracking Driverless Car Tech',',2817,2510474,00.asp',''; 'LogicMonitor',',2817,2488132,00.asp',''; 'Get Prescription Lenses for Your Snapchat Spectacles',',2817,2510472,00.asp',''; 'Amazon Web Services',',2817,2496299,00.asp',''; 'iHeartRadio (for Android)',',2817,2456603,00.asp',''; 'South Korea Makes Game Hacking Illegal',',2817,2510471,00.asp',''; 'Microsoft Azure Site Recovery',',2817,2500057,00.asp',''; '53 Titles Will Support Oculus Touch at Launch ',',2817,2510468,00.asp',''; 'HP PageWide Pro 477dw Multifunction Printer','',''; 'Study Reveals China Silently Censors WeChat Messages',',2817,2510467,00.asp',''; 'Acer Iconia One 8 (B1-850)','',''; 'Nokia Phones Return in 2017 (Sort of)',',2817,2510443,00.asp',''; 'Golden Frog VyprVPN',',2817,2385182,00.asp',''; 'HP Tips Rugged ProBook x360 11 Education Edition',',2817,2510436,00.asp',''; 'ManageEngine AssetExplorer',',2817,2499134,00.asp',''; 'Adidas Biosteel Sneakers Dissolve in 36 Hours',',2817,2510433,00.asp',''; 'Stackify',',2817,2494544,00.asp',''; 'Feds Get Expanded Hacking Powers',',2817,2510429,00.asp',''; 'Namoo – Wonders of Plant Life (for iPad)','',''; 'Editorial: KU’s botched response ','',''; 'Report: Fitbit to Acquire Pebble',',2817,2510424,00.asp',''; 'Pearl RearVision','',''; 'Opinion: No point in recounting vote totals ','',''; 'European Satellites Are Tracking Sinking Buildings',',2817,2510459,00.asp',''; 'Kodak i1190WN Scanner','',''; 'Authorities Dismantle Massive 'Avalanche' Cybercrime Syndicate',',2817,2510458,00.asp',''; 'Bugaboo Boxer','',''; 'Zenefits: Don't Worry About Wash. State's Free Software Model Ban',',2817,2510455,00.asp',''; 'Motorola: No Plans for New Smartwatch',',2817,2510454,00.asp',''; 'Got the iPhone 6s Battery Bug? Check on Apple's Website',',2817,2510453,00.asp',''; 'Attenborough Story of Life (for iPad)','',''; 'Got Optimum, Suddenlink? You Could See Huge Internet Speed Boost',',2817,2510450,00.asp',''; 'Dialpad','',''; 'Test Gears of War 4 PC, Xbox Crossplay This Weekend',',2817,2510449,00.asp',''; 'Motorola: 'Mod' Adds-Ons Could Take Our Phones to 5G',',2817,2510446,00.asp',''; 'LG 38UC99-W','',''; 'Facebook Turns its AI to Offensive Post Detection',',2817,2510444,00.asp',''; 'AOC C2783FQ','',''; 'Flow-Directed Crystallization for Printed Electronics','',''; 'Slacker Radio (for Android)',',2817,2415631,00.asp',''; 'Poly(glycerol) Used for Constructing Mixed Polymeric Micelles as T1 MRI Contrast Agent for Tumor-Targeted Imaging','',''; 'Derivatization Strategies for the Detection of Triamcinolone Acetonide in Cartilage by Using Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging','',''; 'Carcinogenesis of the Oral Cavity: Environmental Causes and Potential Prevention by Black Raspberry','',''; 'The Label Matters: μPET Imaging of the Biodistribution of Low Molar Mass 89Zr and 18F-Labeled Poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline)','',''; 'Cysteine-Based Protein Adduction by Epoxide-Derived Metabolite(s) of Benzbromarone','',''; 'Scanning Probe Microscopy for Nanoscale Electrochemical Imaging','',''; 'Octreotide Functionalized Nano-Contrast Agent for Targeted Magnetic Resonance Imaging','',''; 'Phase-Change Thermoplastic Elastomer Blends for Tunable Shape Memory by Physical Design','',''; 'ZTE Axon 7 Mini','',''; 'Oral Cell DNA Adducts as Potential Biomarkers for Lung Cancer Susceptibility in Cigarette Smokers','',''; 'Recent Advances in NMR-Based Metabolomics','',''; 'Molecular Design: Network Architecture and Its Impact on the Organization and Mechanics of Peptide-Polyurea Hybrids','',''; 'Synthesis of Structure-Controlled Polyborosiloxanes and Investigation on Their Viscoelastic Response to Molecular Mass of Polydimethylsiloxane Triggered by Both Chemical and Physical Interactions','',''; 'Pokemon Moon (for Nintendo 3DS)','',''; 'Dynamic Phosphorylation of Apoptosis Signal Regulating Kinase 1 (ASK1) in Response to Oxidative and Electrophilic Stress','',''; 'Thin-Layer Chromatography/Desorption Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry of Lipids','',''; 'Peroxosolvates: Formation Criteria, H2O2 Hydrogen Bonding, and Isomorphism with the Corresponding Hydrates','',''; 'Preparation and Antibacterial Mechanism Insight of Polypeptide-Based Micelles with Excellent Antibacterial Activities','',''; 'Synthesis of Phosphonated Poly(vinyl alcohol)-Based Composite Membrane: Effects of Counter and Co-Ions on Its Electrochemical Properties for Separation Applications','',''; 'Chemical Reactivity of Emodin and Its Oxidative Metabolites to Thiols','',''; 'Stabilizing Ir(001) Epitaxy on Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Using a Thin Ir Seed Layer Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition','',''; 'Pokemon Sun (for Nintendo 3DS)','',''; 'Viscoelastic Separation of Particles by Size in Straight Rectangular Microchannels: A Parametric Study for a Refined Understanding','',''; 'Promoting Adipogenesis Using a Collagen VI–Heparin Sulfate Coating: Applications in Tissue Engineering for Wound Healing','',''; 'Stable Aqueous Foams from Cellulose Nanocrystals and Methyl Cellulose','',''; 'Discovering Novel and Diverse Iron-Chelators in Silico','',''; 'A History of the Molecular Initiating Event','',''; 'Synthesis, Carbonization, and CO2 Adsorption Properties of Phloroglucinol–Melamine–Formaldehyde Polymeric Nanofibers','',''; 'Google Photos (for iPhone)',',2817,2485989,00.asp',''; 'Biomimetic Assay for Hematin Crystallization Inhibitors: A New Platform To Screen Antimalarial Drugs','',''; 'Chemical Measurement and Fluctuation Scaling','',''; 'Binary Complex Based on Zein and Propylene Glycol Alginate for Delivery of Quercetagetin','',''; 'Reaction Chemistry to Characterize the Molecular Initiating Event in Skin Sensitization: A Journey to Be Continued','',''; 'Hydrothermal Synthesis of Novel Uniform Nanooctahedral Bi3(FeO4)(WO4)2 Solid Oxide and Visible-Light Photocatalytic Performance','',''; 'Digital Bioassays: Theory, Applications, and Perspectives','',''; 'Molecular Engineering of Triphenylamine Based Aggregation Enhanced Emissive Fluorophore: Structure-Dependent Mechanochromism and Self-Reversible Fluorescence Switching','',''; 'Analysis of Uncertainty in the Calculation of Ideal-Gas Thermodynamic Properties Using the One-Dimensional Hindered Rotor (1-DHR) Model','',''; 'Computational Methods for Configurational Entropy Using Internal and Cartesian Coordinates','',''; 'Fast Optimization of LiMgMnOx/La2O3 Catalysts for the Oxidative Coupling of Methane','',''; 'James J. Duffin, 88, social activist who led Phila. Housing Development Corp.','',''; 'An Improved Synthesis of the Free Base and Diglycolate Salt of CEP-33779; A Janus Kinase 2 Inhibitor','',''; 'Philadelphia starts an election recount of 4 percent of divisions','',''; 'Surface Modification of Aramid Fibers by Catechol/Polyamine Codeposition Followed by Silane Grafting for Enhanced Interfacial Adhesion to Rubber Matrix','',''; '(Bio)Sensing Using Nanoparticle Arrays: On the Effect of Analyte Transport on Sensitivity','',''; 'A Gold Complex Single Crystal Comprising Nanoporosity and Curved Surfaces','',''; 'Automatic Generation of Intermolecular Potential Energy Surfaces','',''; 'Andrew Sachs, known as Manuel in 'Fawlty Towers,' dies','',''; 'Measurement and Modeling of Solid–Liquid Equilibrium of para-tert-Butylbenzoic Acid in Acetic Acid/Methanol + Water and Acetic Acid + para-tert-Butyltoluene Binary Systems at Various Temperatures','',''; 'Understanding the Mechanisms of Decalin Hydroprocessing Using Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Chromatography','',''; 'Trump, backers ask courts to halt or block 3 state recounts','',''; 'Linksys EA6350 AC1200+ Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Router','',''; 'Metal–Organic Framework Nanomaterials as Novel Signal Probes for Electron Transfer Mediated Ultrasensitive Electrochemical Immunoassay','',''; 'A Fractionally Ionic Approach to Polarizability and van der Waals Many-Body Dispersion Calculations','',''; 'Nathan Bregman, 99, longtime Philly businessman, stock options trader','',''; 'Experimental Determination and Modeling of the Phase Behavior of the CO2 + Propionic Anhydride Binary System at High Pressure','',''; 'Computational Study of the Effect of Draft Plates on the Solid Behavior in a Spout-Fluid Bed','',''; 'Gates gives Wistar $9 million for novel fight against Zika','',''; 'Mechanical Trapping of DNA in a Double-Nanopore System','',''; 'Modeling Carbon Dioxide Vibrational Frequencies in Ionic Liquids: II. Spectroscopic Map','',''; 'Acer Predator Z1 (Z301C)','',''; 'Biomonitoring DNA Adducts of Cooked Meat Carcinogens in Human Prostate by Nano Liquid Chromatography–High Resolution Tandem Mass Spectrometry: Identification of 2-Amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine DNA Adduct','',''; 'Parameterless Stopping Criteria for Recursive Density Matrix Expansions','',''; 'Determination of Ternary Liquid–Liquid Equilibria for Dimethyl Carbonate + 2-Methyl-1-propanol or 2-Methyl-2-propanol + Water Systems at T = 303.15 and 313.15 K','',''; 'Jan Alan Zarkin, founder of Rembrandt's in Fairmount, 73','',''; 'Zeolite ZSM5-Filled PVDF Hollow Fiber Mixed Matrix Membranes for Efficient Carbon Dioxide Removal via Membrane Contactor','',''; 'Sheriff: McKnight shooting was 'road rage'; defends case','',''; 'Partial and Complete Wetting in Ultralow Interfacial Tension Multiphase Blends with Polylactide','',''; 'Pseudodirect to Direct Compositional Crossover in Wurtzite GaP/InxGa1–xP Core–Shell Nanowires','',''; 'MMSoft Pulseway',',2817,2491947,00.asp',''; 'Construction of an in Vitro Gene Screening System of the E. coli EmrE Transporter Using Liposome Display','',''; 'Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics with Tight-Binding Fragment Molecular Orbitals','',''; 'An Investigation of Harned’s Rule for Predicting the Activity Coefficients of Strong Aqueous Electrolyte Solution Mixtures at 25 °C','',''; 'Delores Capers, 76, social worker, program coordinator','',''; 'Synthesis, Coordination Properties, and Catalytic Application of Triarylmethane-Monophosphines','',''; 'Philadelphia starts an election recount of 4 percent of divisions','',''; 'Fundamental Influences of Induced Crystallization and Phase Separation on the Foaming Behavior of Poly(lactic acid)/Polyethylene Glycol Blends Blown with Compressed CO2','',''; 'Ripping RNA by Force Using Gaussian Network Models','',''; 'Mayoral flame war: Nutter, Street take aim at one another','',''; 'Selective-Area MOCVD Growth and Carrier-Transport-Type Control of InAs(Sb)/GaSb Core–Shell Nanowires','',''; 'SuccessFactors Perform and Reward',',2817,2492901,00.asp',''; 'Comprehensive and Quantitative Analysis of Polyphosphoinositide Species by Shotgun Lipidomics Revealed Their Alterations in db/db Mouse Brain','',''; 'When is the Fukui Function Not Normalized? The Danger of Inconsistent Energy Interpolation Models in Density Functional Theory','',''; 'Allen Bernard Poole, former student activist who pressed for reform at Gratz High, 67','',''; 'Alkene Insertions into a Ru–PR2 Bond','',''; 'Effects of Dimethyl Sulfoxide on Phase Equilibrium Conditions of CO2 and IGCC Fuel Gas Hydrate in the Presence and Absence of Tetra-n-butyl Ammonium Bromide','',''; 'Trump, backers ask courts to halt or block 3 state recounts','',''; 'Spectroscopic and Thermodynamic Characterization of the Metal-Binding Sites in the LH1–RC Complex from Thermophilic Photosynthetic Bacterium Thermochromatium tepidum','',''; 'DTDGA-Impregnated XAD-16 Beads for Separation of Gold from Electronic Waste Solutions','',''; 'Judge prepares to challenge DA Seth Williams in primary','',''; 'Rational Concept for Reducing Growth Temperature in Vapor–Liquid–Solid Process of Metal Oxide Nanowires','',''; 'Effect of the Functional Groups of Racemic Rodlike Schiff Base Mesogens on the Stabilization of Blue Phase in Binary Mixture Systems','',''; 'Square Chip Card Reader',',2817,2380586,00.asp',''; 'Native MS Analysis of Bacteriorhodopsin and an Empty Nanodisc by Orthogonal Acceleration Time-of-Flight, Orbitrap and Ion Cyclotron Resonance','',''; 'Amplitude Determinant Coupled Cluster with Pairwise Doubles','',''; 'Adsorptive Separation of Lead (Pb2+) from Aqueous Solution Using Tri-n-octylamine Supported Montmorillonite','',''; 'Maine GOP Gov. LePage claims non-citizens could have voted','',''; 'Delores Capers, 76, social worker, program coodinator','',''; 'Osmium(II) Complexes Containing a Dianionic CCCC-Donor Tetradentate Ligand','',''; 'Workday's Disappointing Guidance Is a Major Sign the Cloud Software Industry Is Maturing','',''; 'Philadelphia to keep 'AMOR,' the bilingual 'LOVE' sculpture','',''; 'Using Geometry To Sense Current','',''; 'Dependence of the Enzymatic Velocity on the Substrate Dissociation Rate','',''; 'Intacct','',''; 'Development of an Ion Mobility Spectrometry-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer Platform','',''; 'Multiconformation, Density Functional Theory-Based pKa Prediction in Application to Large, Flexible Organic Molecules with Diverse Functional Groups','',''; 'Delores Capers, 76, social worker, program coordinator','',''; 'Mayoral flame war: Nutter, Street take aim at one another','',''; 'Gold-Nanoparticle-Catalyzed Silaboration of Oxetanes and Unactivated Epoxides','',''; 'Thousands of landlords can now join PGW liens lawsuit','',''; 'In Situ Electrochemically Derived Nanoporous Oxides from Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for Active Oxygen Evolution Catalysts','',''; 'OPEC Members May Cheat on the Oil Production Cut Agreement','',''; 'Studying Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces with Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy','',''; 'SAP Business One Professional','',''; 'Molecular Dynamics of a Hydrated Collagen Peptide: Insights into Rotational Motion and Residence Times of Single-Water Bridges in Collagen','',''; 'Judge prepares to challenge DA Seth Williams in primary','',''; 'Gerald Broker, a former partner at Blank Rome','',''; 'Penn's provost to lead Duke','',''; 'Anisotropic Pauli Spin Blockade of Holes in a GaAs Double Quantum Dot','',''; 'J&J Plans to Appeal Staggering $1B Judgment Against Hip Implant','',''; 'NetSuite OneWorld','',''; 'A Cysteine-Specific Fluorescent Switch for Monitoring Oxidative Stress and Quantification of Aminoacylase-1 in Blood Serum','',''; 'Anion Dependent Dynamics and Water Solubility Explained by Hydrogen Bonding Interactions in Mixtures of Water and Aprotic Heterocyclic Anion Ionic Liquids','',''; 'John J. McVeigh, priest and advocate for children','',''; 'Dean takes himself out of the race for chairman of DNC','',''; 'F-Secure Safe (2017)',',2817,2469593,00.asp',''; 'Catalytic Reduction of 4-Nitrophenol: A Quantitative Assessment of the Role of Dissolved Oxygen in Determining the Induction Time','',''; 'Ubiñas: Missing man's death continues a cycle of fatherlessness','',''; 'Charter School Champion Appointed to Lead Department of Education','',''; 'Frank's Place: Remembering when Spectrum's roof blew off','',''; 'Penn State's Barkley to test Wisconsin's defense','',''; 'Philly Clout: Turnpike manager rips his bosses in email minutes before retirement','',''; 'Toward Liquid Biopsy: Determination of the Humoral Immune Response in Cancer Patients Using HaloTag Fusion Protein-Modified Electrochemical Bioplatforms','',''; 'On the Molecular Form of Amyloid Marker, Auramine O, in Human Insulin Fibrils','',''; 'A Cabinet of generals? Trump's choices get mixed reviews','',''; 'Michael J. Delligatti, creator of Big Mac','',''; 'Monitoring Electron-Photon Dressing in WSe2','',''; 'The Pinball Arcade (for PC)','',''; 'San Bernardino recalls terror attack with silence, speakers','',''; 'Expanded football preview: Temple at Navy','',''; 'Airbnb's Landmark Change -- Tech Roundup','',''; 'Flyers' Claude Giroux: 'Pretty special' 24 hours','',''; 'Partition Volume Variability in Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction Methods: Polydispersity Causes Bias but Can Improve Precision','',''; 'Trump voter lost home, blames incoming Treasury secretary','',''; 'Reversible Excited-State Proton Geminate Recombination: Revisited','',''; 'He got his license back, no thanks to police','',''; 'Split-Wedge Antennas with Sub-5 nm Gaps for Plasmonic Nanofocusing','',''; 'NBC boss, 'Mary Tyler Moore Show' producer Tinker dies','',''; 'For his next act, Schultz wants to make Starbucks more upscale','',''; 'Adobe Photoshop CC',',2817,2420239,00.asp',''; 'Gates gives Wistar $9 million for novel fight against Zika','',''; 'Flyers' Claude Giroux gets engaged to long-time girlfriend','',''; 'Recent Advances in Analytical Chemistry by 3D Printing','',''; 'Trump transition balks at call for nominees' tax returns','',''; 'The Grateful Infrared: Sequential Protein Structural Changes Resolved by Infrared Difference Spectroscopy','',''; 'Efficient Colorful Perovskite Solar Cells Using a Top Polymer Electrode Simultaneously as Spectrally Selective Antireflection Coating','',''; 'Temple's Thomas and Walker follow familiar path to the top','',''; 'Architect's lawyer seeks to shift blame in Center City collapse trial','',''; 'Giroux's second goal gives Flyers an overtime win','',''; 'Creator of McDonald's flagship sandwich, the Big Mac, dies','',''; 'Majestic','',''; 'Why high-tech machinists will be in demand in Philly region','',''; 'Memo: Trump backs pipeline based on policy, not investments','',''; 'A Residue-Resolved Bayesian Approach to Quantitative Interpretation of Hydrogen–Deuterium Exchange from Mass Spectrometry: Application to Characterizing Protein–Ligand Interactions','',''; 'Contribution of Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) to the Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrum of Eukaryotic Cells','',''; 'Flyers' Brandon Manning hopes to play Saturday','',''; 'Probing the Interaction of Quantum Dots with Chiral Capping Molecules Using Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy','',''; 'Basketball preview: Penn at Temple','',''; 'Don McDonough, 81, retired Inquirer journalist, city official','',''; 'Obama's job creation ranks behind Clinton and Reagan but ahead of G.W. Bush','',''; 'Emerging Approaches for Graphene Oxide Biosensor','',''; 'Open Houses: December 3 & 4','',''; 'DeepCrawl','',''; 'Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Infrared Multiple Photon Dissociation Spectra of Asparagine Complexes with Zn2+ and Cd2+ and Their Deamidation Processes','',''; 'Libya's Tripoli sees worst militias clashes in 2 years','',''; 'Live updates: Flyers at Ottawa Senators','',''; 'Observation of Intervalley Biexcitonic Optical Stark Effect in Monolayer WS2','',''; 'Penn State-Wisconsin expanded preview','',''; 'Bernadette Peters, Malcolm McDowell talk love, music, 'Mozart in the Jungle'','',''; 'Transcription Factor Response Elements on Tip: A Sensitive Approach for Large-Scale Endogenous Transcription Factor Quantitative Identification','',''; 'Carrier Corp. deal differs from common incentives in Indiana','',''; 'AWR Cloud','',''; 'Why train cancellations are spiking for SEPTA','',''; 'Unusual Chiroptical Properties of the Cryptophane-222 Skeleton','',''; 'Thousands of landlords can now join PGW liens lawsuit','',''; 'Epitaxial Growth of Multimetallic Pd@PtM (M = Ni, Rh, Ru) Core–Shell Nanoplates Realized by in Situ-Produced CO from Interfacial Catalytic Reactions','',''; 'Flyers' Steve Mason hopes to build off stellar performance','',''; 'Formula One champion Nico Rosberg announces retirement','',''; 'Fox News host Megyn Kelly considers jumping ship to CNN','',''; 'Jensen: Not used to such big December football around here','',''; 'Leveraging Gas-Phase Fragmentation Pathways for Improved Identification and Selective Detection of Targets Modified by Covalent Probes','',''; 'US sanctions North Korea over nuclear test','',''; 'LinkResearchTools','',''; 'Temperature Dependence of Static and Dynamic Heterogeneities in a Water–Ethanol Binary Mixture and a Study of Enhanced, Short-Lived Fluctuations at Low Concentrations','',''; 'Wait Before Buying Bank Stocks, Wedbush Equity's Massocca Says','',''; 'Memo: Trump backs pipeline based on policy, not investments','',''; ''An Iliad' taps ancient power of Homer's epic','',''; 'Excitonic Valley Effects in Monolayer WS2 under High Magnetic Fields','',''; 'Five things to know about the Flyers today','',''; ''Mary Tyler Moore': Grant Tinker's greatest gift to TV','',''; 'Juliano: Rooting for chaos on college football's championship weekend','',''; 'Development of APTES-Decorated HepG2 Cancer Stem Cell Membrane Chromatography for Screening Active Components from Salvia miltiorrhiza','',''; 'Searchmetrics','',''; 'Probing Molecular Interactions between Ammonium-Based Ionic Liquids and N,N-Dimethylacetamide: A Combined FTIR, DLS, and DFT Study','',''; 'Washington Monument to remain closed for at least 2 more years','',''; 'Uptick in ETFs Used for Short-Term Trading','',''; 'Obama's job creation ranks behind Clinton and Reagan but ahead of G.W. Bush','',''; ''Frog and Toad' a riveting family classic','',''; 'Ultrasensitive Protease Sensors Using Selective Affinity Binding, Selective Proteolytic Reaction, and Proximity-Dependent Electrochemical Reaction','',''; 'Lithographically Defined, Room Temperature Low Threshold Subwavelength Red-Emitting Hybrid Plasmonic Lasers','',''; 'USA honor for Mark Howe: Like father, like son','',''; 'Agenda: Villanova at South Dakota State','',''; 'Armstrong: Let's help Spelman grads plan epic sendoff for Pres. Obama','',''; 'Methodology for the Simulation of Molecular Motors at Different Scales','',''; 'Top 5 Lowest 30-Year Mortgage Rates','',''; 'Warhol, Velvet Underground 'Happening' at the Gershman Y 50 years later','',''; 'Villanova U. ends probe into report of post-election incident','',''; 'Johnson, Price lead La Salle over Lehigh','',''; 'Confined Acoustic Phonons in Colloidal Nanorod Heterostructures Investigated by Nonresonant Raman Spectroscopy and Finite Elements Simulations','',''; 'Strand Displacement-Induced Enzyme-Free Amplification for Label-Free and Separation-Free Ultrasensitive Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometric Detection of Nucleic Acids and Proteins','',''; 'Flyers move Schenn to second-line center','',''; 'Questlove crashed Lin-Manuel Miranda's ‘Drunk History’ episode','',''; 'Temple picks up option to play at Linc in 2018','',''; 'Judge denies request for special prosecutor in Christie case','',''; 'Time-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy of the Hydrated Electron: Comparing Cavity and Noncavity Models to Experiment','',''; 'Scout Media Hit With Involuntary Chapter 11 Petition','',''; 'Inspirational 'Black Nativity' relocates the story to Darfur','',''; 'Jobs report shows Trump to inherit solid but uneven economy','',''; 'Lysosome-Targeting Fluorogenic Probe for Cathepsin B Imaging in Living Cells','',''; 'A Semimetal Nanowire Rectifier: Balancing Quantum Confinement and Surface Electronegativity','',''; '5 things to know today about the Flyers','',''; 'Penn State a fabulous finisher, statistics show','',''; 'Not a Buyer of the Dow's Big 3, Crossing Wall Street's Elfenbein Says','',''; 'Appreciation: Donald Montanaro and keeping tradition alive','',''; 'Police hail parents who found, disarmed son at Utah school','',''; 'Resonance Raman in Vitro Detection and Differentiation of the Nitrite-Induced Hemoglobin Adducts in Functional Human Red Blood Cells','',''; 'Designers mixed on dressing former model Melania Trump','',''; 'He got his license back, no thanks to police','',''; 'The Rat Pack is resurrected - with discretion','',''; 'The Bright Future for Electrode Materials of Energy Devices: Highly Conductive Porous Na-Embedded Carbon','',''; 'Kern: Talley's career a road well-traveled','',''; 'Optimization of an Anti-poly(ethylene glycol) (anti-PEG) Cell-Based Capture System To Quantify PEG and PEGylated Molecules','',''; 'Friends' Central's Benj Pasek tearing up Hollywood, Broadway','',''; 'How to Buy Duke Energy 15% Cheaper With LEAPS','',''; 'House passes $611 billion policy defense bill by wide margin','',''; 'Byko: 42 dead dogs, no one is responsible','',''; 'Protein-Containing Lipid Bilayers Intercalated with Size-Matched Mesoporous Silica Thin Films','',''; 'Using Nanoliposomes To Construct a FRET-Based Ratiometric Fluorescent Probe for Sensing Intracellular pH Values','',''; 'Run to win: How Temple got its ground groove back','',''; 'Damien Chazelle, of 'Whiplash' fame, revives the great Hollywood musical in 'La La Land'','',''; 'Trump says will have most Cabinet posts filled next week','',''; 'Exelon (EXC) Wins Subsidies to Keep Two Illinois Plants Alive','',''; 'Byko: 42 dead dogs, no one is responsible','',''; 'Observation of Optical and Electrical In-Plane Anisotropy in High-Mobility Few-Layer ZrTe5','',''; 'International Comparison of Enumeration-Based Quantification of DNA Copy-Concentration Using Flow Cytometric Counting and Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction','',''; 'For Temple's Josh Brown, a remarkable comeback','',''; 'John O'Hara's 'Stories': Much-needed collection of local novelist's fiction','',''; 'How a Trump administration could shape the internet','',''; 'Dow Backs Off Records as Banks Retreat From Recent Rally','',''; 'Coupled, Simultaneous Displacement and Dealloying Reactions into Fe–Ni–Co Nanowires for Thinning Nanowire Segments','',''; 'Kern: Ex-Owls QB Burris finds fame in the CFL','',''; 'Biga brings pizza, beer, and more to Bryn Mawr','',''; 'Kenney: Anti-Trump vandalism involving city attorney 'dumb mistake'','',''; ''Playing Dead': The weird business of faking your demise','',''; 'Chao's Role at Wells Fargo Questioned After Trump Nomination as Transportation Secretary','',''; 'Wisconsin's Corey Clement 'a good challenge' for Penn State','',''; 'A stunning sweet wine from the Canary Islands','',''; 'Trump to nominate retired Gen. James Mattis to lead Pentagon','',''; 'Carli Lloyd memoir: Working hard to prove 'em all wrong','',''; 'Readers: Startlingly rich Milton Hershey School should expand mission with $12B','',''; 'Bolognese named for a missing ingredient','',''; 'Penn State's Barkley named Big Ten offensive player of year','',''; 'In Macedonia's fake news hub, teen shows AP how it's done','',''; 'For his next act, Schultz wants to make Starbucks more upscale','',''; 'Watch: Kurt Vile announces tour, gets sacked by Eagles’ Connor Barwin','',''; 'Apparently college football's power-brokers want Temple to beat Navy','',''; 'Months after conviction, Fattah collecting government pension','',''; 'Michael Chabon on telling beautiful lies in his faux-memoir 'Moonglow'','',''; 'Massachusetts college starts flying US flag again','',''; 'Temple beats St. Joe's as Enechionyia scores 26','',''; 'Bernadette Peters, Malcolm McDowell talk love, music, 'Mozart in the Jungle'','',''; 'Trump's 'Thank you' tour gets off to raucous start','',''; 'Philly Clout: Turnpike manager rips his bosses in email minutes before retirement','',''; 'Judge orders Penn State to pay McQueary another $5 million','',''; 'Good Eye: From beer suds to soap suds, this modernist factory building stays busy','',''; 'Andrew Sachs, known as Manuel in 'Fawlty Towers,' dies','',''; 'Person of interest in Pine Street package bomb shown in photos, video','',''; 'Trump says he's leaving businesses to avoid conflicts','',''; 'Trump's 'Thank you' tour gets off to raucous start','',''; 'Drexel rallies to defeat Lafayette','',''; 'Fox News host Megyn Kelly considers jumping ship to CNN','',''; 'Philly allows recount, rejects forensic audit of voting machines','',''; 'Jobs data likely to confirm Trump will inherit solid economy','',''; 'Phillies Holiday Sale & Tree LightingSaturday','',''; 'A family's heartache: her killer may be caught, but 'Baby J' is still gone','',''; 'Good Eye: From beer suds to soap suds, this modernist factory building stays busy','',''; 'Key House chairman: GOP will change Medicare, to 'save' it','',''; 'Police make 5 arrests in 'unprecedented' cybercrime takedown','',''; 'Gerald Broker, a former partner at Blank Rome','',''; 'Tempers flare, as campaign aides assess still-raw 2016 race','',''; 'To stream: 'Apocalypse Now' and then some','',''; 'Cops: Mom, boyfriend in custody in death of abused boy, 2','',''; 'DIY holiday gift ideas and the classes to take to make them','',''; 'Netflix Launches Downloads for Offline Viewing on Smartphones, Tablets','',''; 'John J. McVeigh, priest and advocate for children','',''; 'Guadagno: $15 minimum wage means pumping your own gas in NJ','',''; 'Kanye goes home to Kim amid breakup reports','',''; 'Ask Jennifer Adams: Refinishing furniture - should you or shouldn't you?','',''; 'From cop to addict to inmate: Former Philly officer gets federal jail time for extorting pills','',''; 'Reddit cracks down on 'most toxic users' of pro-Trump forum','',''; 'Michael J. Delligatti, creator of Big Mac','',''; 'He got his license back, no thanks to police','',''; 'Selena Gomez hailed as queen of Instagram','','http://www.p